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Chevrolet Monte Carlo Instrument Panel Problems



  • I have a 2005 M.C with 44,000 miles and my cluster is gone also. I called GM and they told me that unless the have a number of people in a certain area call in with the same problem they will not recall this is crap i take great care of my car and looks like it did the day i purchased it so lets all get together and bug the mess out of them its gonna cost me $480 to get it fixed :mad:
  • jeff818jeff818 Posts: 8
    Leslieann -
    I would go to the Chevrolet website. We are a five-generation family and I told them that. Esp. since you only have 44,000 miles. That's not right. I went to the contact us part of their page and filed a complaint -- that's how I got action -- and my car had 68,000 at the time. It's worth another try. You'll have to have your Vehicle ID number and they'll want the name of the service dealer you contacted. I hope it works for you. Don't give up. Here's the website I went to: Be sure to use the link to e-mail them. A form comes up to complete. I had a response in about a week or two.
    Good luck! Jeff
  • gwlkdlgwlkdl Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Monte Carlo and have had similar problems as the ones Ive read about here. The security system is completely screwed up. I went to the chevy website that you listed in your post and I filed a complaint. I was contacted the next day. I was told that noone else has filed this particular complaint so there was no recall on it. I have read enough on the internet to know that Im not the only one having these same issues. I think Chevy needs to be flooded with calls and emails until something is done. It is going to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 to have it fixed. I was given a service request number and the guy said if anyone else calls with the same complaint it will be filed under this number and then after enough complaints something will be done...Lets flood them with emails people...
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    If you haven't done so already, check for other reports at NHTSA Office of Defects Investigation and file a complaint.

    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • gwlkdlgwlkdl Posts: 2
    Thank you. I I asked the guy at chevy for the web address for NHTSA and he said all he had was a phone number. Thanks for the info.. I will file a complaint with them also.. I hope others will do the same. Especially when there are so many people with the same problem.
  • I've got a 05 Monte Carlo (Tony Stewart Edition) with the same instrument cluster problem. Dealer told me it was not covered under any recall, so I've just sent a email to Hopefully I'll hear from them soon!
  • Be sure to list your loyalty to them and how you would hate to change automakers in this economy because of a problem GM is aware of. I told them we are a 3 generation GM family -- I think that got their attention. Good luck!
  • Ok. i see that several people have had the same issue. So has a outcome been said yet about what to do. My car has 53,000 miles and the cluster went out. The speedometer works off and on, the gas gauge doesnt work at all and the Rpms dont. Any help on what to do would be great!! Thanks :mad:
  • I have 2006 70,000 miles and the speedometer quit yesterday and the transmission started slipping at same time. I have been looking for two days now and it seems it might be a speed sensor or worse. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2004 Monte LS (Yellow in color and NASCAR themed) and my guages are all messed up big time. I feel like all the rest, it's GM's problem and should be addressed. I sent an email to them. I, too, hope enough sent they will get the idea that we're not a bunch of happy campers!!! :(
  • I sent an email to Chevy yesterday about my issue with my cluster and got a phone call from them just about 15 minutes ago. He was very polite and seems he wants to get this problem fixed, so he called the Chevy dealer here in town and set up an appointment to have it diognosed. He then said he'd see what Chevy can do when he calls me back after the diognosis which is Monday morning. I will keep you informed.
  • i have a 2005 monte carlo that has 60000 mile and my speedometer is freezing up i know 2003 to 2005 pickups are doing the same thing and they had a recall on them i call customer service from gm and complained they said they would try to help me but they need more to call them where this will go on a recall here is the number 1-866-790-5600 maybe we can get this done
  • OK folks heres whats going on. Ive been in contact with people (cust. serv.) at GM over the last week - its been a total NIGHTMARE. These cust. serv. people will try to talk you in circles and most of them can barely speak good english so its been very difficult to deal with them. There was no other way around it, they said i HAD to get a diagnosis from a local GM dealership so that they could SEE if they MIGHT be able to help me further (what a racket!). Luckily the local GM guy only charged me a half hour rate or id have been out about 85 bucks for something that GM hasnt even told me if they would help or not. SO, i get a call back today from cust. serv. saying that my vehicle is out of warranty (DUHH!!) and that because of the age of it and that there is no recall on this vehicle blah blah blah that they will not be able to help me with this problem. By the way i just bought a 2004 Monte SS INTIMIDATOR with 63K on it and its a SERIOUS P.O.S. I told her we have been a GM family for at least 50 years and that ill never EVER buy another GM vehicle and will tell everyone in my family not to do so either ever again. She said "I'll put that in your file". I told her "why" because its not like GM gives a shyt anyway and i told her where to shove it after she said 'have a nice day'. Thats about as far as i think any of you are going to get. The people who ARE getting thier clusters fixed i think are few and far between and there must be some special reason they are getting theirs fixed. So again luckily i didnt have to shell out the full amount for a diagnostic (i KNEW that it was a big risk anyway and that i probably wouldnt get any help). Best of luck everyone.
  • csalcsal Posts: 1
    I too have the same problem as many of you had. My 2005 Monte Carlos speedometer goes CRAZY and now the odometer and gas gauge also are going crazy.
    I think that GM should recall for this problem as it seems to be for many, many people. My family have always purchased GM products but perhaps we will start purchasing others.
    It is a terrible thing for a large company, who the government has just bailed out, at our(tax payers expense) do NOTHING for us..please send complaints to NHTSA.
    There is usually something done if there are enough COMPLAINTS..Also please e-mail or call GM Direct! this problem should be taken care of. If anyone has had it taken care of..How did you get that result??
    Paulie 1945
  • mrbill24mrbill24 Posts: 7
    I don't know how the people that had it fixed got it done. I was told that they (GM) would pay 25% and I would have to pay the 75%! I am buying the part (Cluster) and having it installed for under $75, including the cost of the part. I've done all I could and I guess GM did all they could. Which isn't MUCH!!!!
  • mrbill24mrbill24 Posts: 7
    I don't know how the people that had it fixed got it done. I was told that they (GM) would pay 25% and I would have to pay the 75%! I am buying the part (Cluster) and having it installed for under $75, including the cost of the part. I've done all I could and I guess GM did all they could. Which isn't MUCH!!!! :mad: :sick:
  • I have a 2005 Monte Carlo the speedometer was erratic and now has stopped working all together. The tack gauge is now starting to do the same thing, When it was under warranty, I took to the dealership and they said I had to bring it back while it was going crazy. Some help they were!
  • Tell you the truth, wouldn't have done any good, I did mine :sick: and still they didn't help as they should have, just me pay 85% of the tab to fix! It still hasn't been fixed. :mad: Got an eye on one in Ebay, :D will try that. Good luck to ya!
  • I have had problems with all gauges except my fuel reading. I have taken it to different shops and the answer given is "computer module failure." I was wondering where did you manage to get yours fixed at for under 500 dollors. Please help
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