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Toyota Solara Convertible Top Problems



  • katyhykatyhy Posts: 13
    My daughter and I had our hearts set on the Solara but after coming here and seeing all the complaints about the leaky convertible top, I'd hate to invest that kind of money only to have these problems. We live in Florida and get a lot of rain. No wonder they're discontinuing the car. Who knows whether my dealership would handle the problem or just blame it on the design of the car and not do anything. Can't risk that. Sorry you guys are all having problems - it is a pretty car! Too bad.
  • Did they give you a fair price? I have a 2007 with EXCESSIVE wind noise. Bought it new, pins didn't line up so Toyota adjusted the top. Hasn't been the same since. they say there is nothing else they can do. Now they are looking at buying the care back

  • bbossie74bbossie74 Posts: 1
    Yeah, I know it sounds ex took my Solara and for some reason when I got it back there was duct tape on my canvas top. Any suggestions on what to use to get the adhesive off?
  • randy51randy51 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Solara convertable.

    As it's designed when the top is retracted the volume automatically to compensate for the outside noise. When the top goes back the volume reduces back.

    What I have noticed is when the top is up the volume intermittenly blanks out for a second then comes back. When the top is down I have no problems at all.

    Does anyone know where the sensor/contact in the top mechanism that recognizes the top is down? I'm willing to just bypass the sensor.

    Any help would be greatly appreciates.

  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    :mad: Obviously an act of some sick iindividual :mad:
    Anyhow, now that you gotta deal with it, Have you tried any of the convertible top cleaners? I use Wolfstien's Raggtopp and it is pretty good overall. I have never had to deal with any stains, duct tape, gu etc... but I wa always able to notice the difference after the top dried out.
    Good Luck!!
  • Chrysler fixed this issue, more or less. I had a '97 where water poured inside whenever I opened a window during rain. I then bought a 2003 model and the fabric roof had an extra fold of fabric sewed along the windows which effectively diverted most of the water down the top away from the windows. It worked surprisingly well. However I wouldn't trade my Solara for another Sebring--ever. There's no comparison between the two. ;)
  • We have a 2003 convertible with a beige top. The fabric on the lower left side is heavily puckered.

    We had to replace a smashed broken rear glass (vandals.) I've noticed, a year later, that there is some black material showing on part of the window.

    I brought it to a different upholstery shop and said there is a hole in the bow for centering the window. He checked the dimensions and said it was about 3 inches off. He redrilled a new hole in order to adjust the window.

    Could this have been a manufacturer problem? Was the original puckering due to shrinkage and the shifting of the bow? The dealer saw it before it was brought to the 2nd upholsterer and was unable to help.

    Is there anyone else with the puckering problem or any problems with the top as I described?
  • :lemon: Everytime I hand wash my convertible, or drive thru the rain, water comes in the front windows and also had it come in at the area where the side mirrors are. I had one Toyota dealership tell me that all convertibles leak and they couldn't do anything about it. However, they 'water tested' the vehicle and stated that no water leaked - rubbish. I took it to a different dealership to see what they could do. The first two attempts at fixing the leak did not succeed. On the third attempt, they replaced the weather stripping and it still leaks. What do I need to do to get the dealership to buy the car back? Seek legal advise? Help.....
  • bsquared1bsquared1 Posts: 1
    We don't have leaks on our 2007 convertible but the dealer has just ordered the 2nd new top under warranty for installation on our car. The defroster quit operating last December and now the window and fabric are separating below the window. We've only got 3,000 miles left on the warranty and don't want to spend our $3,200 next year for another top. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Thanks.
  • My wifes '05 does the same thing but all the time. Did you get any answers to disconnect it? The dealer wanted $150 to remove the wire. I can cut it for free!!!!
    Not had a chance to look for it yet.... My radio works just fine.

  • Two questions: 1. 208 Toyota Solara: Is it a vynil or cloth top? Looking for a top cleaner and I dont know what is best... so I am inexprienced! and 2: On the same model, when the top is down, there is no cover or anything on it. When it is up, and it rains, rain pours down the top into the space between the top and plastic backing right above the trunk. I couldn't find where it goes after there... Water doesnt get into the trunk, but there is definite droplets falling into the slit behind the top, i can see them when i take the top down to look inside the space for the top when it is down... Any idea where water goes?
  • Wow! I can't believe you're on your second top. I own a 2007 Convertible Solara and I haven't had any trouble. In fact, I joined this forum because I am not sure if I should buy the extended warranty. I am at 34K miles...and the original warranty expires at 36K.

    What was wrong with your top? Why did you have to replace it twice?

    Thank you!
  • Hi,

    I have a 2007 Solara convertible and never had a single problem. I'm at 34K miles and I don't know if I should buy the extended warranty to cover the electronics and the convertible top. I own the car flat out and plan on keeping it for as long as I can. I'm afraid if I fork out the money for the warranty it will be for nothing.

    On the flip side, I'm so frightened that the second the warranty expires my top windows will break.

    Does anyone have any advice?
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    My '06 has just passed 50K Miles. The stitching began to wear out @ 36K+ miles. The parts mgr. @ the dealership that sold me the car (Northridge Toyota in Northridge, CA) took a look at the stitching and made a judgement call to have the dealership send over the car for re-stitching.

    We have the extended warranty and while it doesn't cover the fabric of the top, the stitching was a different story.

    The owner of the top repair place told me I'll need a new top this year. The seams are puckering.

    The car is not garaged. Next top gets a little help. A carport if I can or a car cover if that's the best I can do.

  • Hi,

    That's so weird...yesterday I just noticed that the stitching on my top is coming apart. I am at 34K miles. What did the shop do for you ...just replace the entire stiching? I'm not even sure what the stitching is good for it looks rather flimsy.
  • Hi,

    I have a 2006 SLE bought new and it's out of warranty. Lots of white streaks and dryrot in many places. I have never run car through a carwash. Roof repair guy said it looks like defective material and to check it out online. Anybody else have this problem?

  • You should probably copy this post to another area, since this thread is for convertible tops ~ you may not get an answer to your alignment question!
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Thanks, moms_max! Doode, I've moved your post to the Toyota Solara topic, where you'll probably get an answer more quickly. Just click the link to get there.



  • I have a 2002 Solara. The canvass is pulling away (shrinking) from the rear window. I took it to Toyota dealership, and they made excuses, that it was weather, humidity, etc. Finally, I agreed that I pay half for a new top. Since the second top was installed, it is doing the same thing as the first top, shrinking up ward, away from the rear window. I have met 17 Solara owners, with different years of cars who are having problems with the top shrinking from the back window. They had the same experience as I did, that it is not a flow in the canvass, but it is the owners problems. Has anyone else had this problem that monitors this web sit?
  • I'll be installing a new top soon. I'd appreciate seeing an image of the shrinking you're describing. Is it possible to post an image on an Edmonds forum? If not, I'll send you my email address.

    Thanks, Meegwell
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