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Toyota Solara Convertible Top Problems



  • brucethemoosebrucethemoose Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Check a junk yard.
  • rlb123rlb123 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had their convertible top on the Toyota Solara replaced through a company called GAHH in California?
  • Anyone tried any after market tops? I have a 05 Solara SLE and was told that my top needs to be changed, at a cost of $2450! Top was $1350 (to Hawaii) and headliner around $450... labor was the rest. Any one tried any other tops/headliners that you would recommend after trying yourself? Thank you and ALOHA!
  • ray944ray944 Posts: 1
    I have figured out why the back window is separating from the top on my 2006 Solara. When the top is down, the back support opens too far and it pushes the window down too far. I haven't yet figured out if this is adjustable. It popped the window out a full inch on the bottom. Black silicone seems to be working even with all the rain we have had in FL this past few months. Clearly something that should be adjustable I just can't see how.
  • mmcargrlmmcargrl Posts: 4
    My 2007 Toyota Solara convertible has been perfect...and now suddenly the convertible back window is leaking. My husband advised me not to drive it today due to the expected rain. OOPS. When I made a stop, I looked at the back window and realized the bottom window (glass/plastic?) had completely separated from the fabric top. Any suggestions? The top itself is in perfect condition. Thank you!
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