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Mazda CX-9 Remote Start Question



  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    can you clarify more what happens ? When is your heat not working? When you remote start OR when you turn to ACC ?
  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    To add : depending when you experience the issue is might be a fuse ( the remote start has a number of separate fuses and one might be broken) However before trying and measure that (which require you to be upside down in the car) let's try to understand the conditions to diagnose.
  • The heat works fine under normal conditions; when I turn the car to the ACC position the digital readout on the top of the radio only shows the radio still working from this position. The manual says to set your heat to the controls you desire for the auto start in the ACC position and it will turn on in auto start. When I try to turn it on from the ACC it does nothing....thanks for your reply; I hope j better explained myself this time
  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    This looks to be an issue with HVAC1 and/or HVAC2 fuses in the remotestart controller. Then you get this problem with your AC and heater.
    Look at
    There is a link documentation, on page 5, you see the diagram for the fuses.
    Check both fuses HVAC1 and HVAC2.

    There used to be systematic problem with this fuse blowing and a new wiring harness was required. (TSB-01-046-08). Not sure whether that had been applied to your car. The dealer should be able to tell you from the MAZDA maintenance system.
  • I had the exact same thing and when using remote start the red KEY light stays on. Dealer trying to tell me that's natural. I am extremely frustrated. 2nd Mazda from this dealer and likely the last.
  • I am now having a similar problem in my 2008 CX9 with factory/dealer auto start. Car starts remotely, but neither heat nor seat warmers turn on until I manually turn car in to on position. Problem just started and I bought new from dealer . Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • Check the reply I received; its #47....I was told that it is most likely a fuse within the control box for the electric starter
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