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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • I am a little late getting in, but my wifes car has the same smell. We had to change out the cabin air filter a couple of times. This seemed to get rid of the smell. There is something about that year of Taurus. The cabin air filter was put in a bad spot or something, but because of this it has to be changed out more often than usual. It took me a while to figure this out. They do not tell you this when you buy one.
  • dslok8ddslok8d Posts: 1
    any answer on the power seat issue I have the same problem on my 99
  • I am having trouble locating the transmission speed sensor on my 99 taurus 6cyl. can anybody please help
  • I realize this is in response to an old post, but did you ever solve this problem? I've taken the same steps as described and observe the same results.
  • I have a low compression in my no.1 cylinder along with a misfire. To repair the engine isn't worth the cost. Can I unplug that fuel injector so that the unfired fuel won't ruin the cat converter? If I do unplug it will the engine then send more fuel to the other injectors to make up for it sensing the no. 1 cylinder not getting anything?
  • I did exactly as you described & it worked. I can't thank you enough; I was borderline psychotic trying to get that link to fit (pushing, pulling, rocking the whole dam car trying to move that sway bar).

  • tkem12tkem12 Posts: 5
    I need to get some info on how to change it out. Looks like it could be
    a hard one
  • I've done this and it's pretty simple. The computer module is part of the fuse panel. It's located above the drivers left foot. The fuse panel is actually 3 circuit boards with the fuses sticking out. On the side of the white plastic portion is a 5 digit number. That is the code. If the fuse panel/computer is replace you need to reprogram the key fobs and the door panel.

    I hope this helps, if you have questions let me know.

    Gary, from Houston
  • I have a 2003 Ford Taurus. The Heater won't run at all and I do have power in the main frame of the unit in the car. The lights come on in the heater, but I don't get heat or AC.

    Also, the rear driver door won't go down? Does anyone know if this is an electrical problem with a fuse, and which fuse to change? Are these issue related? Man it's getting cold here in Idaho, and I would rather fix this myself than drop $$$.

    Thank you,

    Halen 262
  • 2003 Taurus, intermittently has a dead electrical system. Nothing has juice - the remote door opener won't work, there is no chime, radio is dead etc., and the engine does not turn over; If I jump start the car, it's fine - for awhile. I've had it checked out, but as no one has seen it when it's actually 'dead', no idea what the problem is. New battery, starter. Today, my daughter called - same complaint - but she noted there seemed to be a 'clicking' in the car - though she couldn't isolate the source. Again, it started with a jump, and now seems fine.

    Any geniuses out there know what's up with this car? I'd appreciate it.
  • bigdan1bigdan1 Posts: 23
    The gas pedal sticks on my 2001 Sable. I step on the gas, get up to any speed, take my foot off gas pedal, and car stays at that speed. I have to hit brakes to slow down car or stop car. Cruise control is not on. Biggest deal is that problem is intermittent. Some days car is OK. Some days pedal sticks. With engine off, linkage seems OK when I move it by hand. Anybody else ever have this problem and how did you fix it? Thanks.
  • mr_almr_al Posts: 9
    No, I have been doing the "manual" way.... I am thinking of buying a new light switch.

    I did at one time disconnect every fuse block and all from under the dash (busted a few knuckles in process,

    Reconnected everything again, and EVERYTHING worked great for about a week, then the same stuff.

    Everything comes on but the headlights. I narrowed it down to either the switch or a relay. I bought the relay at dealer (not expensive), but have NO Idea where it is, and my manuals weren't too helpful.

    Sure would be nice. Car is working great otherwise. :confuse:
  • mr_almr_al Posts: 9
    I know there was a recall on these sometime ago if you had the sliding pedals. Not sure if that would be the case.

    never a problem on mine. Maybe this part was made by Toyota.

    I do soemtimes find my foot getting stuck between teh gas and break petal. (a bit weird)...

    Be safe. get it checked out.
  • krbestkrbest Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I have two 2003 Taurus. Both had water leaking into the trunk. I traced my problem and found the culprit to be the five black plastic fasteners which attach the bumper to the car. The are plug shaped with a philips head plastic screw in them. These plugs go through the metal right into the trunk cavity. You have to take off the black plastic cover that surrounds the opening for the trunck latch. This plate goes across the opening of the trunk and provides a trimmed finish. Takes this off and you will see the ends of these five, black plastic plugs sticking though the metal into the trunk area. The water runs along the outside on the top of the bumper and wickes its way underneath the heads of these plugs. These plugs are not providing a water tight seal and the water seeps in. I took these plugs out, coated them with clear silicone sealant, pushed them back into place and let silicone cure. I haven't had any water leaking into the runk since.
    I know others have said it's the seal around the trunk but I don't think so. There doesn't appear to be any logical way for the water to jump over the seal and into the trunk.
  • nasimnasim Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2001 Taurus for close to a year and a half. I changed all sensors, had a diagnostic check at the dealer that showed nothing, and still it is doing it. It happens only when the weather outside is hot and I have no problem in the winter when it is cold outside. The dealer said it could be the fuel pump but if it continues after replacing the fuel pump, then it's not the fuel pump. No one has a clear cut answer dor me on what it could be. When I turn the car off after driving it, I just noticed that my temperature gauge stays in the middle. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Any suggestions and/or help? Every suggestion is appreciated. Thank you. I hope you are able to figure your problem out, too.
  • cal1975cal1975 Posts: 1
    Same thing on mine, no windows, radio, brake lights and stuck in park anybody have any ideas. Checked all fuses and they where all good.
  • 2004 SES came up with a pause or flat spot in the accelerator. Kinda bogged down from time to time.

    Replaced all catalytic converters because the mechanic felt it was back pressure. WRONG
    Replaced the fuel pressure regulator because the mechanic felt it was bad. WRONG
    New plugs. WRONG
    New fuel filter. WRONG
    Yadda Yadda Yadda.

    At times in a parking lot the RPM's will drop to 400, and the car will shake.
    On the highway, no particular speed, with or without cruise control, it'll seem as if you've let off the accelerator and sometimes the accelerator pedal will vibrate.
    Some times the engine RPM's will go up to 2800 to 3000 then drop back down, pushing the accelerator does nothing. Then suddenly it'll just reengage and take off. It's actually stalled once in stop and go traffic. Started up but took about 10 seconds.

    I get 28 mpg on the highway and have gotten as much as 34 driving from Red River, NM to Amarillo (where I refuel), so I'm really wanting to keep this but not if it's gonna get me stranded.

    No codes come up.

    Is there a GURU out there that can tell me what's wrong, what to check next or ?????

    Someone said it may be a vacuum leak but I'm not certain if this can be checked. If it's an intermittent leak how can it be found, if it is a vacuum leak.

    I'd pay for the right advise, no kidding.

    Doc if you want to send me any info.
  • The 3 button Trip Center on my Taurus has stopped doing anything except doing systems check and showing how many miles to empty plus total miles on the odometer.
    Is this a module problem or ?????

    If it needs to be replaced does the 3 button assembly pop out? pry out? or ?
    Is there a module somewhere else that needs to be checked?

    I really enjoyed this added feature and would like to get it working right or replace it to continue using it.

    Doc Haley if you want to send me any info.
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