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Ford Expedition Air Conditioning Questions



  • My Expedition has no heat from the front - blower seems ok and I have heat to the back cabin area ok
  • I have the same problem with my 2003 Ford Expedition, I removed the panel to access the AC area, and found both the actuators (motors) gears are broken, one is for the climate control and the other is to direct air to the floor or overhead vents, they both are clicking, I am not sure if changing this 2 units will fix the problem or do I also need to replace the resistor? Any help will be appreciated. I thing since many people have the same problem, we should report it to ford and see if they will do a recall to fix this problem. Thanks for all your help in advance.
  • Hi, I have the same problem and I saw that the blend door motor & the temp door motor gears are broken. By reading your thread, I see that you have done a very good research, so what you think? should I replace both the motors or you suggest to replace the transistor too? please let me know what you suggest, if you can email me to I would really appreciate it.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    if you can email me

    Let's keep the discussion right here so as not to deprive our other members of valuable information. :)

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  • hello tidester, i have a 2004 Expedition Eddie Bauer with the same rear a/c noise problem. how were you able to correct the problem?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Hi, JL.

    I was only replying to someone else who had reported the problem. You may want to scroll back for some information. Orlando seemed to have a handle on it:

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  • Tidester, thank you for the information. I just returned from the dealer and they wanted $530 to replace both actuators in the rear a/c or $285 for 1. This is ridiculous. When i told them no, they delivered the car with the heater on instead of the cold setting (like it was). They temporarily fixed the clicking noise now by unplugging the actuator and somehow resetting the door in the cold setting/chamber. God bless Ford manufacturing dates fiasco in trying to find out the right part number from the catalogue vs the physical part.
  • So I take it from your other posts that it is the difficult one that is actually broken? (temp, not floor/ceiling)
    For $25 and a little time you can do it yourself. It is three screws and a clip. Assuming their price for the difficult one is 285, they want 245 for what is basically a 5 minute job on the easy one. If they unplugged it, and set the door then they obviously have enough access without removing the trim.
  • jacksprjackspr Posts: 1
    front vents do not work, a/c is blowing through the defrost and floor vents
  • Does anyone have a picture of where the A/C low pressure port is on my 97 Expedition, 5.4 liter? Does it stick out on the side of the evaporator? Thanks a lot.
  • driver1azdriver1az Posts: 1
    Well it sounds as if we all have the same dilema,,,yes it is the actuator. There is actually 2 of them one a blend door and i cant remeber what the other one is but the 2 of them will run you about $100 thru Ford. The one (rear a/c blend actuator is part #YL5Z-19E616-AA) and at my dealership in Az it's $59.13, As for the other one there are two diferent styles ,one of witch is $52.31 and the other is $34.60. I'm going to pull all off to bring down for match,,,,also going to change both out at same time to keep from having to go back in later..But yes at dealer they quoted me close to $600 to change both and i about fell over(not made of money)..will be conquer this project this wee and let you know how difficult it was.
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 293
    They are both blend doors for the most part, one for the temperature one for the floor/ceiling outlets. You can potentially save yourself a ton of money and time if it the easy one, which is right under the change tray. The change tray pops right out and the actuator is right there. Three screws and an electrical connection. It is a 5 minute fix. The way to tell if your broken one is the easy one is to take the change tray off, and unclip the electrical connection. If the noise is gone, that's your issue. The easy one is the one which controls the floor/ceiling airflow. You can also find the parts through some on line Ford dealers much cheaper than what you quoted. Mine was the easy one, and with shipping cost $25 from a dealer in NJ.
    Getting to the harder one is a much bigger job, and probably not worth all the time for something that isn't broken. The text book way to do it is to remove all the rear quarter panel trim, starting from the liftgate and going forward. I have read that some people have been able to do it by reaching through the change tray and cup holder with some contortion.
  • mkabrickmkabrick Posts: 2
    I finally broke down and took it to the dealer. The blend door itself was broken. It broke where the gear from the blend motor connects to the blend door.
    Cost $475
    new blend door
    Charge on both front and back systems
    Labor (full dash removal)

    It was 105F yesterday. $475 is not a bad price since this would have been summer #4 with no A/C!

  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 293
    Not a bad price for a blend door replacement. Common issue in the front, as opposed to the acutators which are the culrpits in the back. So common that there are actually a few aftermarket companies that make kits so you can avoid doing the dash removal. They go in through the glove box space - you basically take out the glove box, and then Dremel out the panel behind the glove box and there is the blend door.
  • zvacmanzvacman Posts: 2
    On my 2002 it is on the pass. side 8" away from the firewall under a crap load of wires in a box like thing.
  • how do i fill the rear air with fluid
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 293
    If I'm not mistaken, the freon loop is common between the front and rear systems.
  • mikeh10mikeh10 Posts: 1
    I live where 100 degree days are common, and I expect the AC to put out<50 degree discharge air within a few minutes of operation. The 2008 EB Expedition front and rear slowly go down (10 minutes) to perhaps 60 degrees on a hot day. Ford is saying that it is operating where it is designed to operate. The Ford Technician says the new scroll compressor, low inventory of refrigerant and the evaporator design are new and this is what to expect. My dealer has changed about every major part. I find it hard to believe that other people are not complaining about the reduced capacity if it is a design issue. Help!!
  • lmk279lmk279 Posts: 1
    I am trying to charge the A/C. Does anyone know where the lower port is?
  • While driving down the road last night my automatic ac started blowing at full fan speed. I tried to manually turn down the fan it did nothing. When I turned the AC off, it started blowing at full speed out of the defrost vents. The only way to turn the AC off is to turn off the engine. When you push any control for the AC it blows wide open. I can operate where the air is coming out. I just can not turn it off or control the fan.

    Thanks for any help.
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