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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • We have a 95 SHO 3.2L v6 which has been in the shop most of the time since mid-March. It turns off at any speed, highway or side street or just idling. They have replaced 3 ignition control modules, the water pump, the fuel pump and fuel injector system, including all other related parts, the crank and cam sensors, and the EGR valve system. No luck yet. The dealer working on it can't figure it out, nor can the engineers. The car isn't even at 100,000mi yet. Suggestions???
  • 20432043 Posts: 2
    My Mercury Sable had similar problem. First dealership insisted problem could not be fixed. Second dealership (Aero Ford, Cobleskill, NY) had bright young man Heath Link who fixed the problem in 10 seconds by performing WDS Diagnostic and reprogramming the neutral spin cycle.
  • Hello all,

    Need help in diagnosing a bad vibration in the frontend. It seems to happen when you apply the brakes while slowing down from a long distance. I've only had the car for a year (92 Taurus LX w/89k and yes the infamous 3.8L engine that hasn't blown the head gaskets yet) Anyhow, I've recently bought two new tires for the front had them balanced twice and installed new rotors and pads. I looked at the suspension and it looked okay, no broken or loose parts? Also, lately the brake pedal seems to stick, any news on this problem as well as the vibration would help.

  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I am not a mechanic but here is my guess.
    If the vibration occurs only when braking then it could it be a sticking caliper piston or the caliper assembly does not slide smoothly on the guide pins. The sticking brake pedal may be a symptom of the caliper malfunction or it needs lubrication or maybe master cylinder acting up.
    Is the floor mat restriction the brake pedal movement? Did you flush and bleed the brake system with new fluid?
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Worn wheel bearings and bad ball joints can make vibrations also.
  • Well Bobs5,

    I really appreciate the info, the problems with the vibration are tolerable. I didn't mention the fact that I just had the tranny rebuilt less than a year ago. Therefore, money is tight tight and more tight. I should take it to a professional shop but can't afford it right now. The Taurus was supposed to be my wife's car, but it had so many intermittent problems that she hated driving it to work. So it became my car. I've always been a ford truck man. A few Rangers and an Aerostar. They've always been good vehicles for me. The Taurus was the first and last front wheel drive Ford I will ever own. I'd sell it, but have too much money tied up in the Trans to just give it away. Besides the word is out about these early models Taurus' and the trouble they bring, i.e. bad trannys, head gaskets and A/C systems. So, who want's one?

    Anyhow, I'll stop whining. Thanks for the advice and I'll check a few things on your list that I haven't already checked. I'm hoping that someone else out there has the same symptoms with their Taurus and can save me a lot of grief trying to trouble shoot this thing without spending a lot of money.

  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I know how you feel, cars can be a big money pit.
    I have owned a few fords before too. all used vehicles.

    1963 falcon - In my opinion the best ford I owned.
    My first car, and had a 73 maverick 6 cly engine in it. routine maintenance.
    No problems at all. Until the accident...darn it.

    1983 ranger - 2.0l 4 cyl engine, 4 speed manual. I think a dozen hampsters would have been a stronger power plant.
    Repairs.. Radiator, Rear wheel bearing , vacuum brake booster, timing belt broke in the winter of course -5 degrees(huh- whats a timing belt?) at least i was still in driveway, a year after timing belt the belt tensioner blew apart. left me stranded. And a bunch of other annoying things going bad. Nickle and dime me to death.
    Gave up when it failed inspection for smoke.
    Fix Or Repair Daily!!!!!!!
    overall...not very impressed at all.

    1983 ltd station wagon - annoying serpentine belt that always squeals, tranny that seemed to constantly search for gears, v6 engine seemed to run rough even with full tune-up. a/c needed recharge. Accident totalled it.
    overall... not toooo bad, could be better.

    I currently have a 1986 plymouth reliant, 2.2l 4cly, 5 speed manual tranny. Bought it in 1990 with 55k on the odometer for $1000. It has 145k now.
    No "major" problems, never left me stranded (unlike the ranger).
    Minimal maintenance performed. I thought this was going to be a "temporary" car when i got it. It replaced the LTD which was totalled in accident.
    Repairs...Leaky radiator, heater core(this was worst problem),rear coil springs(sagging), windshield (big limb came down while driving...ouch!) Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. The rust monster has a hold of it now, will replace during this coming year.
    Overall..EASY to work on, great gas mileage, small repairs.

    All cars had routine items like exhaust system, tires, brakes, battery, etc.

    Go for another ford??? I don't know, very leery to try.

    Enough whining for now.
    Good luck with your taurus
  • Dirty connectors on the MAF sensor can cause stalling. To check, disconnect (and clean if necessary) the MAF sensor connection when the car stalls. If the car starts back up, that's probably the problem. Extreme cases may require replacement of the connectors.
    Aftermarket chip connection Another cause of stalling if the car is equipped with an aftermarket chip, is faulty or deteriorated connections between the chip and the card in the computer. This can be fixed by removing the chip, cleaning the contacts, and reinstalling the chip.
    MAF Connector and/or Speed Sensor Lee Hassig was experiencing this kind of stalling:
  • I have been looking for a new car for the past month and have narrowed it down to the Taurus or Century. The Century has almost 4,000 miles on it and was a Driver Ed car so I'm a little hesitant. For the same price I can get a Taurus SES with 27 miles. I like them both but now am hesitant from the negative remarks on the Taurus in particular. Are there any positive remarks out there or do we only respond when its something negative?
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Hello Linda,

    Well, this is the Maintenance and Repair conference, so it is natural that a Taurus topic here would be focused on Taurus problems.

    If you use the Topic Search feature on the left side of this page for Taurus and again for Century you should be able to find topics in our Sedans (or other) conferences that will probably give you a more balanced perspective.

    Also, I was wondering if you had discovered the Our Turn conference? It is devoted exclusively to women's automotive issues of all kinds. Town Hall is fortunate to have an automotive technician co-hosting it. She might have an opinion on one or both of these vehicles that I'm sure would be happy to share with you. If you'd like to check it out, you can click on that highlighted link to go there.

    Welcome to Town Hall! Good luck in your search and your purchase.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • I have a 1999 Taurus SE and with no major proplems....yet, I Have noticed that with the fuel gage when I start to get low on fuel about 1/4 a tank left the gage will drop almost instantly all the way to empty, the gas dummy light will come on then as you keep driving the gage will start to rise back up to where it should be. I don't think that it is a faulty gas gage because it works normal unless the fuel gets that low... Any similar experiences out there or has anybody heard of something like that.. Not very important but I am just wondering. Thank You.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    I recently sued Ford in small claims court for the 3.8 head gaskets in my 93 T-bird. The judge hasn't given a judgement yet (I am expecting it around Labor day). I'll post under topic 212 "Ford 3.8 head gasket..." when I find out how he rules. Should I win, I'll be glad to share the information I used in court.
  • I have noticed the same issue with my fuel
    gauge. It sometimes (not every time) goes
    from 1/4 tank to empty with the dummy light on
    within 5 miles. Later the gauge comes back
    up to nearly 1/4 tank. At that time I add
    12 - 13 gal. to a 16 gal. tank.

    I have not become annoyed enough to take it
    to the dealer under warranty.
  • zslickzslick Posts: 11
    I have noticed similar occurances with our 98 Taurus SE. When the needle dips down, it happens almost always when the car is going uphill. When it returns to normal, the car is either level or going downhill. It sometimes happens at half full and drops almost to a quarter. I suspect the angle of the float hinge is the culprit.
  • I appreciate all the info.
  • Hello again, I have another question. I have a Red 99 Taurus SE and I have noticed the the paint on the front bumper and side mirrors is starting to come off. When I looked even closer I saw bubbles in the paint, fish eyes, and dirt, and also found areas where chips of paint had come off. I took it into the ford dealer, and they said that paint is not a ford problem, I said what are you talking about you are ford, I asked him if they don't stand behind their products, and he said that they do but they don't stand behind paint because it is a used car, (I bought it when is wasn't even a year old) he said that if I would have bought it when it was new that it would have been a different story. I said so if I would have bought the car new and the paint started coming off now like it is you would fix it, and he said that that is correct. I know that he is full of it, so I contacted sales person that sold me the car and he said that there is nothing that he can do. He said that ford can not afford to paint my bumper. (I just kind of laughed at him and left)
    So now.... has anybody been through this, or do you know what I should do? Thank You.
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    You probably already figured it out, but on Fords, they have a safety circuit that cuts power to the fuel pump when jarred severely to prevent gas from pumping out in an accident.

    On a 86-95 Ford, check the left side of the trunk wall for an access to the safety switch. Press it back down and it reconnects the fuel pump.
  • I am probably going to buy a '99 Taurus program car with 20-25K miles on it. I will be driving it approx. 30K per year and am wondering if I should purchase an extended warranty from Ford for it to take me to 100K. Any comments are welcome.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    We have a whole conference that can be of assistance to you with this question. Just use the Conference scroll down choice on the left side of the page for "Warranty" and take a look at the topics there for an appropriate place to ask for assistance.

    Good luck.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • grdgrd Posts: 4
    Has anybody ever got money back from FORD for head gasket repair on 92 Tarus with 68000 mi.
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