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Buick Enclave Maintenance and Repair



  • I agree. I suggest you read your lemon law handbook and start procedures. Start by reporting to the Better Business Bureau online
  • timy1timy1 Posts: 3
    Just found out after 1,300 miles (2 weeks) that our NEW Buick Enclave has to have the overhead cam replaced. After the check engine light came on I took it to the dealer who after putting it on the computer told us that the cames were 'walking' and needed to be replaced!!!!!!
    When they ordered the parts we found that they would not be shipped until March 14 (2 1/2 weeks later)!!!!!
    After reading comments I question if it is a cam problem or a sensor problem????? :cry:
  • sligo1sligo1 Posts: 1
    At 500 miles our 2008 Enclave flashed this light;
    the sales manager suggested we improperly
    replaced the gas cap. Naively, we turned
    crimson, wondering where we'd ever find
    a gas cap school.

    One quick visit righted the condition; within
    24 hours it returned (the service department
    seemed to expect we'd be back.

    It's March 23, 2008, they still have the car, and have
    had it longer than we have.

    We're asking for a full refund, Subject to confirmation
    by a suit in Detroit they have said yes.

    Demoralizing: In quietness and cargo space the
    Enclave for us is perfect. We summer in Maine,
    live in NC.

    We will be off to Lexus.

  • timy1timy1 Posts: 3
    Can you give me more information on how to get the refund?

    GM sent the cams, but did not send the necessary wrench to install them!
    I am very concerned about long term performance of the motor, assuming they actually are able to repair it!
  • rmack1rmack1 Posts: 1
    My 2008 Buick enclave has been in shop at Koon's Manassas since end of February 2008. Same problem with floating cams. They first told me to tighten gas cap, then checked sensor and replaced it, now it has been in shop for Cam Job to replace heads. I had 6,000 miles on car.

    Over the past month the incompetent service tech and dealer has changed there story several times concerning Heads not available, then Gasket not available then head bolts not available.

    I would bet that this is a much larger problem than reported since there is a bulletin out concerning this floating head problem.

    This is a major disappointment with buick and this dealer.
  • tencjeddtencjedd Posts: 44
    Rust can happen fast - just depends on the circumstances.

    Come on Steve. New cars don't rust within 30 days of leaving the lot. Particularly so when today's car frames are made from hot dipped galvanized steel.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,914
    Soak your carpet for a few weeks and report back. :shades:
  • vcsankarvcsankar Posts: 1
    Try this one on. I have owned my Enclave CXL FWD for 3 weeks and have approximately 1300 miles on it. We basically drove it off the lot and took it on a road trip for a week. I have to say that it has performed beautifully. However, a few days after returning home from our trip, I noticed what looked like rust on my undercarriage - specifically the exhaust system/manifold. Yes, rust, after having had the vehicle in my possession for less than two weeks. I climbed under the vehicle to take a closer look. I got my father out to look at it. Both of us believe it is rust. I took it to the dealership and was first told that it was baked on mud...the dealership offered to pressure wash it off, but after 30 minutes of apparently unsuccessful attempts, they have asked me to bring the vehicle in this coming week for an "evaluation"...for which they will need to keep it for one to two days. I also agree that cars just don't rust like this today, but evidence says otherwise. Any tips on how I should handle this before I go in next week? I'll let ya'll know what they tell me. By the way, I asked about a loaner vehicle since I'll be without mine for at least two days. I was told they don't do that. Is that a Buick thing or just this dealership?
  • As previously posted, our 2008 Enclave has been in the dealers shop since February 28th. After receiving the necessary parts to repair the replacement of the head and cam. The second head was also found to be also bad. Latest comment is "don't hold your breath" for when parts will arrive to repair.

    We feel GM mis-represented this engine. We were told when we purchased that the running gear and power/engine had been around for a few years. We now learn that this is a new engine and we all are the testers for GM.

    It is also interesting that in 37 days of being in the dealers shop, not one phone call from the dealer or GM. All contact has been with us calling or going to visit our new car in parts.

    We will be looking at all options to get replacment or take legal action.

    Does anyone have experience with use of the lemon law.
    Or, have any success with working up the line with GM. ie: Zone Manager?

  • kugleykugley Posts: 5
    Hi Steve,
    I think that's just the dealership you're with. I'm taking mine in tomorrow and they're setting me up with a loaner for the next couple of days. However, the initial reason why my car is going in is for "check engine light" issues. My sensor is being replaced - so not sure if that qualifies for the loaner, vs. the rusting "evaluation."

    See my post in the other discussion thread - about "Buick Enclave Owners Give us your report". I have had check engine light issues, as well as undercarriage rusting.
  • cdb5cdb5 Posts: 1
    For newly manufactured Enclaves, has Buick solved the floating-head/camshaft problem? Are there other defects that I should be aware of before making my purchase decision?
  • fryrfryr Posts: 1
    Your Enclave?Did you forget that it is a fleet vehicle that doesn't even belong to you?You also forget to mention that it took over two weeks to get the cylinder heads! The parts availability is not the dealers problem,it is caused by the manufacturers not having a surplus of parts available due to cost cutting measures that they have to implement because of outdated obsolete UAW ideas that cost GM billions of dollars. wish I could get my employer to pay all of my insurance and retirement. And if any of you with this problem think another manufacturer is better just go into some of the forums for other models and check out some of there problems. They all have the same technologies they just call it something different.
  • mickicdmickicd Posts: 24
    My car is in Service presently for the check engine light. They are doing something with the camshaft. I'm supposed to pick it up tonight. I will post the outcome later
  • twoffordtwofford Posts: 2
    We have had similar problems with the Enclave we bought in June of 07. The check stabilitrack light has come on several times, then service stabilitrack light comes on then goes off and is ok for awhile, then does it again. Has happened several times. The car has 21,000 miles on it . About 3 weeks ago we had to have it towed to the Buick dealer because of a loud knocking noise in the engine compartment that turned out to be serious enough that they are replacing the entire engine. We had the transmission software proogram updated several months ago because of a recall that was put out. The 6 speed transmission has some different shifting patterns than most others. This is supposed to maximize fuel economy according to the service manager. I think this car is so new and "state of the art" that it was put out before all of the bugs were worked out. We have been very pleased with it until this engine failure. We'll see what happens once the new engine goes in.
  • mickicdmickicd Posts: 24
    The rust that has occured in my Enclave is located in the back cargo area underneth the carpet. I suspect the rust that is located on the bolts back there is caused from a chemical reation from the carpet getting soaked from the rain.
    The dealership did nothing to fix this. They said it must have been caused by humidity and if they fixed it, it would just happen again because it is not the metal you mentioned that doesn't rust.
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Our 2008 enclave is a month old. We had a defective front strut replaced but now I can hear a slight air noise through the steering wheel. The repair tech. does not seem to hear it. I went to a new dealership and checked out a new enclave and it has the same noise but mush less noticable. Is this normal on the enclaves? If you roll up the windows and put your ear up to the steering you may or may not have the same issue. What could this be? Also they have to repair the left signal, it will not click off after turning the steering.
  • dianejdianej Posts: 10
    FYI, my enclave had both front hubs replaced by the local dealer at 5,000 miles. My initial thought was strut , but it was hub. Keep an eye out for that. You deserve to have a quiet ride because that's what you bought!
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    I still hear a clunk noise mostly in the morning after I turn the car I can hear a clunk under the front of the car. The dealer claims it normal, it's the power steering. Not sure what to think. The car is a month old.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    If it does it at roughly 7 MPH and 20 MPH it is the ABS self test and it is normal. They all do it to some degree or another.
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Thank you for the reply,very helpful! It does exactly do that clank between 7-20mph the service dept. did say it was normal thought it was the power steering and I was still unsure. The GMC acadia blog, a few people complained of the same issue.
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