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Geo Metro Engine Questions



  • doggie3doggie3 Posts: 1
    went to slow down my idle on my 98 cyl metro. but dist which i was gonna turn is bolted tight with no way to adjust.??
  • had similar problem w/95 GEO but was automatic. It was the fuel injection system. Once that was fixed it ran great.
  • How does the oilpan come out?
  • tripstertripster Posts: 10
    Pan comes off pretty easy, just remove all the bolts, the brace on the back of the pan going to the motor mounts and the sensor on the front of the pan. Then turn the steering all the way to the passenger side and the pan will almost fall off.
  • Hello,

    I just bought a '96 Geo Metro today. It runs great but I have to put in a left hand signal light and the purple????? paint is fading in two spots. One area is on the roof and the other is on the trunk. Can this be polished out or am I going to have to buy purple spray paint to fix it?

  • kristlekristle Posts: 5
    My 96 Metro that is also Fading in those spots but the paint is green. I tried to polish but it only seemed to make it worse. I think your best bet would be to buy spray to fix it unless you want an entirely new paint job.
  • 93 Metro, 1.0L, Automatic,A/C,I have several problems.
    1. Motor rattles at higher RPM under load, let foot off throttle and rattle goes away. ( Valves or Bearings? )
    2. Transmission sometimes will not downshift after coming to a stop. Have to do it manually. Sometimes motor will try to stall, have to drop transmission manually into 1st.
    3. Running the A/C,headlights car dies due to battery dieing, Had electrical system tested, they said that it was fine.
    Would it be better to repair the car or get rid of it...
    Any suggestions would be helpful....
  • check for stuck egr first. with engine warmed up,push up on egr diaphram plate,if engine runs the same rpm the egr is clogged. also bear to mind the egr passages may be clogged,for my metro this involved removing the intake manigold and digging out carbon with cloths hanger wire, mechanics wire, and help from b12 solvent 199000 miles. first try cleaning egr with b12 and do a vacume check on diaphram.
  • motor rattle could be detonation. usually caused by carbon buildup on high mileage cars, wrong ignition timing on newer. another cause could be motor mounts. valves dont rattle and you probably would have already thrown a rod if it were a bearing, but then again bearings knock instead of rattle.
    have your transmission filter changed and see if that isnt the problem.
    I question the quality of the electrical check. check to verify alternator belt is properly tightened, do a charging voltage test on car while everything is running, and verify the engine idles up when ac is engaged.
    If your after gas milage a metro is hard to beat!!! find a honest mechanic and invest some money in it. had a 87 and have a 98 metro I have a advantage by repairing myself 87 250000 miles,gave to mother, 199000 miles 98 just did valve job.
  • Hello,

    After my original post I looked at the spots closer and had the car washed. The spots are very rough like sand paper. It would appear that you are right. Perhaps I'll sand them down first and then try and find the right spray paint. I noticed this problem seems common on the dark color Geo Metro cars.
  • freemefreeme Posts: 1
    maybe ya got yer timing off?
  • Sounds like a starter problem. Make sure all battery cables are tight and clean. The ground can be your worst enemy. Try grunding the engine with a jumper cable,from negative post of battery to engine. Pull the start wire off the starter solenid and run a hot wire to the battery. Touch it to the battery and see if it turns. If it dont, good be your starter or your stater solenid. Same thing happen to me. The solenid was bad. Hope this helps.
  • Thank you so much for your helpful information. I had them change the battery cables (which looked kind of worn) like you said and since they replaced them with new cables, I have not had a problem. Pretty expensive way to find out you need new battery cables! Thanks again! :D
  • edonisedonis Posts: 2
    I may be too late to answer your question but it seemed like you had a short to ground that was draining your battery.
  • mommakmommak Posts: 1
    Ok first of all, I bought this thing because of gas prices, the hamster in it eats cheap for a week. Well the oil filter is covered, I have a rattle in the front passenger side, the ses light has been on for about a month, the code says that there is a cylinder 2 misfire, changed the plug, lost from there. And now all of the sudden my trunk wont open by the key, I have to put down the back seat and climb in and pop it from the inside, really inconvenient with kids in the back seat, and then if I have groceries in the trunk, makes it a pain as well. Someone please help!!! Thanks in advance
  • I have a 99 Metro that has a miss, or stumble, while driving. It almost feels as if I turn the ignition key off then right back on. It doesn't seem to have a miss at idle, that I can detect anyway. I've replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor. I also replaced the coil and that didn't help either. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  • I had 97 geo with same problem. It was the fuel injection system. Have that checked.
  • I have a strange problem w/my 92 Metro. On cold days it will sometimes (not always) not start. It acts as if it is not getting any fuel. I have ran gas line antifreeze & parked out of the wind. But it still does it sometimes. I have not recorded if it does it less often w/ antifreeze. I live in Iowa, so winters are very cold.
    It did not do this whatsoever during warm weather, only when it got very cold.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • sounds like the temp sensor is bad, and will not give it the gas that is needed to start on cold days. do you know how to get the codes out of it. under the dash is a place that say it is for codes and to remove or place a fuse in it to get the codes from the computer. don't remove the tail light fuse until you need to clear the codes the tail light fuse goes to the compute also. the codes will flash and continue to flash until you remove the fuse. if you ave an owners manual it tell you how to do this. or go to yahoos geo forum and ask them. ode carl and a few others have the procedure down pat.
  • check the air filter the filter housing has a plug that needs to be connected or it will not run/ runs bad.
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