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LexusRX 400h Hybrid Battery Failure



  • Soooo... Ended up being a bad 12v starter battery.  

    Sheepish story here that may help others.

    Car having trouble starting, figured bad battery.  Trickle charged overnight, then drove rx to Autozone to check battery.  Said battery was good, but only 35% charged.  Couldnt check alternator if battery wasnt above 50%.

    So I charged another 2 nights.  Still had trouble starting, flashing VSC error sometimes.  Took back to autozone, said battery was good with 60% charge, alternator was good.  I decided to try a new battery anyway.  They swapped it for me, I tried ignition, it appeared to not start like normal.  Tried twice, figured it was something else, found this post.  Returned new battery. Drove to Lexus with inverter info in hand.  Lexus' battery checker indicated a bad battery, gave car a new one and swore it was working correctly.  I had them keep my car in the lot for a few days just to make sure it wasn't draining.  All ok.  Sterling McCall is a great place, only charged me $220 ($50 more than autozone battery).

    So explaining what happened is kinda tricky... Let me try.

    I'd grown accustomed to holding the ignition key a long time to get the car to start with the bad battery, only releasing it when it was fully on.  Like 30 seconds.  This was necessary with bad battery.  But with a good battery, holding the ignition in start position PREVENTS the screen from turning on.  So if I had just started it and released the key it would have looked normal with the new autozone battery, which would have been free as it was still in warrantee.  So I'm out $200, and we are all a little smarter. :smile: 

    Sorry for long post.  Hope its helpful!

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