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2007 Azera trip computer zeros out for no reason



  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Posts: 118
    Poor baby! *crossing my finger hoping that I don't get that dreaded cluck*

    By the way, how do you guys know the Azzy's b-day, where do I look?
  • zredsoxzredsox Posts: 90
    By the way, how do you guys know the Azzy's b-day, where do I look?

    You can find it on a label on the pillar on the driver's side of the car between the front & rear doors. Just open the driver's door and look down to your right.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hey folks, I need to ask you to go to the Azera group link and find an appropriate topic for your comment or question. A number of Azera discussions are all over the place lately - I can fix some of it by moving stuff, but that gets comments out of order, makes you have to read things at least twice and generally ends up not making as much sense as things would if posts were in the right place to start with.

    Your cooperation would be mucho appreciated! :)
  • I've had this problem since my '06 was new. It took a while to convince the dealer that is was happening. In an attempt to fix it they replaced the speed sensor (this made no sense to me) and, when that didn't resolve the issue, the instrument cluster - which now requires me to add 21,553 miles to the odometer reading. This only happens when the key is turned to the on position - and very sporadically. Believe me, intermittent problems like this are VERY hard to track down. I have no other issues with the display assembly. Perhaps the solution is to install a small battery to provide a constant source of power to the volatile memory! Since it only happens every few hundred miles I cna live with it. However, before the cluster was replaced I once had it happen three times on one day.
  • i have 08 azera and i've had this problem too, did you solve the problem? i went to service today and they said they have to connect service HQ in LA. i am waiting the responce. i will post it here if they find the answer, but meanwhile if you make any progress or found out what the problem is. plz post it here.
    Ever since i found out there is problem with my car, it bothers me every time i am drivin' it. who knows it might cause other compter system as well. Hopefully not thou
    Thank you.
  • What's disturbing about this is that the car has had this problem since the '06 model, and it continues two or three model years later.
  • Really!! I didn't know there was problem with this car for a long time. So what was the hyundais reaction so far? is there any way to fix this problem??? is this problem could cause any other damage in my car???
  • No, it's not going to harm your car - it is a minor annoyance, as is the chipping phony wood on the steering wheel. These problems as well as the suspension problem should have been remedied in subsequent model years and were not.

    If you're really bugged about the occasional reset on the tripmeter, I'm sure your dealer will be happy to tear your instrument panel apart for you in an attempt to fix it. IMO, this can cause more problems than it's worth, so I'll continue to put up with it.

    The Azera has great reliabilty, power, ride, quietness, etc., but is not perfect - few cars are without a wart here or there. Where else, though, are you going to get the level of luxury this car offers for $25K?
  • dbrad4dbrad4 Posts: 2
    I have an Azera Limited and love it. A few weeks ago (60k miles) I noticed my trip odometer reset to 0 (I had only driven 30-40 miles). My clock also changed times. Once I lost my programmed radio stations and the rear window shade retracted on it's own. I've also noticed my windows don't work using the automatic down and up feature.

    Someone told me it might be something with the security system and a reset switch under the hood. Does anyone have any ideas? :(
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    You have a loose or resistive chassis ground in the charging system. Occasionally the power is cut or reduced below a set point to the processor and that resets much of the electronics. The radio presets and windows losing their automatic up and down setting are a clue, as when the battery is removed, the radio presets are gone and the windows need to be "retrained" by holding the switch until the window is all the way up (or down) a few times so the window motor system relearns what resistance is "normal"...
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