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Bug Shields for Ford Escape



  • I was going to tell you about the shield cracking after the install. the same thing happen to mine and i was very careful not to over tighten the screws. i think the problems is caused by the pressure that the rubber bumper cause when holding it away from the hood. i also had one bumper fall off. doesn't appear to be the best design. thanks for the info on lund, i will be calling them for a replace.
  • fuddy1fuddy1 Posts: 1
    I had my bug shield installed at the dealer a couple of months ago. Today the end of the left side of the shield slipped out. I opened the hood and notice that there is a hole in the shield that seems like it should be for a screw or somehting. I am wondering it the installer took a short cut and did not attach a fastener. Do any of you who did your own install know if the lips at the far ends of the shield that wrap under the hood ( where there is a hole on the underside) are supposed to be fastened in some way. I am worried that it is going to slip out again while I am driving and rub against my hood.
  • You should have a metal bracket that attaches from the hood to the shield on each end of the shield ie above the headlight area. there has been a problem with the shield and these bracket in that they seem to crack at this attachment point. it is not a very good design. i have a cracks at both metal brackets. also these holes had to be drilled by the installer.
    chuck :mad:
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