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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • I bought a used 99 taurus with 3.0 duratec a while back...have put many trouble free miles on it...but lately when taking off from a stop or while moving slow in traffic, once I give it some gas...the trans slips. This only happens at low speeds...a friend tells me this could be a shift dealers computer can't find or reproduce the problem...any one know what this problem could be?? Should I continue to take it back to the dealer and make them find the problem??
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    If you make your email visible, I'll send you a link. I can't post it here.
  • is my e-mail address....
  • We have a previous 1 owner 96 Ford Taurus,we purchased in March 2003 for our son. Was kept in very good condition. It has 101k miles. So far, we replaced brakes & transmission. Now we have the entire steering assembly to replace for $800 The only thing left is the engine, which is the 3.0. The Mechanic thinks the engine's in good shape & thinks it might be worth it. What do you think the chances are that as soon as we sink the $800, the engine goes? I know, goes w/ the territory in buying a high mileage car. Anyone had specific info w/ this engine at high mileage?
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    What is wrong with the steering assembly that needs to be replaced?
  • Does any taurus owners notice a change in gas millage, i cant belive it but i am averagin not even 17 MPG! I have a 2000 Ford taurus, my first car, my dads company car with 64K miles and i have had no problem at all with the car, not one solitary one, robably due to the fact that i got free maintence on it, but the MPG is horrible, and i am not punching it at all! Its like having a SUV millage but driving a car...any one know what might be wrong, i am selling it soon bc i can smell some future problems with her, i notice that the engine sounds bad when i start it and when i was on the freeway the other day i lost all elecrtical power to my radio,seats,lights, ect, but the car was still on, maybe a bad fuse, i dunno but it came back 3 min later
  • The power steering fluid was leaking. Took it in and the mechanic said it completely fell apart & I need a new rack & pinion system. He's a friend, so I don't doubt him.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    av10sguy: My gas mileage is horrendous. I'm getting a dismal 16 mpg up to my latest fill up which was yesterday. I suppose that it is cold weather related. Starting an engine in the morning with sub zero temps and having the heat on are probably the culprits. However, this drop in gas mileage never happened to me before during my 3+ years I've had my 2000 Sable.

    cvcbird: I was asking because I'll soon have to replace the power steering pump in my S.W. You may have seen my ranting and raving about it either here or in the other thread. Don't want to spend a dime on this car, though.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Do you guys aware that Taurus has different climate control mechanism. If you turn the knob to righ AC compressor will kick in automatically. The air conditioning compressor will operate in all modes except(Panel)
    and (Floor). However, the air conditioning will only function if the outside temperature is about
    10°C (50°F) or higher. I am not sure where you guys are located but your gas milage might be related to that. If not, then get your O2 sensors checked.
    But recently, my milage dropped too. I was having 21.4 in city. I filled up my tank last night and only drove 30 miles and today realized, it was in the middle of first quarter tank.
  • On Dec 30th 2003, I dropped my 1997 Taurus off at the Ford service dept. for a regular maintenance. They recommended a "power flush" of the trans. and power steering (transmissions problems are looming over the horizon it seems.)
    I said ok and picked it up the next day, The "check engine soon" light was on after I made a stop some miles away, so I returned it to the dealer.
    Next day they called and said it needed some sort of "sensor" and they happened to have one on hand (about 450 bucks!) I said OK.
    Next day I picked up the car and before I drove it out of the lot the "check engine soon" light came on and the car stalled.
    Needless to say I was rather disturbed at this point so I complained to high heaven in the dealership about how service had been good in recent years but has suddenly taken a dramatic down turn. (I said a lot more than this but its something I cannot repeat in this forum.)
    In short, I now have a "free" loaner Sable while they are trying to locate the problem. It will be two weeks soon and all they can tell me is they cannot get the information from the computer because the "incident" does not last long enough to download!
    Could they have damaged something with this initial Power Flush or sensor replacement that they will not live up too? Should I believe them when they say its a coincidence?
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Do you know what sensor they replaced?
  • They replaced the camsensor and synchronizer assembly.
  • I own a taurus 2000 and it currently has 63k miles on it. My gas millage is horrible averaging 16 MPG. Also i notice that when i turn my steering wheel to the right it kinda seems like it sticks almost and makes a funny air sound, i dont know its kinda hard to explain, but i do not want to run into future problems with this auto although i have had none yet, (knock on wood) i am debating whether or not to get a newer car. Maybe a Acura or honda something practical for my city driving needs, however i need some advice on whether to sell my car or buy a newer one. what do you think.......??
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    That sticking feel is not a actual sticking. Steering is losing power assist for a moment.
    Have you ever get your power stering system flushed? May be you don't know but that system needs to be flushed as regular maintenance. I think you need to get your pump replaced.

    I am curious, what type of maintenance you have performed on the car so far? If you haven't done anything like brake system flush, radiator flush, transmission flush, decarbonization, filters (gas + air + trany) you might want to sell your car. It will create a problem for you. Taurus is a car that needs more attention than other makes. But if you have done everything according to book, then there is no need to worry, it will serve you.
    As a former Honda customer, If I needed to decide to select either one, I would pick Taurus again. For the money you pay and the options you get along with ride and built quality (you have to have better than OEM tires), I think Taurus is better. Of course, people have different taste and expectations.
  • Well i acquired the car at 61K miles, it was my dads company car..He got free maintence on the car and has always has tune ups and oil changes, i replaced the air filters, new tires this year, regular oil changes. The car has never had any flushes, or any new pumps in the car. Do you know about how much a new pump and the flushes will cost me? I spent 5K on the car, got a killer deal on it from his company, but as i said, i have never had any flushes or ne thing replaced in the car except the air filter, tires, stero system... I was actually looking at the acura rsx just due to the fact that it gets great gas millage and its practical for my needs of city driving...but again thats another 13k that i do not have, but the bank will! snowman what do you sugguest that i do? Any one else have any imput, Sorry to plob this post in repain and maincence!! Thanks~
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    You are over due, get your trany flushed ~$120 and filter changed as well, this should be asap. Brake system flush ~$50-$60, PWsteering flush ~$90. I am not sure how much is a pump. But once you get [non-permissible content removed] replaced it includes new pw steering oil too so you don't need a flush. Cooling system flush ~$70. These are dealer prices.
    You can change spark plugs yourself if it is Vulcan, if it duratec then it's kind of pain.

    But, just get the flushes and drive.

    For your car selection, it is up to you but I feel that you are after an image rather than gas milage. If this is the case I go with Acura but it's not then drive your Taurus. My opinion, don't waste your money, car is a car, drive your Taurus, if it is broken get it fixed.
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    I am the original owner of this car. Besides the oil changes every 4k before 100k and every 5k after, regular maint and tranny flush every 30k, the rack and pinion($760) also had to be replaced 2 years ago at around 112k, Since than my daughtershave used it through college/H.S. and the car is now in Washington DC making regular trips to NJ every couple of weeks. The Plugs were changed at 101k and the engine runs fine. Should keep going until.......... Also the Oil pan gasket($425) was replaced at 117k as it was pushing out. Cost for repairs not including maint, for 2001/$122 and $50 ded for a turn signal level repl, 2002/$960 2003/$575
  • kizer4kizer4 Posts: 12
    I'm having 2 problems with my car.
    1) for the past 2 weeks when the weather has gotten really cold (western NY) the only way to start the car is the put the gas pedal to the floor.

    2)about a week ago, I put gas line antifreeze before filling up my gas tank. From there on I have heard a loud sound (almost sounds like 2 discs rubbing together) whenever I give the car gas, either in park or drive. I cannot hear the sound when I open the hood, only when I am inside the car.

    I read through the other posts and some seemed related. However I am not very proficient when it comes to cars so I would appreciate the help. The car had a tune up about 5,000 miles ago. Any suggestions before I have to take it to a Ford mechanic?

  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    I consider myself lucky. My 92 taurass has 135k on it. I dont fix anything that goes wrong if it still runs because i know it will be never ending. A/c went at 60k about the same time the front end VIBRATION started. THe vibration has never really stopped. Now i know most of you know what i am talking about, but take the taurass to a deal and tell them and they will say, "we never heard of that problem"... and they can never fix it!!! THEY MUST KNOW!!!! THEY HAVE COMPUTERS to look up TSB etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rear windows dont work, break lights go out sometimes. radio dead. HERE IS A GOOD ONE! My front wheel fell off after i got off the expressway! All the lug bolts broke off!!!! I guess that vibration finally weakend them. I am lucky to be alive. I wonder how many have not had my "luck"....
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Now wasn't that the most informative post I have ever read.
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