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Ford Expedition Air Conditioning Questions



  • notice a growling noise at times in my 04 expedition only on start up and very intermittant any bobdy else with this problem sounds like coming from dash dealer said to shut a/c off before shutting off car didnt work heater door problem??
  • I'm in the Phoenix area, and I have complained repeatedly to my Ford dealer about ineffective A/C on my 2008 Expedition. As a matter of fact, it is in the shop right now for that complaint. They are planning to replace a valve of some sort.

    I have a 2008 Focus as a rental car, and in 5 minutes it will freeze you out if you leave it on full blast. My wife's 2003 Sable wagon is just as cold. I had no problems with either of my earlier Expeditions, 2001 & 2003.
  • I replaced my rear actuator & it's more time comsuming than difficult. Start with plastic trim under rear tailgate & just work forward to include bottom plastic on rear passenger door. That will allow you to finally get housing off. There are two actuater motors (both cheap plastic) & I was charged $ 64 in Fl. It's all labor
  • You can get the one that controls floor / ceiling by popping the change tray out of the top of the rear wheel well, it is right there. 15 minutes tops. I've seen postings on other boards about people doing the hot / cold one without doing all the trim, just by wiggling their hands in through the change tray and cup holder openings.
  • Thanks for note..on my 2003 there is a removable access panel on top that lets you see the two actuators but not actually get at them. Tried that route first :>)
  • I'm shocked you couldn't get at least the floor / ceiling one from the top, it is literally right under that panel. You must have really big paws. My experience is based on my '03 and my '04, which are the same as yours.
  • my Expedition was built 11/2002 sold 3/2003. Top actuator is vertical facing inward & almost touching access. other actuator can have two of the four screws accessible with box/open end but remaining two buried under cover.
  • I was able to get my floor/ceiling one from the change tray with a1/4" drive socket. Tight but made it in. Either way, moral of the story is save the $400 bucks and DIY.
  • I am in the L.A, area and also have a 2008 expedition that just does not seem not blow cold air as it used to. I will be taking it to the dealer next week to get checked. What was all replaced/repaired on your expi? Does it now work?
  • I am having a problem with the Rear Air. It currently blows only warm air. Front seems to be working fine. Are there two units? Any ideas?
  • Does it make a thumping noise when you try to switch it? I'd guess the blend door actuator has stripped gears.
  • my 1999 ford expedition has air conditioning issues. first thing in the mourning the air work pretty good, but as the day goes on especially if i drive alot (getting in and out) by the end of the day its only warm air. one thing is that if the car is going fast it works ok(hwy) but around town , stop and go type driving it eventually starts just blowing warm air. anyone have any ideas ? thanks
  • hey guys had the same problem on a chevy colorado it was the plug connection on the fan itself you should replace that plug end how ever i just squeeze mine with plires it work ok for a while. was in here for my 2003 Expedition thought this may help someone else.
  • aceeacee Posts: 1
    Today my ac starting acting up by surging...blowing air high then low, high then low etc... and staying in this pattern. Then after trying to solve the issue, the ac seems to only blow in the highest setting and when turned down a notch, it completely shuts off?? Any ideas? Thanks
  • This problem has been happening to me for a few years now. I've narrowed the problem down to moisture getting through the firewall and shorting out something under the steering column. I also get strange noises near the ignition switch and my Digital Clock/Thermometer will flash on and off.
  • elmajeelmaje Posts: 2
    I have a pin hole in on of the lines going to the rear AC unit, when I took it to the dealer they wanted $2,000.00 to replace a $160.00 line. Being that I do most of my maintenance and repairs, I think I will do the repairs my self. Does anyone have any advice as to what I may be getting my self into? I have looked and surveyed the situation and it seems to be a monster of a job so please help
  • I charged my a/c up yesterday and it worked just fine all day. Last night I went to the store and when I got back in the vehicle the a/c would no longer blow. Today after sitting all night I went somewhere and it started blowing right away, but when I cut it off and tried it again in 10 minutes it would not blow. I hear the compressor clicking on and off but it's not blowing.
  • uberp88uberp88 Posts: 1
    I am hearing an intermittent hissing sound around the dash area. Now The AC unit is not cooling well. Sound familiar to anyone?
  • You are low on refrigerant. I have had it almost since new, but not enough to make me want to hunt it down and replace stuff. the big issue would be a leak in the evaporator which menas the dash has to come out. I just refill mine every two years and it is fine.
  • I have a 2005 Expedition and have just experienced the same thumping noise. There are two actuators (DC motor/gear box assemblies) on the rear A/C unit. One apparently controls the flap that channels the air to either the ceiling vents or the floor vents. The other controls the temperature regulator. Like one of the other members, I removed the flap control unit, took it apart, and found a broken tooth from one of the plastic gears lying loose in the casing. Also, I agree with one of the other members about an apparent design flaw. That is, the control unit seems to keep torquing against the flap after it has aleady closed, rather than sensing the pressure and shutting off. Based on other blogs I've read, this unit has been a problem for many, many years. This, along with other nuissances, really makes me question if Ford (and other auto makers) really pay attention to what is going on. Apparently, they do not.
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