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MINI 2008 Convertible

minime5minime5 Posts: 40
edited March 2014 in MINI
What have you guys heard? Will the convertible come out in the new body for 2008? I really want to trade in my 03 Base for a S Convertible, but after driving the 07 S, I think that I really prefer the new model. The question is, can I (will I need to) wait until the 09 model?


  • musky1gfmmusky1gfm Posts: 36
    Motor Trend says spring of 2008
    Dealers say 2009
    Take your pick,hope it's the first.Test driven the 2007 S,coupe and convert able the coupe is a far better car. :confuse:
  • mskradmskrad Posts: 1
    Latest word seems to be a 2009 model coming out in 2008, I really hope that they improve the rear visibility issue with the current model.
  • Agree with mskrad.

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  • I have a $1000 deposit at a local dealer... waiting to order a 2009 Mini convertible. He just informed me it would be Feb/March now before deliveries. Can you get any confirmation of this?
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