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Buick Enclave Maintenance and Repair

Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
Please talk about maintaining your Enclave in here.


  • gorphilgorphil Posts: 27
    The Enclave has only been available in Canada for about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks. I visited my dealership, in Brampton Ontario, today and am very impressed with the product. However, when I was leaving the dealership I spoke to the parts manager and he informed me that one of the sold units was in to have the transmission replaced. I think I will wait a while before I buy a unit with the new 6 speed transmission. It would be interesting to note if others have come across this situation.
  • jbjtkbw00jbjtkbw00 Posts: 66
    That's exactly why I'm waiting a year or two before purchasing. I'm truly impressed with this car, but buying first year can have some huge drawbacks.

    Now mind you, this may be a random incident as well, but I just hope this doesn't become widespread and cause a good thing to crash and burn.
  • We just purchased a Buick Enclave and love it. However within 7 days the check engine light cam eon. A first attempt at the dealer "recalibration" proved short lived and light reappeared within an hour. Further diagnostics revealed the error code pointed to the cam shaft position sensor. They replaced the sensor as the cam shaft was in perfect position. Operationally the engine runs perfectly. That did not resolve the issue. The engine is running perfectly the cam shaft is clearly not out of position. (I believe this engine has variable valve timing). GM told the dealership to check all the wiring which after two more days of labor came back fine. They are not going to try to swap out the computer.

    I havent seen any problems like this with this platform (Enclave, outlook or Acadia). My fear is this is something that will be very difficult to find. It's a shame because we like the vehicle very much and operationally everything is fine. We just can find the abberation causing this error code. Hopefully swapping the ECU will resolve the issue. The dealership has been good to us. I suspect they are sensitive because this issue appeared on a new platform only a week after purchase.

    Does anyonw know what else could cause the cam shaft position sensor error code besides the sensor itself and erroent cam shaft position?

    Any information will be helpfull.
  • carman22carman22 Posts: 1
    This may sound too simple, but try a new battery.
  • bernhbernh Posts: 7
    I have had my Buick Enclave for about 3 weeks and just rolled 1000 miles. We were on vacation and got into the vehicle and it displayed a message service stable track and the check engine light was on, when we tried to put it in drive the car reved up and didn't want to move, we then shut the car off and started it back up, the stable control message went away but the check engine light was still on. We then called onstar, they ran a diagnostic on the car and told us there was a malfunction in the stable tract control and transmission. This problem occurred on a Saturday which pretty much left us without a car until monday. We called GMC roadside service which took 4 hours of waiting around till they finally picked up the car, after they took the car to the nearest GMC/Buick dealer they then checked the car and said it would have to stay overnight and that it was a sensor problem, The next day we then received a call from the dealership who then said that it wasn't a sensor problem but a problem with the software and was told by GMC that there was not a fix for this problem, we were then told by them to take the car and drive it like this until there is a fix for it and whenever this happens just pull over and restart the car to reset it. I guess this is easy for them to say to get rid of us but you pay 45,0000 for a vehicle pulling over on the side of the road and restarting the car is bulls**t. We then called the GMC customer service who then told us to pick up our car and drive it back to the dealership we purchased it from which is approx. 600 miles away and was told they would fix it. OK, so you mean only certain GMC/Buick service departments can fix this problem. The car still isn't fixed and our next step is taking it to the dealership of purchase hoping this will get resolved soon before GMC has a lawsuit filed against them. Oh and also thanks to this wonderful car everyone is waiting for, it ruined my vacation.

    If anyone else has had this problem please respond with your results. To the new Enclave owners and those waiting for their's "BEWARE". :lemon:
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Posts: 73
    Hello. Looking for a little help...

    I have an Exclave CXL AWD that I purchased in late June. It has the Towing package, with the trailer hitch with the heavy-duty trailer towing provision (I got this option for my bike rack, not because I do any heavy towing).

    Here's my problem.... we live towars the top of a fairly steep hill - about 1/2 mile long. As I climb the hill, my RPMs get up to slightly over 5,000 before the transmission finally downshifts, and then RPMs then go down to about 3,000 or 3,500.

    I have taken this road home every day for the past several years. My old 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Limited minivan did not do this. I do not know very much about cars or transmissions, but it just "feels" wrong. The engine really seems to be working hard at 5,000 RPM.

    Any ideas/comments if 5,000 RPM is okay, or if it is a problem? Any ideas/comments on how to corret this issue? I heard something abotu an upcoming flash update for the transmission for Acadia.

    Last note... Otherwise, I really love my Enclave.
  • Definitely not that simple. The battery would not cause the e check engine light to reappear after codes reset and would provide a proper error code. The problem was eventually found. It was a sing cam manufactured a few mm out of spec. They had to replace the entire engine as that engine has a fairly complicated variable valve timing system. I
  • I guess this is a known issue. The cons for this vehicle on edmunds says that the transmission is hesitant to downshift, basically a mileage optimization. I also read that they have a manual override for this situation. So, maybe you should be using that when you feel its not downshifting automatically.

    I like this vehicle just a little cautious in buying now because of this thread. Keep posting about your experience. I am sure if there are a lot of similar troubles noted/posted there would be recalls sent out for updates.
  • dianejdianej Posts: 10
    After 10 weeks of happy ownership and 5,000 miles, our Enclave got noisy somewhere north of the drivers' seat. Dealer diagnosed as left front hub, so replaced hub and proclaimed the noise/vibration solved. I picked up the car today. I don't think it's any quieter, and I've gotten 11.7 mpg with the in-town driving I've done since picking it up; far below my usual 15-16 in-town mileage numbers. Any ideas?
  • We were experiencing similar problems out of the gate (car slow to downshift), but the owners manual says to wait 500 miles, and sure enough the problem has dramatically improved with near 1k miles on the car.
  • We had the EXACT same problem. They are now telling us the ENTIRE engine must be replaced. Haven't owned an American Car in years. Now I remember why!!!! The first day we had it, it was leaking oil. They fixed that. When the light goes on on-star tells us it is a ignition problem. The dealership has been great about it but we DO NOT want a $45,000 car that needs a new engine!!!!!!! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE
  • I can top that. After driving the car home (20 miles), we awoke the next day to find oil. Brought the car right back and it was diagnosed as a leaking front end differential leak, the area linking the engine to the 4 wheel drive mechanism. four days later, fixed. Then about 300 miles later, the check engine light went on, called on-star and they said it was an ignition problem, occurred 7 other times, but each time we went to bring the car in, the light would go off! The car was getting awful gas mileage. It took us a tank and a half to drive from New Jersey to New Hampshire (light on), but used 3/4 of a tank on the return trip (light off), we averaged the same 46 miles per hour coming and going so it is a serious problem. Now the car is in to get fixed four days now, and they said they asked GM for a new engine, and GM refused! They told my dealership to "fix it", customer service said, "don't worry, the GM factory trained tech will fix it" interesting, but this is the first Enclave they have had to work on due to its limited availability. No disrespect, but basically my car is now a guinea pig for the dealership's techs to work on. I spent $45,000 for a fully loaded vehicle, have 3,000 miles on it, owned it for 2 months and it has had all these very serious problems and GM refuses to stand by its in point, the dealer ironically has my exact color color, options (except the upgraded rims which I have), I asked them if GM would take my car back, give me the car that is brand new on their lot, and just change the tires, GM refused!!!!!! When my first problem occurred after we drove it home, the dealer said GM authorized to exchange the car, but there were none available (waited 4 months for our ordered car). At this point, since they do not want to "trade" my car with the car on their lot, I am prepared to get as much money back on a trade in, take my loss, my wife and family are in this car every day, do I want to worry whether their car will break down on the rural roads we live around, I think not, goodbye GM.
  • My light has come on 3 times now and service hasn't done anything about it. Have you had yours resolved yet?
  • I've been in the shop 3 times and have another appointment on Monday because everytime it rains my Enclave leaks. Now it is rusting inside from it. Also my check engine light has come on 3 times and nothing has been done about that!
  • Now it is rusting inside from it

    Your car is rusting already? I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I find it near IMPOSSIBLE to believe that you could own a car that has been on the market for such a short time, and have rust or corrosion from rain water so quickly. It takes years of exposure, and typically needs some help from a corrosive like road salt to get rust to appear.

    Any chance you're a plant from a competing manufacturer trying to trash the Enclave?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    Rust can happen fast - just depends on the circumstances. Wet carpet comes to mind immediately as an aggravating factor.

    Rate of rust formation
  • No, I'm not a plant and I'm not trying to trash Enclaves. All I can say, it is looks like rust. It is under the carpet, behind the rear seats. I love the Enclave...I just don't want a leaky, rusty, mechanically challenged one. I write in these forums to help others. Perhaps the answer is to buy one without the sunroof, or before you sign on the dotted line, check the car you want to buy after it rains. Just trying to help. For me, it is frustrating, because once you sign the sales contract you are pretty much stuck.
  • check my post in enclaves give us your report section. now i need a new cylinder head!
  • My 2008 Buick Enclave went into the dealer's shop on Feb, 08, 2008. Check engine light on. Codes indicated exsesive play in camshafts. Dealer 1/4 inch play being measured by cam sensor. That's a lot of play for a brand new engine. Now he has torn down the engine and needs to replace the head. He can't do the repair however because he can't get a new head gasket for the new head that he has. I've talked to the service manager and with Buick customer service. Both are useless. They only say they have no idea why they can't get a head gasket, they just can't. Thats not customer service, thats stupid. This is 2008 not 1908. Head gaskets ain'y hard to come by these days, unless your a Buick dealer ? So far car has ben down now for 13 days, I won't wait much longer before I turn to legal help in order to get GM off their dead [non-permissible content removed]. The dealers parts supplier says no new gasket until the middle of March, and thats only a guess. Looks like I bought a Buick Enclave and now drive a Kia Sportage from Enterprise. Maybe someone from GM will see this post and investigate why GM or a GM dealer can't get a part like a head gasket in less than 14 to 30 days.I love the car, but if you can't get parts for it, what good is it. I do have a Lemon Law to turn to that might get someones attention. I'm frustrated and disapointed and tired of hearing that no one knows when they might have the parts to fix this. I thought I bought a good car, but got a lousy company in the deal. So far GM sucks big time. :( :sick: :lemon:
  • My Enclave has been in the shop two weeks now, I was told today that the gasket is being shipped from Mexico and they are having problems with customs I'm driving a HHR from Enterprise
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