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Chevrolet Cavalier Coolant System Issues



  • supermexsupermex Posts: 2
    my son has a 2004 cavalier that is blowing white smoke in the morning and fades away as the car warms up. it is also using coolant as he has to add some periodically. there is no sign of a coolant leak on the pavement. my guess is its leaking internally and after talking with a mechanic on the phone he seemed to think that it may be a blown head gasket. my question is could it be something else? or if is is indeed the head gasket i know that there is some products made for this problem but its recommend that all the coolant be drained before using it. my 2nd question is how do you completely drain the system? also there is no radiator cap. please help
  • White smoke can be a transmission problem also, but if your losing coolant it is most likely a head gaske, especially if it's a Cavilier. Adding products to a cooling system with a leaky head gasket will only make the problem worse. The head has to be pulled and the gasket replaced before you end up with a cracked head or worse.
  • supermexsupermex Posts: 2
    you maybe right but at this point im willing to try anything that might help. ive heard from a mechanic and also a friend that talks from expirience that a product called liquid glass is very good and also alot cheaper than the 900 dollar job of getting a new gasket put on. what do you think? are you a mechanic? thanks for the advice and i hope to hear from you soon.
  • son just had a steering box just replaced- $274.49- work and everything- works great
    now for the problem- it seems to over heat- just replaced thermostat- still is staying up in the high zone. does it need to be flushed? mechanic said low compression- does it need and oil change? car is great- don't want to leave him stranded- help??
  • son has another problem- engine shakes 3 times at light or stop sign then the oil light comers on-- what is up?
  • My daughters 1998 Cavalier has had the heater core replaced 4-5 times in the last 2 years, the latest one only lasted about 2 months. She is now driving it without heat as the core keeps failing. Part is cheap, replacing it is tough. What would cause this. (I've had it replaced by a mechanic each time) He thinks it could be the head gasket and the car isn't worth that repair.

  • i have never heard of a "band aid" fix for this problem but im sure it exists. However, it is best to get the head gasket replaced because if u temporarily fix this it will just do the same thing in a few months also, coolant entering the combustion chamber WILL damage the vehicle so the problem should be remedied ASAP
  • my 2000 cavalier 2.2l is leak coolant on the back side of the engine on the passenger side but theres no smoke coming out the exhaust or milky oil. Is this a blown head gasket?
  • I have a 1992 Cavalier with 159,000 miles. Recently I've been getting a faint to moderate scent of anti freeze in the car via the vents. There is no coolant leak and the vehicle runs and drives fine. I was advised by a co-worker that it could be the heater core. Does that sound accurate?
  • I have a 1992 Cavalier with 159,000 miles. Of late the bettery light has been coming on during normal driving, but It tends to shut off after a few moments. Does anyone here know what could be causing this? It's been happening a bit more often and I am a little concerned.
  • I have a 2000 Cavalier. It recently has been over heating. I have to put coolant in it every few days. Then tonight, my lights were dimming and the car was making funny noises. And when I parked, smoke was coming from the passenger side under the hood. I have no idea what it going on!
  • Thermostat is gone or water pump, have you noticed your heat gauge isn't working properally, this is most likely this problem.

    if you get underneath of it and look up on right side motor underneath is Water Pump and Left side of the Engine from looking underneath is the thermostat.
  • my 2002 cavalier 2.2l is leaking coolant on the back side of the engine on the driver side. today i noticed while driving the car's temp was going up and when i pulled over i popped the hood and some smoke was came out and a milky oil like fluid was coming out where the dip stick goes. do u have any idea on what the problem is?
  • ravelravel Posts: 1
    Ok, so, the AC (the fan) in my car seems to work, but the air coming out of it isn't very cold at all; I was wondering if there was anything I can do to make it colder? Is it also something I can do myself? The heating works, in case you're wondering.
  • sonyasuesonyasue Posts: 1
    this same thing happened to me , it was a blown head gasket
  • eddie_veddie_v Posts: 1
    Check your A/C condenser, If its bad then your AC wont work right also did you recharge it? usually when they bad or about to you get a funny smell when you turn the A/C on.
  • I have a 02 Z24 in good condition, however when I shift from 2nd to 3rd gear the car sounds and feels as if the manual transmission is slipping (high rpms and little to no power). Dose anyone have an idea what the problem could be.
  • grlztoy49grlztoy49 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    I added coolant to my 03 Cavalier and my overheating light is on again? Not sure what to go to next? Thermostat or how to see why the light is on and the temperature is going up again on the gauge?Please help ASAP as I have doctors appointments and need the car.
  • Put car up on ramp or jack up enough to put 5 gallon bucket underneath to collect most of the coolant as you remove the thermostat housing. Take the thermostat to cook stove, put in sauce pan fill higher than thermostat. bring to medium heat and slowly watching the candy thermometer slowly rise to 180 degree and see if the thermostat start to open. if it get to 185 plus degree and still doesn't open than it's a bad thermostat. Now remember to take it to parts store and get the same height and size. Some cheaper stat will be shorter in height causing less coolant to flow leading to hotter engine. Taller stat lead more coolant flow and less heat buildup in block and head. Put stat back in and if it still overheat-next check the water pump. I bought a use cavalier from lady who use straight tap water (RUSTED IN EXPANSION TANK) (no coolant/distill water mixture) lead to water pump fins to completely disappear and then no water flow AT ALL! LEADING TO DESTROYED HEAD GASKET AND WARP HEAD. USE DEXCOOL (ORANGE COOLANT) WITH 50/50 DISTILL WATER. NO--NO--NO---> TAP WATER--THEY HAVE MINERAL IN THEM THAT WILL DESTROY MOST OF YOUR YOUR ENGINE COMPONENT LEADING TO EARLY ENGINE FAILURE. CHEAPER TO BUY RIGHT COOLANT/DISTILL WATER THAN EXPENSIVE ENGINE OVERHAUL!!!
  • Replaced water pump and thermastat on 2002 cavalier about five months ago. Everything was fine untill about a week ago i noticed a antifreeze smell from the engine and now the coolant seems to slowly leak from somewhere again because iv had to add coolant twice in one week. Its not the head gasket and im not sure if its the water pump again. Theres a small amount of coolant on the ground about the same area it was when the water pump was leaking before. Could the pump have gone bad again already or could it be something else? Its hard to pinpoint do to its been raining for the last few days. Anyone got any ideas?
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