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Toyota Solara Convertible Top Problems



  • Yes. I've owned a Cadillac convertible and been a passenger in an Aston Martin convertible. Been in both of them in the rain. There's no difference between either of them and my Solara.

  • lucy27lucy27 Posts: 2
    I bought my Solara new and it now has 43K miles and is 3 years 9 months old and the top needs replacement. Toyota says they will not do anything since it is past the 36K warranty, even elevated it to the regional office to no avail. The canvas is OK, looks like rumpled clothes but is OK. It's the stitching that has disintegrated and and now the material along the edge above the passenger window has come unstitched and the supports are sticking out. Also there is a small hole in the canvas occurring on both sides near the rear window where the hinge must pinch it when it opens and closes, obviously a design flaw. So Toyota's lack of proper stitching material plus a design flaw is going to cost me $3,500 for a new top. I am amazed at how they would not stand behind their product. No car should require that their top be replaced in under 4 years. My car was not garaged but it should last longer than it has. Looks like the last Toyota for me.
  • doodedoode Posts: 18
    I've had my 06 since July 2005, have 180,000km on it. The top has held up fairly well. Some obvious wear in isolated spots, some wrinkles from folding, but nothing major like you describe. Obviously this problem didn't happen overnite...too bad you couldn't catch it when it started during the warranty period.
  • bucwhtbucwht Posts: 1
    Hey folks, these vehicles are finished with steel roofs and then chopped by a modification contractor out of California. You simply won't get the same quality as from a vehicle designed as a convertible. My 10-year-old Mustang has never dripped, the quality of the vehicle as a whole, maybe that's another story!
  • doodedoode Posts: 18
    The curb weight of the 06 conv is 3549 lb, and of the 06 coupe 3175 lbs, so there's obviously more going on than just chopping off the top. But I've read other posts about mercedes and bmw's ragtops leaking as well...just the price too pay for some open air driving...
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    Before too long I'm going to replace the top on my,`06 Solara convertible. Rather than buy a poorly designed Toyota top I'm going to a top maker and getting a top with a rain gutter.

    I'd welcome any ideas, suggestions, caveats, and recommendations.


  • minotminot Posts: 2
    i have a 2007 solara convertible, never been through car wash and the back window fell out - car us garaged - /toyota refused to replace the top. Said it is my problem. This was at St Augustine Toyota St Augustine Florida. I bought this car SLE convertible right off the showroom floor. end of my buying anything Toyota
  • minotminot Posts: 2
    have a 2007 solara convertible, never been through car wash and the back window fell out - car us garaged - /toyota refused to replace the top. Said it is my problem. This was at St Augustine Toyota St Augustine Florida. I bought this car SLE convertible right off the showroom floor. end of my buying anything Toyota.I loved this car - very disappointed in the dealership who just gave me the runaround. They want big bucks for new top
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    We have an '06 Convertible with the same problem. Since we own it, we'll address the problem when we replace the top by having a custom top made with a sewn-in rain gutter.

    Test drive any other convertible when it rains. Let us know your finding. I suspect you will find the same problem with all or most of them.

    Sorry I don't have better news.

  • radzickiradzicki Posts: 1
    I am thinking about purchasing an 07 solara convertible. However I have read the discussions about the convertible top and am having second thoughts. Do they have to be replaced every 3 or 4 years? If so, good- bye Solara!!!!
  • I'm having the same problem with my 08 Solara... did you get any resolution or closure from Toyota? Let me know so I can try to follow the same route to getting my problems resolved.
  • doodedoode Posts: 18
    I've got 196k on my '06, no major problems. I would buy one again if they still made them. That being said, I have not been impressed with Toyota's service, but they're better and cheaper than Nissan.
  • I’m glad that you’ve had no major issues, you’ve been lucky, my Camry was a mess and now my Solara is a major source of frustration… as for being better than Nissan… that like saying I’m bigger than the tallest midget.
  • dlee721dlee721 Posts: 1
    wow, I was researching other convertibles..sorry to read about all these rain problems! I have a 2001 Saab convertible..only started leaking in 2010..guess I was lucky…and never had a problem with the rain getting in opening the window or door. looking for another convertible..saabs are expensive for repairs…but maybe not a toyota?!
  • How much weight can these tops hold? I have a kayak that weighs 50 lbs. and I was wondering if the top could handle the weight. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..
  • rebeccaw1rebeccaw1 Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    Hi, Our 2008 Solara has the same problem. Purchased in Jacksonville, Florida at largest multi-site dealership for Toyota. Same distributor. 2008 has 58K miles. Purchased extended warranty to 85k miles and prepaid maintenance. The car was hand washed only. Last week the rear convertible glass window popped out on one side and headliner on the same side fell in. Per dealership and reputable auto interior company the top cannot be repaired, it must be replaced at total cost of 2242.00. Toyota Corporate refused to even investigate and referred me to the dealership even though it is a manufacturing defect. Of course, US Fidelity denies any coverage under the pricey extended warranty. The auto interior company manager gave me a written statement that in his opinion this was a manufacturing defect in the heat seal of the rear window and defect in the lamination/waterproofing of the top as excessive dry rot is also premature for 3 year old car. I have started claim process up the ladder at dealer and corporate. What happened in your case? Did Toyota replace your top?
  • "Rain gutters, like the ones on hard tops seem to be an engineering/design problem for convertibles. "

    Not so. Many convertibles, (Mustangs and Sebrings for example) have a rain gutter sewed above the doors.

    Karl at
  • I've got an 02 that has a back window that is pealing away from the fabric. I've called a few local top replacement garages and not surprising, all seem to have different brands they use for replacement tops. So far I have quotes from shops that use Robbins, EZ on, keystone, and electron. The quotes are all within a couple hundred dollars of each other and all have about the same warranty. Since there doesn't seem to be a "Consumer Reports Buyers Guide for replacement tops, I thought I'd post here and see if anyone had any really positive or really negative experiences with particular brands of replacement tops and Solaras.

    Anyone have any feedback on their experiences?

  • skivobskivob Posts: 1
    Way off base on the chop shop.I believe Solara was first convertible built that did not have a roof. ALL other convertibles are either chopped in house or sent to contractors. Solara was built without a top "which was a large investment for Toyota" as far as I know it was the only one at that time made that way. It took lots of extra reinforcement and bracing to give it the strength it needed. Same underbody as Camry but almost twice the weight. I worked on the special line at Georgetown Ky that put them together. You wont find a more sturdy body in a convertible.
  • mhgolfmhgolf Posts: 1
    I have a '07 Solara with the same rear window problem. What happened in your conversation with Toyota? And what was your final resolution?
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