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Kia Sedona Computer Problems



  • bob335bob335 Posts: 3
    kiateck1 Thanks for the info,,,
  • bobh001bobh001 Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Kia Sedona and bought it from car max at 36000 miles. The van displayed airbags/brakes and a couple of other systems were coding, but the van drove fine. Kia re-programmed the main computer and solved the problems. Problem started with a dead battery. I think they have a problem with programmable memmory not holding programs.

    Kia knows about this problem and fixes it if under warranty.

    The door tracks have a known problem and can be replaced under warranty.
  • Mine started the same drama 2 weeks ago, today. It's been in the shop since that Friday and the dealership wanted $2400 to fix it, $1896 for the part alone. I found an alternate part from an online salvage yard for about $300. Turns out, they sent the wrong part and I am still waiting to get my car fixed. This one is VERY expensive. There are no outside resources to get the part, except junk yards. Good luck and I'll let you know how it all turns out.
  • doggrandmadoggrandma Posts: 144
    Hi, Kiatech! I am interested in buying a minivan, and I had not really considered Kia before, because Consumer Reports says it is not reliable. However, I have seen many complaints on these forums for almost every make and model vehicle, including the ones CR claims are very reliable.

    Is the Sedona worth a look? How is Kia to deal with if there are problems?
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    I have a 08 Entourage which is the basically the same as the Sedona.
    I have had zero problems with this car. Like all cars the quality of the dealership
    is more of an issue if you have a problem. Visit the dealership and see how you are treated.... go to service area waiting room and ask the people who are waiting for their cars how they feel about the dealership.
    Good luck with your purchase
  • doggrandmadoggrandma Posts: 144
    go to service area waiting room and ask the people who are waiting for their cars how they feel about the dealership.

    That is an excellent suggestion! Thanks!
  • Do NOT think about Kias!!!!!! They are unreliable, one problem after another but the worst part is the customer service. I understand you can have a car with problems but the customer service is horrible. My husband and I usually buy cars new and keep them for at least 10 years. We've owned our '07 Sedona since March of '07. It's been in and out of the dealership too many times to count and would have been more often but it wasn't always convienent to be without it. We owned a Honda Civic for 11 years before trading it in on our van (big mistake) and it NEVER went back to the dealership or any where for problems. We still own a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport and it has NEVER had one problem. I hate my Sedona but like the room of a van. I have too many problems with it to try and get rid of it b/c I'm sure it's worth negative dollars. ;(
  • I have just experienced all that you have mentioned and what makes mine more complicated is I bought my 2006 KIA SEDONA (US Made) from a Canadian Dealer. I found out about a US Safety Recall when the brake light wouldn't work, so called KIA Canada, called KIA America, called the dealer and it's frustrating!
    KIA should be protecting their consumers that no matter where their brand is bought, if it is regarding SAFETY must be fixed wherever.
  • We have had the same problem as well. It started with the engine sounding like it shifted, then the check engine light blinking on and off and then it died in the middle of the highway. We had it towed to the garage and they have been working on it. They gave it a full tune up, replaced the throttle body and now have to tow it to a Kia Dealership to have the computer reprogrammed. This is a known issue with Kia and their software needed to be updated. Kia is the only ones that can reprogram it. All and all it is costing me $1700 to get the problem fixed.
  • jtsladyjtslady Posts: 1
    I own a 2006 Sedona and have 46000 miles in it. I have replaced headlights 3 times twice on the drivers side & once on the passenger side. Now it is the turn signal. The dash lights are also like a carnival. The TPS light goes on and off with no apparent reason. Sometimes the individual tire lights illuminate and then go off again with no apparent reason. Tire pressures are fine. I have had the check engine light go on and then off as well.

    Another strange event is the frequency of tire replacement, I now need to replace tires for the 3rd time in 46000 miles. I only drive on paved roads and this has never happened before.

    I no longer trust the dealer to truthfully inform me of the problems with this car. There was never a discussion by the service personnel about my concerns. The lights were replace at my cost and there was no warranty replacement/adjustment for the tires. I was made to feel that it is my fault for the problems. After owning GM, Ford, Chrysler & Nissan vehicles, I feel that the problems with this vehicle are not caused by my driving.

    Now that I found this message board, I see that my problems are definitely a manufacturing problem and I wish they would be addressed by KIA. :mad:
  • lillie2lillie2 Posts: 1
    Hi My KIA SEDONA 2.9 DIESEL 2004 wont start had from new only 33000, miles changed heater box changed fuel filter if i put easy start, starts and drives like a dream
    can't get software to check why managment light is on need help can anyone say what tis might be bled fuel injecters No glow plugs on this model.
  • edemeteredemeter Posts: 2
    So here is the problem - While my brother was installing a stereo he hit something and killed the van..... Took to dealership and a bunch of work later they say its the computer sending the wrong signals to the coils firing the wrong things ect...... Now all coils have been replaced and a second computer hooked up and still the same problem.

    Sorry if I left anything out - I dont know alot about cars and have googled all night trying to find an answer......

    any help is appreciated!
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