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2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I would like to look into this further. Can you please email me your name and VIN? I look forward to your response. Have a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Hi Christina,
    I have been dealing with a district Case Manager, they told me they do not know of internet Customer Service and my case has been handled at a Management level already. You can see how messed up this situation is and that I can't even get any help!
  • mike2015mike2015 Posts: 2
    2011 Enclave CX AWD, with following

    Spare Tire and Wheel,
    Driver Confidence Package,
    Trailering Provision Package,
    Bose Sound System,

    Drive out price $32500.
  • mike2015mike2015 Posts: 2
    Anyone know if this is a good deal or not? thanks!

    2011 Enclave CX AWD, with following

    Spare Tire and Wheel,
    Driver Confidence Package,
    Trailering Provision Package,
    Bose Sound System,

    Drive out price $32500.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Can you please email me your VIN? Also feel freel to speak with the Administrator or Host as to my idenity. I assure you I am General Motors Customer Service.
    GM Customer Service
  • dizzy100dizzy100 Posts: 1
    I am negotiating for a 2011 CLX2 enclave. Has clx 2 luxury package, sunroof and 20 inch wheels. Dealer msrp is 48,495. Quote I got after rebates was 43,294. Is this a good deal. Need quick response. Am on a time limit. Thanks
  • skelly7175skelly7175 Posts: 2
    edited May 2011

    I purchased this truck in 2008. Less than 1 month after purchase the sunroof leaked down the inside of the windshield and into the dashboard. I refused to take the truck back, as it was now no better than a flood car. GM refused to replace the car. After numerous discussions with the dealers General Manager, GM agreed to extend the warranty on the truck, insisting there was no electrical concerns from the dashboard being flooded.

    Since then it has AVERAGED at least one trip to the dealer for electrical, and other problems PER MONTH since we have owned it.

    They have had to gut the truck and replace the carpets that went mildew after the sunroof leaked again, after supposedly being fixed the first time.

    They first tried to reprogram the nav/radio when it failed, and then ultimately had to replace the navigation/stereo unit.

    They had to replace the windshield motor twice.

    They had to replace the airbag sensors......twice

    They have had to replace the traction control sensors once, and it is now at the shop again with THE SAME PROBLEM.

    They have had to replace the tailgate sensor, which opened at random, including while driving.

    Finally, after insisting that a district representative contact me, they offered to "BUY BACK" the truck. But............only if I accepted their deduction for the mileage, and only if it was deducted from the delta between the two MSRP'S.... the old and new. When you do the math, it is not even a decent trade-in offer!

    I was told take it or leave it, and if I didn't take it I could "keep my lemon"............a direct quote from the GM District Rep!!!

    This was said, despite the fact that he knew my wife and children had been stranded on the side of the road in this truck...........numerous times!

    If anyone at GM had enough brains to sit down and do the math, they would look at the thousands of $$'s they have already had to pay out in warranty work on this truck, and then calculate the approx cost they will have to continue to lay out for the remaining 4 years of the extended warranty, and realize it would cost GM a lot less $$ in the long run to replace this truck, instead of incurring the monthly warranty expenses it has been, and will undoubtedly continue to rack up! If they buy it back, the warranty cost would stop, and they would save big. Of course the dealer doesn't care, he's getting's GM that is taking it on the chin yet are not smart enough to resolve.

    I have been a loyal GM customer, the son of a 47 year GM retiree. I have pushed many friends away from other brands, and into GM rides. I also own a lot of other high end GM rides, Z06/Hummer/Escalade etc. Yet we have been treated awful by both GM and the dealership.

    After the way I have been treated by GM with this truck, I will NEVER recommend or purchase another GM product...............they have lost a valuable customer! I should have bought the Lexus instead of wasting almost 40K on this lemon!

    So if there actually is anyone from GM reading these, by all means contact me.

    My next step is to put a 6 foot long lemon on the roof of this car, with a big "Lemon for Sale" sign next to it, and park it in front of the dealership. After contacting the local ABC/NBS news consumer action reporters............they are chomping at the bit to cover the story.

    If I don't get some response from GM soon, you can expect me to use the PR resources I have at my disposal to be certain the video of the event goes viral!
  • skelly7175skelly7175 Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    The dealership is Grand Prize Cadillac/Buick/Chevy in not buy a car from these guys if you intend to take it there for service...........the service dept is a disgrace. Almost every repair has had to be done twice. The incompetence of the service department, just adds insult to injury on this situation........................with no attempt from GM to do the right thing and resolve this for a long time customer.............unless of course you count the lowball trade in offer they tried to disguise as a "Buy Back" & the lemon comments from the district rep!
  • adam2adam2 Posts: 1
    Just got a quote from dealer

    2011 Buick Enclave CXL AWD (Red Jewel Tintcoat)
    MSRP $43,620
    After rebate $ 38,310
    plus 6.5% Sales Tax + Lic Plates $502 + Title Fee $131

    Got quote from another dealer for a 2010 certified AWD CXL for $34,580 with 20K miles

    Can't decide which one I should go for.
  • cmc2003cmc2003 Posts: 1
    that is much better than what they are offering me! Sounds like a good deal. where is it??? I am in the atlanta area and they are quoting $38K. I KNOW I should be able to do better than that.
  • Living in SoCal with high tax rate.... CXL FWD with navigation.
    Got 534.56 monthly for 39 months lease, 4000 down payment.

    Is this any good?
  • greatdongreatdon Posts: 3
    Hi all, just wanted to share my "okay" deal i guess with others in the Houston, TX area. Other dealer was in the same range but I like the dealer oil service plan.

    2011 Enclave CX FWD, with following options:

    a) Driver Confidence Package(auto start, rear view camera, & distance meter) ,&
    b) Trailer Provision Package (Spare Tire and Wheel, haul hitch)

    Drive out was $36,200. Rate is okay: 2.3% 60mths. This was during the June ending/July 4 holiday deal. Fair price i guess. Car wasn't in stock and to be order somewhere. Not a demo car or anything. I got the $1,500 rebate and GMC supplier discount from my company. Hopefully others can explain in details how they got their car below average. :shades:
  • gerdangerdan Posts: 1
    How were you able to negotiate so much off MSRP?
  • bcformanbcforman Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking to purchase a 2011 Enclave the features as follows:
    2011 CXL1 AWD
    White Diamond
    Trailer package
    Power Sunroof
    Audio System W/Navigation
    DVD Rear Seat, Bose Speaker
    MSRP $48,655 Quote $45,411 plus 60 month 0% financing
    I am also trading in 2006 Highlander Limited with 90K miles for $10K plus needs body work (Told not worth fixing). Total purchase price would then be $35,411.
    Is this a good deal?
  • Great question, what is the bottom line price of the Enclave exclusive of the trade-in?
  • Car Man and other experts and folks with experience,

    Looking at Premium trim Enclave and Limited trim Explorer. Will add nav and entertainment. Want the car loaded. Dallas Texas. Not certain whether will lease or buy.

    1) residual and lease rate for both?
    2) any rebates, deals, or negotiating tactics or ideas for both?
    3) assuming best and expected negotiated price, what lease price should I expect for both for 36 or 39 months at 12k miles per year?
    4) what price should I expect to negotiate if I buy ( I have pre approved financing through bank) for both?
    5) anything else I should know or consider from a financial standpoint for both?
    6) thoughts on which vehicle I should buy. They both approach the small crossover three row suv differently, but we like both and appreciate the access to the third row with the captain second row. Anyone own one and like or dislike specific features?
    7) finally, I will be trading in an 08 Lexus es350 with 34k miles on it. The car is in very good shape and shows well. What should I be able to get on trade in?

    Really appreciate help on this. I'm a used car guy that normally sells my old car myself. I'm treading in unfamiliar water and could use help and guidance. I hope to do a deal tomorrow.
  • Any updates on prices paid for premium level 2012 Enclaves with a nav/DVD?
  • coliphagecoliphage Posts: 8
    Anyone has bought 2012 Enclaves recently? How much did you pay? Its seems GM is running several incentives now.
  • rdempseyrdempsey Posts: 3

    We purchased a 2012 Enclave with nav/DVD and my wife is very happy. I belive we purchased about 42k and had severall dealers working with us. The car drives great and I love comnpared to my Infiniti.
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