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Article Comments - 2007 GMC Sierra Denali Full Test



  • Not exactly a "kit". One of my bro's works at a muffler shop. He's thinking custom bent stainless, and a borla muffler kit for a WS6 TA. He isn't sure about fitment yet. I'm going for a really agressive sound. Not so much the "cracking" farmtruck sound. ( You live in know what I'm talking about there.) How is the programer? Any loss of quality in terms of smoothness shift points ect. I'm interested, but I don't want to void my warranty, and I don't want my truck to ride like a S-10 with a 502 under the hood. Haha. How much $? How many gains? How much difference in power? Does it eliminate the 100 mph governor? Where do you get it? Is it safe for the truck? Haha....1000 questions......
  • Think of Hp Tuners as an advanced handheld programmer, you do everything from a laptop. More gains are possible with this over say hypertech "hypercrap"! You can save your factory tune and load it back to stock if you go in for warranty work. Look at 500$ The gains are very noticable so far. I have no delay when I hit the gas. I would not suggest this for idiot's like skytop1, he may kill himself. I'm still tweaking things "slow and safe". The biggest gains so far have been from advancing the timing and changing the shift points. The 2wd's shift at 5,500 from the factory, our motor makes peak HP after 5,700. These trucks run pig rich from the factory, more power can be had leaning out the air to fuel ratio to 13:1. You can also tweak the speedo, change tire size and get rid of Tq management in the shifts.....If I turn off Tq management in the upshifts my truck will go sideways in the 1-2 upshift...bout My tires really don't like me a whole lot! You can do what you want with the tranny...wild, mild, stock or anywhere in between....I'm not sure what the gains are right now, never made it to the dyno yet. I'm wating on a wideband o2 sensor once I get my AFR dialed in I will load the stock tune back on and do a dyno comparision...The only thing is that you must know someone who tunes, pay somone who tunes, or you need to learn the software on your own.... you can break stuff if you don't know/understand what you are doing...that's the only disadvantage to a handheld programmer which will babysit the average joe through the setup, but has less capability....Is it safe???Well more power = more stress on the drivetrain, depends on how you drive your rig..just gotta know what you are doing. GM really detune these motors to make sure the drivetrain can support a 100,000 mile warranty....
  • Dude -

    What happened to your front bumper? It's tilting down, the gap wider front centre than on the side.

    See post 63 of markisliev's to see what I'm talking about. The gap is consistent all across and the ends at the wheel-well line up.

    Also, you mentioned HID headlamps. Are these available? If so, where?

  • Yeah.....those pics were taken the day I got my Nali. The dealer told me it was a couple of loose bolts on the front bumper.? They fixed it the following week when I had time to come in. It took about 15 minutes, so no biggie.

    H.I.D. I'm not sure if there's a kit yet......but I know for a fact that there will be one.

    Mark......thanks for the info.....I'm not sure if I'm gonna go that far with the engine mods though.....I'm planning on getting a Z06 in a year or so.......hopefully that will cure my HP cravings.
  • Hey Guysykes,

    Man those esky rear views would be really sweet...are they a direct sway, have you looked into this a whole bunch?
  • Hey skyflop...can we see some pic's of your lemon, I wonder if you even own one? Preferably some with you standing next to!
  • Skytop appears to be posting under a different name on the GM trucks forum, posing this time as a Yukon Denali owner. If it's not him I'd be surprised . . . same writing style and complaints, especially the "normal operating parameters" stuff. 523
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    ...can and will get you shown the door. Knock it off.

    kcram - Pickups Host

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  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Do you see any issues that may be listed in the TSBs below? This isn't a current list as it doesn't have June-Aug 07. What might help you at a dealership is if one of your problems is listed. You could print it and take it to the dealership.

    Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 2007 GMC Truck Sierra Denali AWD V8-6.0L.

    TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
    06-00-89-029B MAY 07 Interior - Cleaning Seats, Carpet, Leather, Vinyl
    07-08-50-010 MAY 07 Seats - Squeak Or Creak On Driver Side
    07-06-04-013 MAY 07 Engine Controls - Chuggle, Surge or Hesitation
    07-07-30-010 MAY 07 A/T Controls - Snapshot Data Information
    03-06-04-030D MAY 07 Fuel System - MIL ON/DTC's Set/Driveability Problems
    07-07-30-008 MAY 07 A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E/4L70-E Production Update
    06-08-64-027B APR 07 Body/Instruments - Outside Mirror Glass Shake/Flutter
    00-00-90-002F APR 07 Tires - Proper Inflation Pressure Information
    05-08-51-008B APR 07 Body - Bumps or Rust Colored Spots in Paint
    07-08-44-008 APR 07 Instruments/Audio - No Speaker Audio/Warning Chimes
    07-08-63-001 APR 07 Body - Polypropylene Energy Absorber Replacement
    02-06-03-008B APR 07 Charging System - Low Voltage Display/Low/Dead Battery
    07-08-44-007 APR 07 Navigation System - Replacement Navigation Discs
    07-03-10-008 APR 07 Tires - Slight/Mild Tire Feathering information
    05-06-01-010A APR 07 Engine - Sealant Usage/procedures
    01-06-01-011D APR 07 Engine - Oil Consumption Guideline Info.
    07-08-98-001 APR 07 Body - Non-Approval of 'Clipping' for Collision Repair
    02-08-42-004A MAR 07 Instruments - Reduced PRNDL Display Visibility
    07-07-30-006 MAR 07 A/T - MIL ON/Various Performance DTC's Set
    07-08-47-004 MAR 07 Body Control Module - Ground Connection Precautions
    05-09-40-002A MAR 07 Restraints - Seat Belt Operating Characteristics
    06-06-05-001A MAR 07 Fuel System - Exhaust Note Change in 4 Cylinder Mode
    07-02-32-002 MAR 07 Steering - Fluid Leaks From Steering Gear/Rack Assembly
    07-08-66-003A MAR 07 Accessories - Tool Box Lock Cylinder Won't Unlock
    06-06-03-013A MAR 07 Body Controls - Low Battery Voltage/DTC B1405/B1516
    07-06-01-004 MAR 07 Engine - Oil Leaks/Low Oil Lamp ON
    02-08-46-007B MAR 07 OnStar(R) - Loses GPS/Can't Renew Hands-Free Minutes
    06-08-50-009A MAR 07 SRS - Front Passenger Seat Alteration Precautions
    07-06-01-002 MAR 07 Engine - Revised Connecting Rod Bolt Torque
    03-06-05-008D MAR 07 Exhaust System - Popping/Snapping Noise When Hot/Idling
    07-08-51-001 MAR 07 Body - Liquid Applied Sound Deadening Materials.
    05-06-01-034E FEB 07 Engine - Oil Leak From Rear Cover Assembly Area
    07-08-49-003 FEB 07 Instruments - Engine Hour Meter Reading Transfer
    05-03-10-005B FEB 07 Wheels/Tires - 'Upsized' Wheel & Tire Information
    07-08-110-002 FEB 07 Body - Door Trim Gap at Rear of Door
    07-06-03-002 FEB 07 Battery - Cable Clamp Inspection
    04-07-30-013B FEB 07 Engine, A/T - Shift/Driveability Concerns/MIL ON
    07-09-41-002 JAN 07 SRS - Air Bag Lamp ON/DTC B0081 Set
    07-08-49-002 JAN 07 Interior - Front/Rear Drink Holder Won't Retain Drinks
    06-09-41-004B JAN 07 Interior - Passenger Air Bag Not Flush With Dash
    06-00-89-051A JAN 07 Locks - Key Code Securtiy Rules & Information
    02-08-98-002B JAN 07 Body - Hem Flange Repair
    05-07-30-018A JAN 07 A/T - Cold Weather Shift Characteristics
    04-06-04-054A JAN 07 Engine Controls - Aftermarket Accessory Usage
    00-03-10-006B JAN 07 Tires - Radial Force Variation (RFV) Information
    07-08-44-001 JAN 07 Audio System - Antenna Mast Design Differences
    99-09-40-005D DEC 06 Restraints - Availability of Seat Belt Extenders
    03-07-30-007C DEC 06 A/T - Seemingly Slow 'Garage' Shifts
    06-08-51-005 DEC 06 Body - Hem Flange Sealer for Corrosion Protection
    02-07-30-001E DEC 06 A/T - Diagnostic Info on DTCs P0894/P1870
    06-01-39-014 DEC 06 A/C - HVAC Control Module Lockup During Reprogramming
    06-03-16-003 DEC 06 Tire Pressure Monitor - Recongizing/Avoiding Damage
    00-05-22-002I NOV 06 Brakes - Brake Warranty Service and Procedures
    06-05-22-007 NOV 06 Brakes - Rotor/Drum Refinishing Labor Operations
    06-00-89-054 NOV 06 Warranty - Claims Submission
    04-06-01-029A NOV 06 Engine - Unnecessary Flushing Services
    04-06-04-047G NOV 06 Fuel System - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline
    05-06-04-022C NOV 06 Fuel System - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline Usage
    06-00-89-050 NOV 06 Warranty - DTC's Required On Repair Orders
    06-08-45-010 NOV 06 Electrical - Ignition Switch Diagnostic Tips
    03-08-48-006A NOV 06 A/C - Rear Window Defroster Tab Repair
    06-05-25-004 NOV 06 ABS/TCS - Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Data Reversed
    01-07-31-002B NOV 06 M/T - Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding Procedure Improvement
    06-08-45-009 OCT 06 Electrical - Various Electrical System Malfunctions
    06-00-89-047 OCT 06 Body - Lock 'Cylinder Kit' Availability
    01-08-42-001D OCT 06 Lighting - Replacement Guidelines for Lamp Condensation
    06-02-32-013 OCT 06 Power Steering - Diagnostic Tips
    06-08-44-036 OCT 06 Audio System - Radio Switches From XM to AM By Itself
    06-08-44-037 OCT 06 Navigation/Radio - Error Messages/Low Volume
    06-06-03-009 OCT 06 Electrical - Battery Goes Dead Overnight
    06-08-45-008 OCT 06 Electrical - Trailer Brake Controller Wiring Information
    00-06-04-033B OCT 06 Emissions - OBDII I/M Readiness Testing
    02-08-98-001C OCT 06 Body - Metal Panel Adhesive Bonding Information
    06-08-50-012 OCT 06 Interior - Front Power Seat Adjust/Memory Inoperative
    06-08-44-033 OCT 06 Audio System - Poor AM/FM Band Reception
    06-08-44-031 OCT 06 Audio System - Pop/Buzz/Whine/Distortion From Speakers
    06-08-44-032 OCT 06 Entertainment System - Rear DVD Screen Blank/Inoperative
    00-00-89-027D OCT 06 Interior - Eliminating Unwanted Odors
    04-03-10-001C OCT 06 Tires - Tread Puncture Repair Procedures
    05-03-07-009A SEP 06 Wheel Alignment - Recommendations/Requirements
    06-06-04-042A SEP 06 Engine Controls - SES Lamp ON/DTC's P2108/P1516/U0107
    04-03-10-012A SEP 06 Wheels - Pitting/Brake Dust On Chrome Wheels
    05-00-89-078A SEP 06 Fuel System - GM Fuel System Treatment Plus(R)
    01-07-30-038D SEP 06 A/T - Poor Performance/MIL ON/DTC P0757
    00-08-48-005B SEP 06 Body - Distortion On Outer Glass Surfaces
    06-06-04-046 SEP 06 Engine Controls - MIL ON/Misfire/Misfire DTC's Set
    06-06-05-005 SEP 06 Exhaust System - Residue On Exhaust Resonator
    06-08-111-004 SEP 06 Body - Exterior Emblem Discoloration/Peeling/Blistering
    06-03-10-010 SEP 06 Wheels - Changing Procedures/Precautions
    05-06-02-002A AUG 06 Cooling System - DEXCOOL(R) Leak Detection Dye
    03-07-29-004C AUG 06 M/T - Normal Operating Characterist
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    I never saw that list. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and help. It sure is a long list....and that is just one model vehicle!
    There are a number of items that are pertinent to my Denali.
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    I was searching for a site to read the TSB summaries. The TSB codes on the list are not recognized on the NHSTA site. When I search for the Denali, the NHSTA site only recognizes the Sierra 1500 and does not identify the Denali. Any suggestions, please?

    Interestingly, during a search, I came across a site called: Mind you, this site allows people to report on all manufacturers or company conduct, not just GM.

    I clicked on the search engine link and was presented with a chap who was having a major problem with a GMC Sierra transmission back in 2001 similar to what I am having now in 2007.

    Looks like GM is still up to their old tricks with business as usual. "Still crazy after all these years!"
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    these sites: (sorry none are free)

    I would use the alldatadiy site as you can obtain the data instantly rather than request and wait via the NHTSA site.
  • Hey All,

    Was just doing some research online about the transmission of my 2007 Sierra Denali on black....beautiful. Ive had it since March and now have 9,000 miles on my truck. Im a car guy and really enjoy fast, good-looking vehicles. My Denali has been in the shop 4 times since Ive had it. These were the problems. The driver door leaked buckets in the first rain. At first they couldnt replicate the issue in their "rain simulator" (didnt believe me) I left thinking maybe I left the window cracked or something. Same thing happened again the next rain...went back...they figured it out this time...they had to adjust the window glass on its track and that fixed it. A few weeks later, the sunroof leaked and stained my headliner. That sucked. Took it in...they trimmed some plastic in the sunroof gutter so the water could drain properly. No problem. Then my bumper came loose and almost fell off while driving...somebody in traffic let me know what was happening (really embarrasing) Took it in. Loose bolts apparently. Dealer fixed it. My driver seat belt started clicking very loudly and pulled halfway out of the was "adjusted." As i drove away it did it again...turned around and showed them it wasnt fixed...they told me there was no way to fix this problem...oh well...the truck still looks good.

    To the good stuff...when my truck hit about 1,000 miles...the transmission started to buck and slam occasionally while driving on the highway. No too bad though...Ive had a few Jeeps that kinda did the same thing. As long as I babied the gas sudden accelerations or sudden "foot off the gas" problems. I lived with this for several thousand miles now...the slamming and bucking of the transmission is worse than ever. Sounds like it is coming loose from the engine block! Very loud! Ive been working a thousand miles from home for the past 3 months and hate to take this to a dealer im not familiar with...and from past experience...a dealer hates to service a truck they didnt sell! My point is...I gotta agree with what skytop says about this truck....its a piece of [non-permissible content removed] (still fast as hell and good looking though!) Im bad with money and seem to get screwed in most things in life...i will chalk this one up with all the rest of lifes disappointments and not worry about blaming GM. Hopefully things work out for me...ill let you all know how the dealer treats me when I get back home. Hopefully the tranny doesnt fall out in the meantime!
  • Now that a few more weeks and miles have past, a few more ownership observations for your reading entertainment:

    The transmission clunk/jerk is still there, intermittently, especially at low speeds. Transmission upshifts are not as progressive/quick as they should be either. (probably the computer program is backing off on too much engine power)
    Symptoms are less pronounced if you do not drive with a heavy foot, but very disappointing that this isn't a crisply shifting tranny. ('Sky Pilot Guy' can be the poster boy or hero for this one.

    Gas mileage on the highway is still 19.5 -20 mpg, if you set your cruise control at 65mph and hope to hell nobody goes up your tail pipe.

    The engine still feels very 'tight', definitely does not yet feel like 400+ hp and 400+ lbs. of torque.

    The ergonomics team should be taken out and given more than a few hard dope slaps: "Dress'em up as seals and feed them to the sharks.
    With contol buttons nearly all the same shape and many the size of an overgrown match stick head; more and more do you have to take your eyes of the road to read/see what control to aim your finger at. This situation is definitely 1 step forward , 3 steps back....

    Design without practical function is art and belongs in a museum.

    Put all that stuff in an Boy Racer, paint it red, lower it and call it an SS Chevy. Or, keep the bling in the Caddy.

    What the hell happened to controls you could locate, distinguish and operate with your eyes shut ?

    Don't try to put a chain around your front tow hooks as you will wipe out the plastic chrome housing.

    Don't look for foot-well lighting, door panel safety lamps or even a dedicated change holder. They are history.

    I would trade the standard remote start feature in heartbeat for some of the "de-contented stuff mentioned here and in our earlier post.

    Besides, how "Green" can GM be, promoting a 400hp engine running without a driver ?

    Don't look too close at the $2000.00, 20" chrome wheels either. Ours has plating so thin that the unfinished rough sanding marks beneath the surface are quite visible. I've seen better quality from China.

    Lack of a telescoping steering wheel has been mentioned by many trade reviewers and I will add another dope slap to those responsible bean counters for that omission as well. (I wonder how the $60,000+ Escalade owners feel about that)

    Overall 'build' seems good thus far. No squeaks or rattles. The ride is compliant and mostly quiet, although we have some wind noise at the drivers upper window/door area.

    I do not like the extra ride height of this truck. I do not think anyone is really planning any real 'off road' excursions with their Denali. I would rather have a lower center of gravity, especially when towing a trailer or swerving around a deer in the highway at 65mph. And the extra ride/height/design of the hood renders the present fog lamps visibility/effectiveness to about useless.

    The front seats to me seem just ok. Not enough lumbar support and no side support.

    The 500+ page owners manual does not fit in the glove box although there is a slot in the center console for it.
    For us, the top of the center console is too high for an arm rest now that the dedicated seat arm rests have gone missing.
    The center console is not divided and it becomes a dark hole with everything falling to the bottom. Not even a clip or two is provided that will hold a pen/pencil.
    And the console top cover hinge should be on the side. (not at the back)

    The exterior design gets a thumbs up from most who like trucks. Many like the "in your face" design of the front grill, but also realize the front end has the aerodynamics of a brick.

    0% financing for 60 months and the 100k mile powertrain warranty is what did it for us or we would not have given up the '04 Quadrasteer Sierra Denali for this new design. That prior truck had enough of the right stuff for us, that without the above mentioned perks, my employer would have looked for another 2004 low mileage Sierra Denali.

    I hope you guys continue to add honest and critical comments here when justified. We all bought American for a reason, so maybe we can have a small part in refining what we use everyday.
  • Took my 2wd Sierra Denali to the track on Friday. Ran 13.98@98.98 mph...on 3 mod's. Intake, exhaust, and tune.

    My very 1st run I trapped @ 99.49mph.... I think that is crazy for a big truck!

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Did you run it before the tune to see the difference?
  • No, I never ran this truck at the track b4.

    I'm 2wd, there are a couple of bone stock AWD's that have run 14.4 and 14.6 at the track. You can go to for more info....

    I put down 350 rear wheel HP with just a intake and tune, I never dyno'ed since adding an exhaust. people at the track could not belive I was running that fast with minor mods. Folks were looking under the hood for NOS....LOL!
  • I have about 2700 miles on my Denali. I had the exhaust tweaked into dual pipes and added an Air Intake. Probably waisted my money on it, but sure like this truck. Having come out of my Chevy K2500 Crew Cab 8100V-8, this truck is much more of a pleasure to drive. I only have a couple of concerns. One is the clunk I hear when I pull up my inclinde driveway to park. I miss the Allison trans. The other issue is the little navagation noise that goes on all the time. Maybe there is a way to silence it, but it's just alittle annoying.
    What I like about the truck is the feel. It is fun to drive, I look forward to it. I enjoy the
    music and it's sure-footed stance with those enormous 20" tires. I like the way the back seat folds up to carry stuff home.
    The gas mileage has been pretty good as far as tank fill ups. I have not measured it but know it is far better than the guzzler I used to have. As far as power, no it does not feel as strong as it should but I suspect it is in the gearing. If you punch it at about 55 it will scoot. Feels like the thrust of a Corvette I had when I was young. No low end power but that sucker would fly out on the road and this Denali does, too.
    Would I recommend this truck, YES! I even recommeded to my General Manager and he bought one, too. He likes his almost as much as I like mine. He was upset about the spare tire thing, but I told him that is what AAA is for!
    Knowing what I know now, would I purchase this truck...YES!
    Everyone has opinions and I say GMC did an excellant job with this truck. Are there things that could be improved, probably. But what in this life isn't that way...nothing!
    There you have it from another Old Car Guy!
  • You bottom end will get stronger after you get a few more miles on it....
  • tsullytsully Posts: 30
    Can the nav screen brightness be adjusted? There is an automatic mode that at night is to bright. I know there are manual day and night modes you can adjust the brightness and contrast settings. So in order for me not to have the bright screen at night I use the manual modes. Wish that the manual settings could become the default settings for the automatic mode. I have to adjust that screen at least twice a day. Any ideas?
    Thanks Troy
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