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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • I've recently compared repairs+depreciation costs of 4 cars owned by my family an my sister-in-law. They are: Ford Taurus, Mercury Tracer, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry. They where all bought used with 27K-95K mi on them and driven 2-3 years after that. It appears to be between $2000 and $2400 per year for all those cars. Yes, nothing failed yet in Camry. And yes, Taurus depreciated only $300 over two years.

    It looks like moving from Taurus to Camry/Solara you wouldn't be saving a ton of money. At least if you get free towing from AAA;-)
  • I am responding to the erratic and noisy speedometer problem. I am assuming that your speedometer is mechanical and if it is it is likely to be erratic due to the speedometer cable needing to be lubricated. If it is very bad then the speedometer cable can be replaced. I do not believe this is very expensive. I did a similar repair by buying a tube of graphite speedometer lubricant for under $10.00. A ne cable could be a bit more.
  • Thank you for advice.
    1. How do I find out if it needs to be lubricated it replaced?
    2. How do I lubricate or replace it?
    Is it something I can do by myself?

    Pl. respond. Thank you.
  • I have 97 Taurus with 44,000 mi. No major problems yet. After reading these postings, I'm wondering should I keep it, and for how many years/miles before I will need to spend a lot on repairs ?
  • If you haven't had any problems, why would you even consider trading it in. If I were you, I'd keep it. There are no signs that the car will have any problems.
  • I would try lubricating the speedometer cable first. It can be done yourself, but not without wishing you had small fingers and able to see behind the dashboard. It can be done by disconnecting the speedometer cable from the back of the speedometer and pulling the core of the cable out. Lubricate the cable as you insert it back into the jacket along its length. The lubricant is very messy and cannot be cleaned out of things very easily. The hardest part is locating it at first and attaching it back to the speedometer when you are done. The speedometer has an unusual snap connector that works best if you have two hands. Unfortunately you can't get two hands up there behind the dash.
    To replace the cable you need to remove the speedometer cable from the transmission and the speedometer and fish the new one through the firewall and connect at both ends. A little more difficult and if lengths are not exactly the same and the cable hasn't been trained to bend right it can be a bit tough. Best wishes with yours.
  • I've had the car for 6 months and the remote keyless system, for the past 2 months, works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't (not a battery problem in the remote, my wife's won't work it either and she rarely drives the car); it doesn't work first thing in the morning, but during the day it might decide to click, and rainy weather forget. Anybody got any help?
  • butch11butch11 Posts: 153
    Many years ago some speedo cables could be lubricated with graphite. However some cables require a petroleum based lube. Graphite can destroy some speedo cables-check with somebody who knows before using graphite.
  • I own an 89LX, 3.8L I am concerned about this occasional delayed engagement. I have heard that this can be repaired at moderate expense before all out failure occurs. any comments would be appreciated.
  • Let me tell you that 1989 was not a good year for ANY Ford transmissions. From the Crown Vic to the Taurus, I've had friends and taxi drivers tell me that between 85k and 110k one can expect a tranny rebuild in their future.
    Ford's new four speed design is good in the Taurus and the Crown Vic. Anything after 1995 is safe to bet on. Transmission service every 25k is a must for this vintage Ford.
  • Just got a call from the dealer. My 96 (3L V6) with 37K has a bad #1 cyclinder - needs a new engine. No warranty assistance past 36K. Run away from Ford - fast. Spread the word.
  • My 97 Sable "service engine soon" light has come on and won't go off. Does anyone know what this means? How much service will cost? How to reset the light?

  • jake696jake696 Posts: 111
    Just saw something in the latest Consumer Report about engine and tranny problems with the Tortoise and Sable. Didn't pay much attention though, I admit. A great relief is off my back since I SOLD mine and I didn't pay that much attention to the article.

    You may want to check it out!
  • gv4gv4 Posts: 1
    I have a 93 Taurus that intermittently shifts out of overdrive. Sometimes it is abrupt and jerks me forward. I found that if I pull off the road, put it in park, turn off the engine, then start it back up and go the problem disappears. It is very intermittent. I took it back to where I bought it at the time it was acting up and of course it would not do it again.

    Is this a transmission problem or electrical or ??
  • andys22andys22 Posts: 13
    newer taurus's are great cars,,, duratec 3.0L is one of the best v6's one could buy these days. the 3.0L v6 12v is also a good, tried and true engine. newer 3.8's are also better, due the fact that ford retorqued the head on tighter and put on a better gasket. we know lots of people with windstars, no problems... funny how all people with problems here, but people who have good luck with their fords don't say anything... oh well just my .02 cents!!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Wouldn't be surprised if it were electical - my 92 once had similar symptoms. Dealer exercised the electronics with their analyzer, and eventually fixed it.
  • Hi everyone,

    I just had an awful experience today. When I was rounding a corner after a stop light, my engine started to race. I took my foot off the gas, and the engine continued to race for about 2-3 additional seconds. Then, the car finally shifted. At the next corner (stop sign), this problem was not repeated. I drove it for 5 more minutes to see if the problem would repeat, but it never did. It shifted perfectly. This has only happened once, but I'm still somewhat worried. Is this the start of transmission problems? Is there something I can do if it is?

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention it is a 1993 Mercury Sable with the 3.8L engine (~76xxx miles.)

    Overall I love the car, but I am definitely worried now.
  • Well, I just talked to a friend who is a mechanic. He told me that chances are it is nothing. He said I might need to have my transmission serviced. Now I can sleep tonight.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    My Taurus does this sometimes. Especially when the trans is warmed up and I have just turned a corner after normal driving. I have a rebuilt with a shift kit, which didn't change this quirk at all (made all other things much better, though). I've just learned to live with it, and not to push it under those conditions. It happens maybe once a week. It could be the control module causing it and not trans related at all.
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