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Audi A4 Speedometer



  • First of all a 10% error is totally unacceptable. I read in a previous post that the US regulations were accuracy to within 4%. I checked my A4 with 2 different GPS units on a straight road using cruise control. The results were that the speedo was consistently 7-8% high between 40 and 70 mph. Repeating this test on my Toyota Rav4 (2008) and Pontiac Grand Prix (2005) showed agreement within 1 mph between the speedo and GPS. I don't understand why Audi refuses to admit they have a problem. When I took my A4 to the dealer for the 5K checkup they said the same thing, it was within specs. However when I asked what were the specs, they didn't know. When I called the factory customer representative they didn't know either but said that the local service manager should have all that info. The bottom line is nobody from Audi or the dealer would tell me the specs or would give me the speedo accuracy specifications in writing. So if the dealer said it was 10% ask for the document that said it was 10%. This is not just an annoyance. I also have a lease. If I drive an actual 36000 miles my odometer will read 38,700. I would be charged an extra $540 at the end of the lease.
  • i dont think it is a real problem at all. in Europe there is specific law that regulates the speedometer accuracy. The displayed speed must never be lower than actual, and never be greater than 1.1 * Actual Speed + 4km/h. That means, going at 60mph, might be displayed as up to 68mph... So the max error actually is more than 10%.

    Excellent article about speedometer readings and errors

    And what you see on speedometer is not exactly related what is logged by odometer, as far as i know. Im sure the exact explanation can be found somewhere in the interwebs...
  • Great article on speedo readings and errors. Thanks!
    I have a 2006 A4 Avant with performance suspension. The car consistently shows 3 mph over actual from 20 to 75 mph. It is not a % of speed. Interestingly the mileage is actually reporting low by about 2%. If this is consistent for the cars being leased the concern of over reported miles is unfounded and would be in your favor.
  • I've given up.... Just brought the car back 10,000 miles later for the warranty service. The service manager admitted that it IS a problem, BUT it is within the Audi spec's of 10% off. My GPS (Tom Tom 1), says 5-6mph less than the speedo at highway speeds. Had an '08 A4 Loaner for the day, and it was exactly the same - Speedo read +5mph at 65mph

    The odometer seems to be accurate according to the GPS, and the highways mileage markers which are posted every 1/10 mile. -- Go Figure ??

    Love the car ! except for the speedo issue.
  • Thanks...

    Ive had them check it twice now, and the second time they said that it was actually set to do that to accomodate for tire use. They guy basically gave me the run around on the phone, then the service manager told me it was just within the 10% margin of error like everything else on the car. There are so many things that are wrong with it that Ive given up. Burns oil faster then I can put it in. Raddles like crazy, Electronic seats dont stay in place (no memory seats either) Bluetooth is horrible, Ipod connections is worse then a record players hiss. I cant wait to be done with this lease!

    Good luck with your car! :(
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