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Article Comments - 2007 GMC Sierra Denali Full Test



  • vetracervetracer Posts: 4
    I was on the GMC website again and I wonder if the GMC center caps for the 20's might fit the Escalade 22's? I bet you could make it work. If you go to the website click on photo gallery and they have a close up of the wheel that shows the center cap. Looks to be about the same size as the Escalade cap.
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    I am experiencing numerous major problems with my new 07 Denali. Besides system and component problems, there are many design problems plaguing this new truck. The instrument cluster is virtually unreadible in the daytime. It is set deeply shrouded, poorly designed with low contrast grey and dark white lettering surrounded with confusing chrome reflections. The needles actually vanish with their ultra low visibility dull brown/red. Turning on the lights to illuminate the dash is a useless action. The illumination virtually accomplishes NOTHING. GM knows about this major botched instrument design but continues producing it. Everytime I drive, the botched instrument cluster is a constant reminder of GM's inability to properly design cars and components.
    The build quality is sincerely poor. The engine compartment has large areas that were NOT PAINTED!! All you see is the primer in these unpainted areas. This is GM's promise of quality? Don't believe the magazines. GM pays big ad money to pay the bills at car mags. They know where their bread is buttered. In a year, you should finally see the real truth finally being printed. Yes, this new Denali is better....but better than what? Better than the substandard ancient previous generation truck. Only the 6.2 liter engine has proven to be trouble free but sucks gas like a hog. Filling up with premium fuel twice a week has gotten old fast. At every stop, the car's suspension vibrates back and forth like a jack in the box clown on a spring. What a nausiating problem that is! Why should a new truck shake this way? GM's current ads proclaim "We examined everything, we overlooked nothing." What a load of pure B.S. I guess they think that a 6 speed transmission should clunk, bang and lurch as it shifts. I guess they think A/C should routinely stop blowing cold air and instead blow warm stale smelling air. I guess they forgot to examine the fact that GM is the only maker who FAILED to provide an entry A pillar grab handle thus forcing you to hold onto the steering wheel to pull yourself up to the AWD cab. Now my steering column has become loose and makes noticeable noises when steering or when you grap the wheel. How about all the plastic pieces that actually just FALL OFF when you open the door to the truck. How about driver's too wide door arm rest that constantly interferes with your left leg and knee bruising you over a ride. The console center hatch opens the wrong way and any time you put anything down on the center console, the morons at GM designed the two console compartments to open at a touch. So when you pick anything up off the console, the darn doors alwasy open! What a stupid nuisance and pain. The adjustable steering colum is tragic. GM gives so few detents that each setting is too far from an adjacent setting so finding a comfortable setting is hopeless. The sunvisors are too narrow and leave a 6" gap between the A pillar and the visor. IN the morning, the sun comes in blinding me as I head east and I can't adjust the useless visor in any way to block the intense glare. The windshield wiper washer is another GM botch job. When your windshield is dirty, you turn on the washer and the blades make two complete cycles BEFORE the washer activates. That is GM's way of insuring that you have a good scratched up ruined windshield by your truck's 6 month birthday. Next time you apply your emergency brake, don't hold your breath until you locate the brake release. You can't see it!! Guess GM never understood the word emergency! Try reading or finding teeny tiny clock readout. Hope you enjoy having to read through the lawyers warning page and pressing a button on the NAV unit each and every time you turn it on. It is just another GM joke played on the truck owner. If you have to exit the vehicle in an emergency and the car has locked the doors, don't get too frenzied trying to exit by using the door handles. They don't work!~!!!!!!!! Totally UNSAFE and DANGEROUS. If you can't get to the button to unlock the door or try to reach around 180 degrees to manually lift the difficult to reach lock button, you won't get out!!! In an emergency, it is crucial to be able to exit the vehicle. This truck prevents this totally. What are the IDIOTS at GM thinking???? Oh yes, GM 'examined everything and overlooked nothing.' Who are they kidding? This truck is a disappointing embarrasment for GM and GMC. They will have to offer plenty of multi thousand dollar rebates to get people to consider them once the word gets out on these defect ridden vehicles. GM service has been another horror story. I am working with a second dealer who hopefully has the skills and know-how to fix this problem and defect plagued truck. I am hoping but spending much time driving a rental vehicle. Don't wish too hard to get what you want, you just might get it and be another vexed, frustrated,and angry GMC Denali owner.
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Design botches and continuing problems are totally ruinging my '07 Denali experience. The dealership is unable to make repairs which is frustrating and a major source of aggrivation. Major transmission and AWD problems top the list, along with faulty A/C, electrical problems, disgraceful paint work and unpainted areas, shaking suspension, almost impossible to read dark instrument cluster, miserable fuel mileage are just starters. These reviewers just don't have a clue or don't know what to look for when testing a vehicle. It's just how fast they go and stop and how many cup holders it has. Why don't they drive a vehicle for a week before reporting on it??? Only then will they actually have useful knowledge to print and not the meaningless tinsil and glitz they talk about.
  • lionclawzlionclawz Posts: 12
    More paid rants. Why buy a vehicle and then find out the problems, without testing it and getting a good feel - You seem very detailed in your reviews of whats at fault but how it is someone of such detail didn't look at anything BEFORE buying??? - another PAID RANT AGAINST GM to disuade buyers.

    I reviewed my vehicle a full year before purchase.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    Not here - for any reason. Debate vehicles all you want, keep your personal comments to yourselves.

    kcram - Pickups Host

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • lionclawzlionclawz Posts: 12
    Personal comments are what base the review for others to see.

    Not negative

    Just a Honest Positive feedback
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    The choice was between the new Toyota and the new GM trucks. In spite of the rave reviews on the Tundra, I decided not to send my money on a trip to Tokyo and help the home town company. That was the underlying purpose of my selection and choice.

    However, this truck and GM have let me down. GM service, GM techs acknowlede my problems but do NOT have the fixes. For one example, the my '07 Denali has the brand new adaptive learning 6 speed tranny which is primarily controlled by computer and not just hydraulic pressure as older units. The software running the tranny computer firmware is seriously flawed and cannot cope or properly interpret very slow speed driving or decelerating conditions, or deceleration and then mild acceleration situations. It does not learn and sends conflicting commands to the tranny and the engine causing the engine to accelerate even though I am trying to stop. It also signals the engine to accelerate as you are stopping sending torque through the driveline as you try to brake and causing sizeable jolts from improper shifts. GM doe NOT have a fix now or in the immediate future. I have to live with a defective transmission that even creates unintended acceleration when stopping.

    What you think about my posts and your inane remarks are of little importance. These posts are not for you but for other victimized Denali owners and those considering the vehicle. I only wish this kind of info was available before I ordered my truck.

    The fact is that GM has placed into production a half baked not ready for prime time transmission. They sell it, they know it does not function properly, they have no clue or method of fixing it, but they put it into full production so they could induce people to buy their trucks. Shameful and a total lack of conscience!! They sacrificed their integrity for the buck but lost me as a customer in the process. Everyone buying this expensive truck is suffering with it.
    It's not General Motors to me anymore but rather, Private Motors.
  • dallasstbdallasstb Posts: 3
    Being on the verge of making a final decision on whether or not to purchase a Sierra Denali, I'm trying to find good, honest opinions on the vehicle. The vast majority of the printed and online reviews are positive. This last post has really made me think tho, so I'd like any other Denali owner's to step in and voice their opinions and experiences. I will appreciate the insight

  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Look at my other posts regarding my vehicle problems. I am dismayed, disappointed and very disheartened by the entire experience with GM.
    Do you own due dilligence and you will make your own decision.
  • 2007denali2007denali Posts: 16
    I purchased an Onyx Black 2007 GMC Sierra Denali two weeks ago. It is AWD, with 20 inch chrome wheels, sunroof, heated steering wheel, and dealer installed chrome oval steps. Overall, it is an extremely nice truck and I am extremely pleased with the purchase. Skytop1 makes some valid points, but may have blown a few points out of proportion that would have made me think twice about purchasing mine if I had read his post prior to my purchase.

    First, the transmission does seem somewhat “confused.” I expected very smooth shifts out of a 6 speed, but have found that my previous truck, which was a 2004 Chevy Silverado LS, extended cab, short bed, 4.8L V8, 4 speed transmission, 2WD was much smoother.

    Second, to address the gas mileage, I’ve been unable to get near the 13city/19hwy claim made by GMC. I’ve tried my best to baby it (my wife has accused me of driving like my grandfather) and use cruise control, but no matter how I drive, I have found the gas mileage to be between 10 and 12 mpg. I am taking it on a road trip this weekend, so I’ll let you know how far below the 19 mpg claim it falls. My old Silverado was supposed to get 14city/17hwy, which it did. I could drive around all day with my foot in the gas tank and still do no worse than 13 mpg. All that being said, shame on GMC for the mpg claim, but seriously, when you pay $45,000 for a pickup with 403 horsepower, you should expect to pay for it at the pump and you should be able to afford the gas.

    To address ergonomic issues, headroom is lacking (perhaps due to the sunroof and I’m 6’1”) and the tilt steering wheel is a joke (and by the way, how about some telescoping action?). GM used the same design on the tilt wheel as they did on the 2004 Silverado and 2000 Deville I used to own. It’s weird because it worked on those two vehicles and doesn’t on the Denali. There is not an entry assist “A” pillar handle, which would have been nice, but I’ve not found it to be a problem with my dealer installed steps (which look nice too). I haven’t had any trim pieces fall off and I’ve found no problems with the build quality. The instrument panel cluster is actually quite easy to read and very attractive. I personally love the center console.

    If you want perfection in a pick up truck, wait until Lexus comes out with one (don’t hold your breath). Until then, there is no nicer or better production truck on the planet. I’m sure GM will get the computer bugs fixed with the transmission through a recall in a few months and the rest of the issues pretty much fall into the “so what” category. I think that you take the good with the bad, and trust me this truck has a lot of good without too much bad. If I was to grade this truck on a 100 point scale with 100 being the best, it would score a 95. My suggestion to Skytop1, and trust me, I hate to say it, go trade the Denali for a Toyota, life’s too short to be that upset with your truck.
  • dallasstbdallasstb Posts: 3
    Thanks 2007Denali. Your detailed description is very helpful. You seem to have purchased the exact configuration that I'm looking at right now, even with the silly heated steering wheel. Also, I'm around 6-2, so your note about the head clearance is much appreciated. It looks like I'd be safe as long as I'm not wearing a hard hat.

    I'm a little concerned about the transmission and gas mileage. I felt that GMC was being a little aggressive with the 19MPG estimate they published for the 6.2L engine, but it is still disappointing to hear. My current vehicle is a 2001 Suburban and it gets about 16-17 MPG average for my usage with the 5.3L V8. I was hoping for something at least close to that. The new-six speed transmission problem is also unfortunate. BUT I've read that the Tundra's are having similar or worse problems with their version of the six-speed. I hope it is a correctable problem. The 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty gives me some comfort in that regard. Are there any other of Skytop1's comments on the interiors that nag at you?

    Thanks again for your assessment, 2007Denali, and I would appreciate anyone other Denali owners' comments about the vehicle.
  • 2007denali2007denali Posts: 16
    At 6'2" headroom WILL BE TIGHT. Have you test driven one? If there is not one in your local market, you'll get a pretty good feel for ergonomics and headroom from a loaded Sierra w/sunroof. You might consider no sunroof, which should add an inch maybe two of headroom. I remember when the Cadillac XLR came out. I went to the dealer (somewhat dreaming) to test drive one. They had one on the showroom floor and I sat down in it with the top down. I went to close the hardtop and the roof hit me in the head (with the seat full down and back). I swear you've got to be less than 5'10" to drive one of those! The interior quality is the best I've ever seen from GM. It's not quite like a Lexus LS460 or a Mercedes S class, but it's darn close, and hey it's like $20K less too. I remember sitting in a brand new 2004 Dodge Ram one time and opening the ash tray and having it fall off in my hand, certainly nothing like that has happened in the first 600 miles on my Denali.
  • dallasstbdallasstb Posts: 3
    I have in fact driven one with a sunroof, and thought that the head clearance was acceptable. From my inspection of the interior, I also thought that the build quality was pretty good also. I ran my finger nails in the all the joints that I could reach, tested the panels to see if they were snug and stable, and generally opened and shut everything several times. That's mainly why I'm a little disheartened by Skytop1's comments because I either overlooked many of the issues he found, or they simply weren't there on this unit.

    I did notice that the tranny acted a little "odd" as I went through the test drive, and that's one of my main reasons for posting these messages. General building quality and the quality of the new technologies have me a little nervous. I'd like to keep this truck for years, not months.

    Thanks again for your reply.
  • vadaddyvadaddy Posts: 1
    I bought my 07 Sierra Denali at the end of May and have 3,000 miles on it. Overall I love the truck and have recieved a ton of compliments on it. It's black with black interior, which if you're getting the truck looks awesome and was the only choice for me with a 2year old and 5 year old. I bought it without the sun roof and it has ample headroom for me (6 feet tall, no NAV or DVD but did get the heated steering and sliding rear window (a huge plus) and 20" wheels. I searched for over a year and awaited both this truck and the new toyota, I drove both before deciding. I have to admit that I preferred to go American but would have bought the Toyota if I liked it more. I'll give you my pro's and cons on the GMC and a little reasoning behind my final decission.

    PROS: (subjective) looks way better than the toyota
    great acceleration and smoother transmission than toyota The motor feels and sounds better
    ride and handling are very good
    Interior is far superior to any other truck
    Seats are richer and more comfortable and the dash fit and finish are great. The interior fit and finish are a major reason for getting the 07. It's as good as they say.
    locking rear (makes all the difference when it comes to getting stuck)
    available aftermarket parts better

    CONS: Low and painted front bumper I will end up scaping it!
    would like a more aggressive tire
    the manual shifgt function won't hold a higher gear so it down shifts anyway thus not as easy to save gas on the highway. I find the trailer shift mode best for the engine braking. This is the biggest complaint.
    the torque management holds back a little too much some times
    No bluetooth handsfree
    the back-up sensor doesn't alert until 18", some adjustment needed.
    It does run better and get 1-2 mpg better milage on 93 octane than regular.
    No option for 2 wheel dr.

    All that said nothing beats the 6.2 and 6 speed and comfort and performance. There is not a better all around truck. On trips the wife and kids love it too.

    The Toyota had 2 big drawbacks, fit and finish (it looks and felt cheap) and no locking rear I put one side of the Toyota in a muddy ditch and it didn't want to come out without being in 4x4 and even then had to cowboy it. The GMC spun a little locked up and walked out as it should.

    To let you know about milage the truck gets around 13.5 to 14.2 around town and 16.6 to 18.3 on a highway trip. The bed cover I put on added atleast 1 mpg. The K&N cold airintake is nice adding some throttle response .5mpg and a nice growl under hard acceleration.
  • markislievmarkisliev Posts: 35
    Thanks for an honest opinion...I pick up my Sierra Denali in 2 days. It's 2wd...I will tell yall know 2wd milage is in a few days....200lbs less weight and less drive train loss...should be a quick truck if I am graceful with the throttle....
  • gmsuttongmsutton Posts: 4
    I used to own a 2003 K2500 Crew Cab Silveraldo with the 8100 Engine and Allison Transmission. Somebody made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I was able to go truck shopping.
    I found everybody had an opinion. The canopy guy swore I should buy a new Tundra. My son thought I should get another K2500 only with the Duramax. My wife wanted something different this time around. Upon taking one look at the new Denali, that was the one I chose.
    What does it feel like? A Lexus in a truck. It is an awesome looking and driving truck. Sounds great, feels great, drives wonderful!
    I only have a couple of suggestions...offer more color choices and accessories. I went with a Silver & Black combination and the larger 20" wheels. But, it needs molded mud flaps, a nurf bar, window-hood-sunroof plastic rain shields. It could also use a better insert on the body side molding as I already have a nick in the paint. Seems like it should be molded out of something that is bullet proof. Needs door edge guards, too.
    Am having a Arma-Coat bed lining installed along with enough under-coating to coat the inner rear wheel wells. One thing I have not found, and am sure somebody probably has it, is chrome wheel lip moldings, too.
    But all of these items are above and beyond the awesome truck that lies beneath. This is a killer truck and I am happy I purchased it!
    Happy in Eugene, Oregon
  • The more I think about it, this truck is actually an exciting thing for a guy who graduated from high school in 1966! I have had a bunch of neat cars over the years. My dad was a car dealer and started me out early with a new 1963 Split Window Bronze Corvette. Then two years later, he surprised me with a 1965 Corvette Green Coupe and added mags the following year. Then I jumped to a 1967 GTO, what a dog! Then I bought a 1967 Chevelle SS which I loved until it ended up in Watts, striped. Then, dad was going into the AMC Business, I bought a 1968 AMX. Fun little car, but lacked decent interior.
    Over the years, I have driven allot of new cars because I was in the car business. Had everything from a Pontiac Trans Am, like Smokey and the Bandit, to a Cadillac Allante.
    But in my old age, I have gone from a Escalade in 2000, to a 03 Chevy K2500 to this new Denali. Without a doubt, the Denali brings back the feelings I had back when I was young.
    It is beautiful and makes me think about the old days and how much better these days are. We are in the good old days when you can purchase a truck like this 2007 Denali Pickup.
    Like my dad always said, "the best is yet to come!" Never did I think he was referring to my new truck!
    Again, very happy in Eugene, Oregon :shades:
  • New Pic's...07' 2wd


  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    You buy the new Sierra Denali with the 6 speed tranny and based on my Denali AWD purchase experience, you will certainly live to regret your purchase.

    GM acknowledges they have major problems with the transmission and accompanying engine problems. The entire adaptive learning torque control computer system and network is plagued with bugs. GM acknowledges these many problems and openly states they have NO FIX FOR THESE PROBLEMS for at least the next 6 months or more. Also, they have major problems with the computer system running the A/C.The A/C stops working on a regular time cycle (in any mode or temp setting) blowing warm stagnant smelling air. GM cannot fix it!!! How's that for a $50,000 vehicle in 2007?? Consider it!!

    I have a brand new Denali and I regret my purchase. The myriad electrical problems, disasterous shifting transmission, unintended acceleration problems while braking, sudden violent downshifts, jolting upshifts, clanking rear end noises, the soft vibrating suspension, the illegible dash board (being replaced by GM due to poor design), unsupported steering column, electric window switches that drain the battery DEAD, rear parking assistance system glitches, worthless tilt steering wheel adjustment, dangerous unintended foot actuated hood release, stupid console design all conspire together to make this the WORST truck purchase I have ever made.

    Yes, it is a handsome design, but the Denali 6 speed is rotten inside. I own one and I am speaking straight objective facts.
  • Hmm I like mine so far....I don't have any of these bugs you speak of...I paid 37 for mine w/2wd,nav,sunroof
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