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Ford Expedition Air Conditioning Questions



  • weldmechweldmech Posts: 3
    Hello: I just wondering if you ever got an answer to your wonder about the charge port for the expedition i got the same problem, please let me know if you found the port . Thanks in advance; weldmech
  • weldmechweldmech Posts: 3
    Help!! Do anyone knows where the a/c recharge port is located on 2002 ford expedition, Thanks in advance
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    The rear A/C problems discussion has been merged with this general A/C questions topic.

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  • Yes I had the same problem and the dealership fixed and a little over a year later it is doing it again. And ofcourse now they will not fix it because it is not under warranty, even though I had the same problem before and they supposedly fixed it. So be prepared for it to break again. I was told it was some kind of recall on the original visit but now they deny this fact and said there is not. Kind of odd that several people are having the same issue! The part number given in the other reply is correct. That is what is on my receipt and it is called the A/C Door Actuator (Temperature/Blend) So now I guess I will either get rid of the vehicle or go buy the part and do it myself, I am not paying over $300.00 for them to fix something they have already fixed. It is pretty upsetting!!!!!!!!!!
  • bpartainbpartain Posts: 2
    I have a 1997, 5.4 Expedition. Whenever the RPM's increase (climbing a hill, causing the transmission to drop into a lower gear) the air condition air flow changes from the front panel to the defroster. As the RPM's decrease, the air flow reverts back thru the front panel. I'm stumped.....
  • bpartain-

    Your problem is in the vaccum line that runs from the firewall to the ari mixture controls behind the dash. More than likely its in the hose under the hood at the firewall. You can just cut and replace it there. Inspect the line good and see if you can find any cracks. It just takes a small crack for this to happen. It is located between the battery and the firewall. It is a very small "spaghetti" tube. Hope this helps!
  • bpartainbpartain Posts: 2
    Thanks, I'll take a look and let you know if this fixes the problem. I do appreciate the help!
  • There should be a vacuum check valve and reservior also to store vacuum for medium to hard acceleration conditions to the vents dont go to "default" defroster mode when vacuum is low. YOu need to especially verify the check valve is not stuck open or leaky as this will cause the AC vents to act like you are decribing. A leak in the reservior can also cause problems.
  • lenancilenanci Posts: 1
    I have read through these posts on the rear air issues but still dont understand totally on how to fix my problem. I have '03 Expy that blows hot air in the rear only. I understand that some parts can be replace without going to the dealership. My question first is where is the rear ac components loacated so that I can see what needs to be replaced?
  • I have a 2007 Expedition EL. Occasionally the A/C just shuts off. It usually comes back on in a second or two, but once it didn't come back on at all. The only way to get it to come back on was to stop the car, turn the engine off, and resart. Then I could turn the A/C back on. This occured after going over a speed hump at 20 MPh. But sometimes in will just shut off. Sometimes I'm on the freeway, sometimes at a stop light. Like I said it will usually come back on by itself. This has been occuring since the car had just a few hundred miles on it.
    Plus the A/C seems to take a long time to get cold. Haven't brought it in yet, but just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, or might know what is causing it. Of course when I go in, the dealership will probably give me the old "well we can't replicate the problem" routine, so I know I'm going to be frustrated as usual. Please help !!
  • asandsasands Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Expedition and the rear overhead vents are not working. The AC works fine in the front, but when we try to turn on the rear air it only blows in the third row seating floor vents. Any idea what might be causing this? :confuse: :confuse:
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    This is a common problem. Check some other ford message boards for more info. Ford tried to blame it on having a cell phone charger plugged into the 12v outlet near the controls....
  • I have a 2003 Ford Expedition, and the front AC is stuck in defrost mode. All other AC controls work. It just won't change modes. Is there a relay or control board that changes the modes or is it just in the switch?
  • Go to O'Reilly's and purchase a new Actuator and install Price is $32.00 Plus Tax. Very easy fix for the clicking sound in the rear air. Just pop off the side panel and unplug the wire on the side next to the front of the blower and it will confirm the problem. Will only go one way so be careful. Good Luck! :)
  • How to you get the side panel off. Is it the panel from floor to roof. I do not see any panel the will pop off. Thanks
  • Any hints on how to remove the rear panel? Thanks.
  • Hope you found your fix. I replaced one in the Ford front end to my 99 motorhome and now I need to work on my Expedition. Did the 75K ohm resistor work?
  • I recently had the heater core replaced and since that time, when either using the AC or the heater, when I turn the truck off, the blower for the front defroster will come on after the vehicle is completely turned off. I have pulled the fuse, #22, for the blower and it still remains on. The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery. The auto repair shop where the heater core was replaced says there is nothing wrong. Please help.
  • This started last night and still doing it today. Whenever I turn on the rear air conditioning of my 2003 Expedition Eddie Bauer, I hear a clicking noise from the rear passenger side panel. Can you help me identify this problem?
  • I have an 03 expedition EB, i am hearing a noise almost the sould of a winshield wiper running from the rear right side panel in the back behind the third row seat???? Any ideas of what this could be?
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