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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • 1jeff1jeff Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 Taurus that has been a GREAT car until now. Now it has 149000 miles on the original motor and tranny and has an electrical issue. The car can be off and the headlights will turn on by their self. I first thought that it was a problem with the aftermarket remote start and keyless entry that I had put on the car 5 yrs. ago but now I am not sure. The only way to get the lights to go off is to disconnect the battery. I am thinking about installing a cut off switch and not spending the money to have a dealership or mechanic trouble shoot the problem. Any thoughts?
  • 1jeff1jeff Posts: 2
    Just an FYI for anyone else that runs into this problem. I found out that my car was from Canada and then started looking for the daytime running light fuse and found it. Upon removal the lights went off so that is the fix for me and it was free.
  • I just changed the oil in my taurus, and notice that the fuel filter needs changed. Now the car barely starts, runs fine once it is started. But starts really sluggish. Could that be associated with the fuel filter or injector? thanks :sick:
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    How did you "notice" that the fuel filter needs changing?

    I don't quite understand your post. Did you change the fuel filter and now it barely starts? Changing the fuel filter should not affect how the car starts, assuming you put the new one in with the fuel flow direction arrow pointing the right direction and there are no leaks at the connectors.
  • Hi Everyone,
    I have a 1987 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 with A/C. My heater stopped working and is making an alarming clanging noise when I go over bumps or around corners. Normally, I would not care about such things, but considering that I live in Seattle where it's about forty degrees, I care quite a bit. My car generates enough heat at freeway spped to keep the windows from fogging up, but when I sit in traffic I can't avoid it. My question is this.....I can get the heater core diagonosed for about 100 bucks, which will tell me if it's the motor or relay. Or, I can buy the motor and install it myself for about 50 bucks, but it seems like a difficult process, considering I need to go in through the glovebox. Or I can take it some place to have the repairs done, but since my car is only worth about 600 bucks, is it really worth it? Has anyone had similar problems? What did you do to resolve it? Any help or advice would be great.
  • i hit a curb the other day with front driver tire, ended up crackin rim nd buying a whole new set of tires and rims. well when i put the new rims and tires on my car both front tires were faceing in is it the alignment or could it be something more serious
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    If you can visually see that your front wheels are "facing in", you must have done serious structural damage to the front suspension. I would guess you have a problem that is going to required replacement of suspension components as you bent a lot of them.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Is your heater fan not working? If it is just the fan, you should be able to replace the fan fairly inexpensively, though I have never had to replace one on my Tauri, so I am not sure how tough it is to access it.

    The heater core if it failed it is either plugged or leaking. I am puzzled about what is "clanging", it normally wouldn't be a sign of the heater core failing! Maybe it is the squirrel cage on your fan that is loose, indicating the fan is worn out?
  • bill_hbill_h Posts: 1
    Hi, I've EXACTLY the same problem with my '98 Taurus and like you say, at night, it's a pain. I suspect the problem is in the LF switch, but I haven't yet addressed it.

    How has your fix using WD40 worked out?
  • Hi, I own '02 Sable Premium with Duratec. It has 60K freeway miles. Not problems so far and only one recall (something related to wires for brake lights) that was performed during 30K service. And also during this service they fixed engine "tapping" noise per tech bulletin under warranty (required re-torque one of camshafts). So I did not have any inconveniences or problems with this car for 3.5 years. At 30K service they gave me loaner and at 60K service I got rental with discount (Ford Mustang convertible for $30 and I loved it!) because I performed some of services by myself and they give loaner only if they perform all services. Yeah, and all Conties are still in perfect shape – may last probably another 30K. I cannot say that they brake perfectly under wet conditions, but stock tires are always cost saving long serving tires. Brake pads and rotors look like they can last another 60K. Car more than worth the price I paid for it.

    Now why I still write to this forum? I perform some services myself and couldn’t find PCV. I have pictures where it should be located (under throttle body) but surprised not be able to find it. Pictures are from older Taurus Duratec (may be ’98). Did they change a PCV location on 2000+ models? Thank you.
  • Its located underneath the passenger side back door... almost directly underneath... if you have already purchased the part.. just look underneath, and you'll see pretty much the same piece underneath..
    as far as chaning it.. its one of the fastest, easiest things to do... but can become a little messy.. :P
    youll have two connectors to it... just unfasten the clamps at both ends, and pull the two apart.. then connect your new one on the same way you took the old one off... simple as that... trust me it will be alot easier to see and do, then to have it explained in to much detail... but if you have ever changed your oil filter, its even easier and faster than that...:) good luck
  • I have a sable 2001 with 96,000 miles on it, its now started to feel like that I'm on a wash board road or that I have driven over something in the road, going to take it to the shop but dont want to get ripped of either. Thanks for your time
  • I hope I'm posting in the proper thread.

    My 2002 Ford Taurus wagon has a 200 milli amp electrical leak that won't quit. I've pulled each of the fuses and the leak is still there. At first, I thought my problem was the OEM battery, but a new, recharged battery quickly wore down. That's when I discovered the leak. I clearly need help.
  • I've been having a similar (but more specific) problem with my stereo system in my 98 Taurus. The radio's audio will cut out, but the display will stay on. Then, after a while, the entire radio will cut out, display and all. It appears to be fairly intermittent, with the radio returning to 'normal' for a day or so, and then the cycle repeats. I've replaced the radio, but the problem still occurs. I'm guessing that it's something in the electrical system outside the radio itself, or perhaps the Taurus radio has a problem? Any help would be appreciated!
  • I have a 93 Taurus Wagon GL, 3.0 V6.

    Is what I am observing on my temperature gauge normal or symptomatic of a problem?

    1) From a cold start the temperature on the gauge will rise to between the MA of NORMAL and then quickly fall to the N and then rise again.
    2) Once warmed up, On highway, it will read between the NO of normal.
    3) In city, I have seen it go has high as A then drop to the middle. In city I have also seen it not exceed the R.

    Is this normal or symptomatic of an underlying problem.

    Some notes: The radiator was replaced as well as the thermostat.

    Thanks to all for a prompt response.
  • igggieigggie Posts: 1
    help i need the location of the egr valve on a ford taurus 1990
  • ants56ants56 Posts: 1

    I've got the same problem with my car. Were you able to resolve it? Any advice?
  • :cry: I have a 1999 Mercury Sable Wagon and found out my only working brake light is the high one on the gate. I was looking for access to check bulbs but could not find any. It puzzles me that Ford makes such simple task like bulb change a dealer issue. Anyway, if anybody knows how to get to lower bulbs, I would appreciate info.

    Thanks Leo
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Open the liftgate, remove the 2 screws from the inboard side of the light housing, and remove it.
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