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Buick Enclave Maintenance and Repair



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,927
    We're going to delete Bill's post now that you've seen it since we frown on posting individual's contact information on our forums.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello chosen33,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your transmission. Have you spoke with a Buick Customer Care agent? If not, we are happy to look into this for you. You can reach us via email at or you can contact us by phone at 800-521-7300.

    Jennifer T. (Assisting Amber)
    GM Customer Care
  • What can I say about my 2008 Buick Enclave other than Total Disappointment and Failure on GM's part. I bought the car new in 2008 & like clockwork, have experienced every major problem this board amongst others have had. My car is 5years6 months w/ exactly 45K miles on it. I just got the car out of the shop for about the 12th time for major repair, this one for the transmission, which went completely out. They rebuilt the trans, but its not the same car as before. Bad shifting, loud and not smooth. When I bought the car off the lot I found the entire back flooring had molded due to a leaking rear lift gate and had to have all the carpet & padding replaced. The moonroof leaks to this day but its something I just live. The power steering pump went out a few years ago. The electronics system has never worked right (even after they replaced the module). You push the steering wheel volume control & it instead changes the AV input or some other function. Even b/f the transmission went out I had problems with it. It was slow to shift to a higher gear, had hard time catching the gear & forget about trying to get on any freeway to accelerate. The list goes on. I've had to fight the dealership on recurring issues, tried a new dealership & finally gave up on the new one when they told me since my car was out of warranty (yeah, by 6 months), that I would be footing the bill entirely on my own dime. I understand that the 2008 was the 1st year this car came out, but just really surprised at all the major flaws with the drive system & the like. I wanted to love the car, but for the amount of times and the types of issues I've had for a car I've babied, it just is a total fail. As far as the 5 yr/100k warranty goes, I really am upset that at 45K miles I'm being penalized for their failures & have to chip in on any repair work of this nature. GM needs to do the right thing & cover any transmission failures & these other items which plenty of people are having.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi gingrich,

    I am very sorry that you have experienced transmission issues and understand how time consuming it is visiting multiple dealerships. I would very much like the opportunity to look further into this and see what other options are available for you. Can you please send me your name, VIN, contact information and dealership so that I can do more research on this situation for you? I look forward to hearing back from you, and apologize for the inconvenience this has been.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Amber, How do I reach you? I have "new problems," though most are ones I've already experience yet the dealer is just passing the buck down the road.

    So, I just got my car back 3 weeks ago after having it in the shop for 2 weeks due to the above stated transmission issue. I now have a major oil leak in the front of the engine, which wasn't there before I took it in for the transmission issue. The steering wheel is also cocked 15-20 degrees sideways (which it wasn't before) & I also have electric warning lights going off. I took it to the dealership & they say, "well... sorry, that isn't in the same area as the transmission work that we just did, so we aren't taking responsibility. But... since you are such a loyal customer, we can do the repair work for a heavy discount. That means you only have to pay $200 for a deductible"(in their best voice saying (but I'm saving you so much you should love me). Me: "wait a minute, I just had the car in there not 3 weeks ago, it wasn't leaking oil before, the steering wheel was straight before I had it into the shop, and now it magically is & you're telling me its not something you messed with?" dealer: yes, that's correct, but it does appear you had work done on that part of your engine 2 years ago, but that was a different dealer, so maybe you should take it to them." How pathetic is this for an answer from a dealer? I am so disappointed in my vehicle (been to the shop at least 15+ times) with only 45k miles & whats even more frustrating is the way the dealers look at me with Dollar signs in their eyes. Customer Service should be a staple of these dealerships & yet its the thing they just fail at miserably. My favorite thing is when they hand the keys back & say... "now, you might get a survey in a week or 2 asking you how the experience was here. Please keep in mind when you fill this out, its the only way I personally get rated and it affects me, not the dealer, so I would sure ask you take care of me and give me all positive ratings." What a joke. How am I supposed to give you positive ratings when every time I take the car in, the problems don't get fixed and instead of you working to save me money, you're looking to make money?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi gingrich,

    I just got into the office and believe I've received your email. Please look to hear a response from me shortly.

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • emh773emh773 Posts: 3
    2008 Buick Enclave - 71K miles

    I too can relate to the Enclave owners with transmission issues. Monday the transmission seemed to be slipping, skipping then jerking into gear. I (a woman) brought it to the dealer 2 days later, I explained the transmission didn't seem to be working right. After inspection they told me it was an engine plate cover leaking oil issue and the "transmission was operating as designed". This didn't seem right, so brought to our local mechanic and was told it was a transmission issue. My husband brought it back to the Buick dealer and after again inspecting it, they confirmed this is likely a wave plate issue, a known defective part with a TSB (technical service bulletin) by Buick. A significant cost to fix.

    Yesterday (4 days since we first noticed the problem) the transmission completely stopped working and the car will no longer drive.

    The kicker is that we bought this from a GM dealer as a certified pre-owned vehicle in 2011. The car took original ownership July 30 2008 and therefore is out of warranty by 2-1/2 months. But it's near 30K miles under the warranty.

    We've kept up with all work, most of which has been done through an authorized Buick dealer.

    We feel this should be fully covered by GM. Before jumping to conclusions and posting our negative experience with GM, I wanted to give them the chance to handle the situation properly. Who do I contact for help with this?
  • pat08pat08 Posts: 2
    We bought a new 2013 Buick Enclave this year. September we had the oil changed for the first time. After a couple of weeks I noticed fresh oil on the driveway. I brought it back to the dealer who did the oil change and was told 'the oil filter wasn't properly seated' and a quick adjustment and all is suppose to be ok. After all the problems we had with our 2008 Enclave wondering if this is another problem like the power steering and transmission problems of the 2008. Anyone else have these problems?
  • I too just took my 2013 Buick Enclave to the dealer for it's 1st oil change. After I got home and parked it in the garage I noticed oil on the garage floor. I took it back to the dealer and the said the oil filter was not seated and it happens sometime. They replaced the filter and after parking it again ,I noticed it was dripping worse than before. I took it back again and after checking it they decided that the oil leaked when removing the filter and sprayed it with engine cleaner and washed it off. So far it is clean. Needless to say when changing the oil filter you must be very careful not to drip oil on the frame.

  • On some cars this is darn near impossible. I don't know the innards of your Enclave but for example on my Mini Cooper, not spilling some oil seems impossible. But any good shop should clean up the mess as part of the job. A common mistake in oil filter changes is "double-gasketing", where the old gasket is accidentally left on and a new gasket applied over it. That'll leak.

  • I also have a 2008 Enclave with the exact same problems had the inability to accelerate yesterday (the Stabililatrac service light came on three days ago) while I was on a frozen HYW in MN. Pull off turn the engine off wait 15 sec for the computer reset. That did the trick to get me back on the road.

    Did replacing the valve cover gasket solve the problem?

    Also did you have a engine warning light on as well?

  • grits18grits18 Posts: 5

    So here I am again, back on this site with the same problem I paid over $800 to repair less than a year ago. Service Stabilitrak/service traction control lights blinking with oil sludge in the intake hose. The dealership calls and says I need the redesigned valve cover repair that they recommended in July 2013. Well I had the redesigned valve cover put on, but not by the dealership because we all know they charge crazy prices for labor. The repair was done by a certified mechanic with GM parts, but the part has failed. And the dealership says tough luck, GM has no responsibility. What say you GM????????? I am beyond angry and I think I will be calling a local TV station who does consumer protection type segments.

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