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Ford Mustang Transmission Problems



  • darleydarley Posts: 2
    The manual transmission on my new mustang is very noisey at best, but when driving on the freeway for a while in 4th and 5th it starts this high pitch whistling noise, the head mechanic at the dealers heard it too and agreed there was something wrong, the manager decided to change the transmission without even letting the mechanic even look at it.

    Got the car back and they said it was fixed.....and guess what it is still there and even worse, anyone else had this issue?
  • darleydarley Posts: 2
    Did you get this sorted out, read my post about my new 2010 mustang, the same whistling sound after a few miles in 4th and 5th, they changed the transmission without even looking at it, and its even worse now.

    Let me know asap.

  • ilcooljilcoolj Posts: 14
    You need to take the car back to the dealer and ask them to install 2 dampers that eliminate the whining sound. The bolt on the rear differential allowing to absorb the noise coming from the rear axles.
  • ilcooljilcoolj Posts: 14
    Probably fell off the truck, my '06 probably did when i got me from the dealer, I saw that the L/F gap between the hood was more and the other side left. 2 years later I barely rear ended a guy and the paint on the bumper just chipped and flaked off. My body man told me the car had been hit before, problem is how can you prove it once you drive away from the dealer?
  • I have a 1996 ford mustang manual transmission making funny noises can anyone help me
  • sstati23sstati23 Posts: 1
    Did you get that problem solved?
    I just bought a 2010 Mustang V6 a week ago and I started hearing a humming/whistling noise when I am in 4th/5th gear also. My car had less than 100miles on when I started hearing it. I am not sure where it is coming from but when I hear it, it seems to come from the center console/gear box. Again, I am not sure if the sound is just been tunneled in from outside.
    Does it sound similar to your situation?

  • dlercherdlercher Posts: 3
    I have a 94 mustang gt and i installed a 95 transmission out of a cobra
    is there anything else i need to change or do to dial in the transmission and i want to replace the speed sensor do i buy one for a 94 or a 95 and do i have to change the board on the car?
  • ponyboy3ponyboy3 Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 manual 5 speed, and have the exact same problem in 4th and 5th, and as i read other posts their are many people with the same problem. To me its seems to be a design flaw, i cannot see that can be a desirable sound. A gentleman on this site mentioned putting in dampers to deaden the sound. My understanding of the problem is that their is no sound deadening in place and because the set- up is aluminum casing the noise in cab is very noticeable. at least that was the way ford explained it to me. I am writing a letter to ford to explain that this seems to be a common problem with many people. If that doesnt work and i can find evidence of a safety issue i will contact nhtsa and will encourage all who will listen to do the same. I love my stang and would love to see this problem resolved. Good luck
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    The very positive reviews of the new V-6 2011 Mustang have both surprised and delighted me. My last Ford was a Sunliner with the 312-inch TB Special V-8.

    Does the new V-6 get a new (and hopefully improved) 6M transmission?

    My current 6M (out of Marysville, OH) is damn near flawless (with a GMSFM assist), but planning ahead won't hurt.

    all the best, ez....
  • reddenredden Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    the transmission will not come out of park. the button on the shifter will not go down all the way in. the steering wheel is not locked either. yes pushing down on the brack... Well thanks for the info....
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    Check the switch behind the brake pedal. It controls the taillights and the brake-shift interlock. There should be an override procedure - check the owner's manual.
  • reddenredden Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info.......................
  • bullitt4bullitt4 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I bought an 08 Bullitt mustang in sept of 2008. Not 6 months had gone by and the car started grinding gears 1-2, 2-3, took the car in and with 5800 miles had to replace 1-2 sychronizer an 2-3 synchronizer clutch and pressure plate. 2 weeks later the car would not go into gear at all. Transmission was removed and they found 2 gear had problem, replaced and reinstalled. Three months the car started grinding gears, pulled transmission and found slave cylinder in clutch failed and 2-3 sychronizer bad, replaced, reinstalled. A month later car stuck in 2nd gear. Removed transmission found slave cylinder bad again, replaced. Two weeks later car would not shift gears unless off. Back to the dealer they kept it 27 days to tell me that 6 torque to yeild bolts were reused and should not have been, replaced told that would fix all the problems by Ford engineers! Well once again 5/7/10 car is back grind ALL GEARS! Dealer says that it is the clutch and #2 sychronizer again. Dealer installed after market racing clutch replaced #2 synchronizer says it is fixed. Driving home 4.3 miles car would not release third gear and over reved engine to redline and banging rev limiter excessively. I am extremely frustrated the car has been out of service 60 days this year alone and has hit 26,000 through all of this never once going more than 9,000 miles and less than 6 months between major transmission concerns. I am at a loss and hate my car that I fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on it. Any suggestions? I picked it up today (5/27) and will return it tomorrow a.m. (5/28) for the clutch sticking third gear and smelling burnt from the clutch assembly. Cannot wait to drive it cold to see if it is going to grind gears again.
  • I have a 2006 mustang 5 speed with 53,000 miles and have experienced a high pitched whining sound in gears 1-4 and less so in 5th gear. AAMCO transmission shop first thought it was a transmission related problem, although I did not feel any performance decline, but after thorough diagnosis found that the noise was from a defective idler pulley. Total cost $131.25 including labor. The whine has disappeared. Mechanic did remind me that the car has two idler pulleys, so the other may start to whine soon as well.

    Not saying this is your problem but just something to check if you haven't already done so.
  • I bought a 2010 Mustang GT a few months ago and have only about 1600 miles on it. I always thought it was a little hard to shift, but the other day I had a hell of a time getting it out of 4th gear. Then it was hard to shift back into any gear. I have owned many different manual shift cars, including a different GT and a Cobra and never experienced any of these problems. I have not even had a chance to really get on it yet! Any advice I could get would be great to take to the dealer. I figure I'll either get the old "I don't know how to drive a stick" business or "these new transmissions are truck trannys". I don't need the run around for $33 Grand.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    For $33k, a decent transmission should be a no brainer.

    I am on the fence for a 2011 V-6 6M.....................hope the new transmission is trouble free. My Dad told me never to buy the first new model year. Maybe he has a point.

  • This is a continuation of post #97. After taking the car out for a drive again, I tried to recreate the original shifting problem again. After start up, the transmission shifted fine through all 5 gears but I only ran it up to 2800 rpm before shifting. Then from a dead stop, I took it up to about 4500 rpm in first, then 4500 rpm in second, then could not shift into third and slowed down. It took way to much force to put it back into any gear. I finally got it into second and got the car moving again, but if I fully engage the clutch pedal all the way down, I can give it a little gas and the car will start to slightly accellerate as if the clutch is slightly engaged. I had to baby it all the way home in second gear just to get it back to the garage. Is this a clutch problem or a transmission problem?
  • moronixmoronix Posts: 29
    I would hope you would just take it to the dealer where you purchased it since you can reproduce the problem. Just don't let them give you a line of B.S. You have a serious problem that could be dangerous. It's up to them to figure out what the cause is. I have an '07 GT/CS with only minor transmission problem (shifting is not as smooth as I would like) but since I don't race it I can live with it. Good luck.
  • am wondering what you have found out.ive had a 07 and got a 08 at this time,same ole thing,the shifting is not right.
  • my 2000 mustang has a v6 and the trans is banging and vibrating when shifting in and out of overdrive when warmed up other then that it runs and shifts fine so whats going on with it?
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