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Ford Mustang Transmission Problems



  • ramamoeramamoe Posts: 2
    :sick: HELP,,I am having a hard time locating a part. Does anyone out there know where you can pick up a stock shift linkage for my 2007 V6 5Sp T5 tranny?? Ford wants to sell me the entire shifter assem. for $600.00 Can. All I want is the linkage. It is a 3/4 " square steel rod about 10" long with to studs at either end. Or is there an aftermarket linkage that will work Thanks Guys and Gals in advance
  • moronixmoronix Posts: 29
    I would try junkyards. Must be a wrecked one somewhere. Search internet for recycled parts.
  • try cj pony parts .com they might have it .....
  • when my five speed is in nutral it sounds like it is grinding and soon as you push in the clutch it stops. whats up with that ?
  • contact the BBB auto defect department they will be a big help ... good luck... :lemon:
  • Hello: I'm running into similar issues with a 2009 GT I just bought in August. The trans is louder then how I think it should sound. Bought it back to the dealer twice and the technician stated he hears something but wasn't ready to say anything was wrong. He did comment that he thought the sound was coming from the trans. He sent out an inquiry to Ford to see if there were any other complaints and supposedly Ford said no. After reading these posts that response sounds like alot of bull. I notice this problem more when the windows are up and it sounds like the noise is coming from the floor on the passenger side. For the first couple of weeks I drove it around with the windows always open to better hear the rumbling of the engine. Since it's been getting colder the windows have been up more and now it's more noticeable. Not a clunking sound but more like the gears get louder, especially in second gear. Get's louder when I accelerate and rpms go above 2,000. I love the car but this sure puts a damper on the whole purchase. I may just bring the car to my own mechanic who also installs transmissions to get his opinion.
  • remember its under warranty,if someone tampers with n e thing and ford finds out,well you know what that on my second mustang,i had 07 and now the 08,i am still having trouble with tranny at times,im keeping this one,just wish ford would come clean.same issue as the other one,noise in transmission during shifting,not as bad as the 07 tho,but still there.gonna take advice and call BBB.GOOD LUCK,
  • I was driving my pony when I tried to shift into 5th it was like it was in neutral and when I got home after driving all the way in 4th I found that I couldn't shift into reverse please someone tell me this is not going to be something major
  • im sure by now you have a answer to what happen.what year tang do you have?
  • I have an 05 mustang v6 automatic transmission. I've never had any problems out of it until the other night. I was stopped at a red light and pushed the gas to go and the RPM's jumped really high like to 5000. The engine reved really hard. At that point it wouldn't shift out of 1st gear. I rode in 1st to the nearest gas station and parked it. It will not go into reverse and it will not shift to neutral to be able to push it any where. Originally thought it would be out of transmission fluid and though I haven't had it checked recently (been told you have to check it from the underside of the car which is also where you fill it up) my car has not leaked any fluids, no lights have come on, nothing on my message board, and no problems while driving. I have no idea what could be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas before I get it towed to the dealership? I don't want to go in blind and get charged for something that might have nothing to do with the problem.
  • Go under your car and check your vacuum hoses and transmission modulator. since not knowing your car history or care, may I suggest replacing your vacuum hoses and transmission modulator anyway? Had similar problems years ago! Good luck!
  • hi guys

    the other day I started the car perfectly, waited a few minutes and left home.. I heard like the revolutions on my car went up but I thougth it was cold still. I stop in a sign and when I tried to go on it just didn't. couldn't go backwards or forward.. nothing but the engine still work

    no lights came on to warn..

    We checked the transmission fluid but it was good. I took it back to the dealer and they said it was the transmission, we changed it but the problem still.
    can you tell me what it can be...
  • dbm3dbm3 Posts: 1
    Changed the automatic transmission fluid and filter in my 2005 Mustang today. Its the first time anyone but the factory has been in there. Looked OK except for one big surprise. There was a piece of black plastic tape in there sloshing around, about 5 inches long, an inch wide and kind of crinkled up like plastic does when has been hot. Has anyone else seen something like this? This kind of concerns me, and I changed the fluid/filter early at 60K vs 100K as it has started to 'think' a second or two longer than normal when moving to reverse.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    That method doesn't change all of the fluid. It's recommended to use the dealer machines that suck out and replace the fluid using the cooler lines. This gets 95% of the fluid out including the torque converter whereas dropping the pan only gets about 2/3. There is no need to change the filter - if there's enough stuff to clog up the filter the tranny is already toast.
  • Ford screwed us, but we fixed the problem. Ford knows of this issue and hides it.
    The problem is the SAME as our 2005 GT where pitch went way up after 40mph and got lounder and whinnier the faster you it was a noisy ring and pinion set witih pinion and carrier bearings. Total cost $500. Could have been done under warranty but Ford kept saying..."that's the way it's supposed to sound."
    Bull ____. Hope you don't have the same problem, but if you do it is a warranty issue.
  • 1996 3.8 V6 Ford Mustang transmission slipping.

    I have a 1996 3.8 V6 automatic Mustang with somewhere around 150,000 miles on it. Today it was 8 deg outside and I started the car and headed down the road. Well it started searching for gears and would shift up and down the spectrum.

    Then it would kick out of gear or slip (not sure) then start searching for gears again. I never had a problem with this transmission till today. Do you have any ideas?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Wait until the temps go up or put it in the garage to warm up and see if it still happens. Something could have frozen temporarily.
  • o10mustanggto10mustanggt Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Ok im seriously about to **** a brick my brand new gt is 3 months old with 8,000 miles and out of no where my trany deff took a ****. i took my car in for an its second oil change at my ford dealership yesterday at 1 everything was fine. i drove the car home and a couple times that evening. today I left my girlfriends house get out of the development and its fine get on the main road shift 1 through 5 no problem . . . then all the sudden as im coming to the light down the road like 1/2 a mile i hear a weird whistling noise(thats the closest description i got) i try to downshift to 2nd while slowing down . . . . i cant shift out of 5th!!!! so i stop at the light with clutch depressed and turn the car off. i finally manage to force it out of 5th with car off into neutral only i can only move the shifter side to side and up i cant go into 3rd 4th or reverse. so i turn car back on and force into first pull away it makes weird grinding noises but i can drive and i shift into 3rd same thing weird grinding noise but works. i still cant get into 3rd or 4th at all. i try shifting into 5th it goes but as soon as i let out clutch it just revs up like in neutral. so i had to drive all the way home using 1st and 3rd thankfully not extremely far. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAR!!!!!???? of course this happens on a Sunday when the dealerships closed :mad:
  • look at my postings,the 07 i had and the 08,both 5 speeds and both of them problems,ford is ,(i think) not telling the truth.also i notice my stearing was off center, the rt door is off center,gt emblem is off center and the rear bumper is off some,and over spray on my gas lid.and the odomator was reading 5 mph to fast.hum,well they reset the toll and said nothing was wrong with the odomator,but it was reading different after i left,for the bodie stuff they say it was a factory thing,and would strighten it out for me.sounds to me like its been fixed.but i bought it and the other one as a new car.and i also hear noise in the drivetrain from time to time.
  • ilcooljilcoolj Posts: 14
    My friend has a 2006 Mustang GT with 43K, bought it brand new and now auto trans. is slipping bad. He's had vehicle serviced regularly by the dealer but did not extend his warranty. '06's are all Lemons, so much for the S-197...
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