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Buick Enclave Lease Questions



  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 603
    edited July 2010
    Hi Car_man!

    I know that you're aware of the difference between a down payment and a security deposit but just wanted to clarify for the benefit of those that may not know the difference. People will often say something like "I paid $1,921 down which includes 1st payment- $326, security deposit- $350, doc fee- $250, DMV fees- $200, and acq fee- $795. None of these items reflect a down payment as they don't reduce the gross capitalized cost.

    A down payment is synonymous with capitalized cost reduction. So, when someone says that they had to come up with a $2,000 down payment, I always ask them what they mean by $2,000 down and, more often than not, it doesn't translate to down payment or money down. It may be that only a portion, say $500, is used to reduce the gross cap.

  • brucek5brucek5 Posts: 2
    Yes, it is for business plus a recent bankruptcy - so I am trying to keep it off my company books for 5 years. Otherwise I wouldn't consider it and purchase the vehicle.
  • jbizjbiz Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    so far I have negotiated a 2011 Enclave CXL-1
    - black/eony
    - radio/dvd/nav overhead
    - Sun Roof

    Original MSRP: 47,245
    Supplier Price (I qualify for GM Supplier discount): 45,237
    less 2,200 in rebates (1,200 from the Lease bank, 1000 for Conquest w/ an Acura discount)
    so now we are at 43,037

    Dealer says residual is 22,000 on a 39 month lease (with 12K miles annually)

    anyone know what the residual rate is on a 36 and 39 month lease for a 2011, as well as the current money factor/rate with GMAC and US Bank? also what are the current incentives which I cant seem to find anywhere

    dealer says about $612 + county/state tax.. with US Bank and $673 + tax with GMAC

    Is that even a good price? should I be able to get this down more? I am in no rush to get the car.. my current lease is now on a month-to-month extention for up to 1 year..
  • cagee1cagee1 Posts: 1
    Would you be able to send me your lease worksheet. my email is Thanks Carolyn
  • r2adr2ad Posts: 1
    I am in the EXACT same situation and want the exact same car. I do have a supplier discount. I am also looking to buy in Florida. Which dealership are you working with. Maybe if we both buy one - we can get a great rate.

    Let me know - ED
  • zethus25zethus25 Posts: 3
    edited August 2010

    What base lease rate and residual value were you quoted with your lease offer on the Enclave?

    I am looking to lease a 2011 Buick Enclave CXL for 36 months. I would like to compare your numbers with the values Car_man stated in an earlier post. I want to make sure I have the right numbers before I start making my lease proposal.

  • jbizjbiz Posts: 2
    residual was 47% for 39 months
    money factor with US Bank was 0.00045
    seems there is like 1200 in rebates as well. (USAA, plus some US Bank one I think)

    I have not been able to get a dealer to come back with what I would consider a good enough price on the lease.. seems we agree on selling price (for the most part).. but when it comes to the monthly lease price, all of a sudden their numbers are $50 per month (at least) higher than my calculations.. when I ask them why.. they say "it's the computers, they just do what they do".. and when I ask for the worksheet they have no interest in showing it to me..

    let me know how you make out. unless my lease numbers are just wrong.. I was coming in at the low $600 range (like $608) they are all telling me $650-675
  • zethus25zethus25 Posts: 3
    edited August 2010

    I ran your numbers through my expert lease software and I get the below results. Basically, using the values you have stated, expert lease calculated a monthly payment of $638with inception costs (1st month, security, DMV fees, doc fees, etc.) at around $1,715.

    Total MSRP: $48,040 (47,245 + destination charge)
    Total Purchase price: $43,832 (purchase price + destination charge)
    term: 39 months (12K miles per year)
    residual: $22K
    Money factor: .00045
    effective APR: 1.09%
    Total rent charge: $1,155

    I spoke to someone in internet sales today and had them email me a quote for a similar CXL. It was the first time I called about the car so I'm sure I got their "sucker" numbers. Below is the information from my quote, which I'm sure is probably absolute garbage.

    2011 Buick Enclave CXL
    MSRP 45,645
    36 months (12K miles per year) = $699 per month inc. tax
    purchase price 43,990
    money factor .00020
    residual 41%
    acquisition fee 795
    drive off cost 2500
    rebate 3150

    (Calling all experts) Can someone please help me work out the real cost of a lease for a 2011 Buick Enclave CXL. The MSRP with options of the car I want is $45,645. Edmunds has the invoice price at $42,964.70. Looking for a 36 month (12K miles per year) lease with no cap reduction (no money down). Can I assume that the residual is around 36%-38%. No clue what the real money factor is. What is my monthly payment and inception (drive off) costs?
  • Car_man,

    You're the best there is.

    Can you please help me work out the real cost of a lease for a 2011 Buick Enclave CXL. The MSRP with options of the car I want is $45,645. Edmunds has the invoice price at $42,964.70. Looking for a 36 month (12K miles per year) lease with no cap reduction (no money down). Can I assume that the residual is around 36%-38%. No clue what the real money factor is. What is my monthly payment and inception (drive off) costs in CA?

  • Thanks James :).

    Through September 7th, GMAC's base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Buick Enclave CXL AWD with 12,000 miles per year are 2.9% and 48%, respectively.

    As you can see, the residual value is significantly better than what you were expecting...which is always a pleasant surprise.

    General Motors is currently providing a $2,200 cash incentive on leases of this vehicle through GMAC. Let's assume that you are able to lease one at $1,000 over invoice minus this cash.

    According to my calculations, using the above numbers, an MSRP of $45,645, and a selling price of 41,765, this vehicle's zero down, pre-tax monthly payment would be around $629.

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  • lwolf99lwolf99 Posts: 73
    edited September 2010
    Hello to all,

    I have a 2008 Buick Enclave (loaded) that I got in June 2007 (just a month or two after they first came out). My 39-mo lease is ending this month, so I starrted looking around for my next vehicle. I test drive a lot of competitive vehicles, and I am now back to an Enclave or an Acadia - I really just like the layouts, features, etc.

    I have two offers from two local dealers for the exact same Enclave that they both "located" for me at another dealer. Both offers are good prices, and both exactly match CarMan's figures of 48% residual, $2200 rebate, and 2.9% rate.

    But both offers include a $$795 administrative fee (for GMAC, or Ally, or something), Looking back, I paid a $595 GMAC lease administrative fee in 2007. I was feeling stupid that I should have negotiated that to $0 last time, so this time, I wanted to get rid of this fee. To my surpirse, both dealerships held firm that this fee was fixed, and they "could not even change it on their screen". I figured they were lying, but I was surpirsed by nboth giving me the same story, and both holding firm.

    Does anyone know is this GMAC/Ally lease administrative fee can me eliminated? or reduced?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    The fee goes to the leasing bank... The dealers don't have any authority to waive the fee.

    Some banks allow the dealer to mark up the fee for extra profit. (BMWFS for example). I'm not sure what the base fee for Ally is now, but they have mostly been on the rise for the last couple of years. It's possible both dealers are marking up the fee for extra profit, but doubtful.

    If you want a lower price, you'll have to negotiate more off the price of the vehicle... Since you have two dealers offering you the same deal, maybe you can play them off one another?


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  • To all,

    I just too another look at the lease worksheets, I noticed that both dealers have also included a $775 "security deposit". Can;t beleive I missed that.

    When I questioned them, they said GM has only 4 vehicles that they will wave the deposit on. They are the Chevy Malibu,Cruz,Silverado,and GMC Serria. They will not wave any other security deposits.

    I said I was a loyal GMAC lease customer, setup on autopayment, and I would want the security deposit waived. They both said GMAC woudl not waive the security deposit.

    Does anyone have any different experience with this recently? Is there anyway to get GMAC to waive the security deposit for a 2011 Enclave, for a customer who is an existign lease holder, with good paymet history?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Iwolf,

    Your request is very reasonable. Unless GMAC's lease rate is outstanding, I would look for another fund provider such as Ally Bank or, possibly, US Bank. Remember, you're not obligated to use GMAC.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    I'm pretty sure that GMAC and Ally are the same institution..

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  • lwolf99lwolf99 Posts: 73
    edited September 2010
    Yes, Ally and GMAC are the same. My local dealer is swaping another dealer for the vehicle that I want. We shook hands last night on the deal, so he is going to initiate the swap today.

    I asked about getting Ally/GMAC to waive the security deposit. He "said" he has asked multiple times over the last several months, and they always told him know. Of course, I have no way to verify that.

    I was going to call Ally this morning, and see if I could talk with someone directly there. Who knows, I might get lucky.

    My deal includes a $2500 lease rebate, 48% residual and 2.9% rate - which is a pretty good deal IMHO. So I could go with someone else, but I would loose the $2500 lease rebate.

    The manager did say they offer an option for no security deposit, by the lease rate then becomes 3.4% instead of 2.9%.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    GM doesn't own GMAC, any more.... that's changed a lot of things from that end..

    On the plus side, the security deposit is refundable, and I've yet to see any difference at the end of a lease, regardless of the security deposit amount, or whether there is one... The end charges are what they are..

    If the deal is better with GMAC, and it probably is, or they would have used someone else, and you have no other options, make the security deposit, rather than take the higher rate.. you'll be dollars ahead in the long run.


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  • Hi. I am looking at leasing an Enclave through the current promotion:
    2011 Buick Enclave FWD CX
    Payments are for a 2011 Buick Enclave FWD CX with an MSRP of $36390. 39 monthly payments total $15555.

    I want to upgrade this promotion to the CXL 1 with Navigation and DVD entertainment package which brings the MSRP to $42150 when I build it using the promotion on the website (which factors in the discount using the promo). What should the monthly payments work out to?
  • Hello all,

    It is new car time again and I am so appreciative for this forum to help me not get ripped off. I am looking into a 2011 Enclave CXL-1 lease. Sticker price is 39,635 including the destination charge. I was offered a lease deal of $2000 total out of pocket, $499 per month plus florida sales tax for 39 months, 15,000 miles per year. Is this a good deal? Does anyone know the money factor and the residual that I should be paying? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
  • Hi Car_Man,

    Do you know what GMAC's October base rates are?

    Tomorrow I'm going with my father to lease a 2011 Buick Enclave FWD CXL-2. He turning his 2007 GMC Yukon Denali in since he has one month left on his 39 month lease. I think the MSRP is $44,955. This will be a 36 or 39 month lease for 15k miles.

    I really appreciate the information. I wish I knew about this site when I went with my mom to lease her Audi in June. I think she got a really bad deal.
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