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2007 Toyota Tundra Engines



  • vortecmaxvortecmax Posts: 5
    Take away the mediocre engine and you have an ugly truck with a weak frame, average ride, poor handling, questionable rear-end traction, below average interior, to name a few.

    I agree, they are butt-ugly, but fortunately I never see them on the road. I think I have seen one, maybe 2. If they were as prominent as the F150 or the GM twins, I would gouge my eyeballs out. :shades:
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Thank you for your insightful post. I am sure mighty GM and even mighter Ford and Chrysler has nothing to fear from Toyota. ;) :P
  • vortecmaxvortecmax Posts: 5
    Not in the truck segment they don't. Toyota has been trying to enter this segment for years now and have not succeeded with much market share yet. I don't see that changing anytine soon. And when Ford releases the new 2009 F150, their sales will skyrocket once again and it'll be a 2-horse race between them and the GMT900's. The Tundra will be laps behind, as usual.
  • sdiegosdiego Posts: 2
    Good news or bad news, this truck is hot on the market, otherwise... no one would bother talking about it. This should help continue increase the sales.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,173
    Lot's of "Hopefulls" around here. Toyo must be laughing their collective arses off at the reactions of those tried-and-true domestic buyers. Now that the Tundra has made significant inroads (On target to sell the projected 200k earlier than expected) compared to the outgoing one has really brought out the insecuruties of the owners. This much backhanded, armchair criticism is a compliment if anything, cause it shows that the Tundra is "serious comptition" and those other guys have taken notice. It is, of course the last stronghold the domestic manufacturers have to defend in the market.

    Think of it this way, if the Tundra really was a "Flop" as some of the 14yo's on this forum claim it to be, why waste the time littering the Tundra forums with trash talking and needless anti-Toyota babbling? Why not let the market speak the truth. Sure, in this case the market IS showing favorable results towards the Tundra, but does anybody REALLY believe that a few negative posts on an internet forum will change things? lol.

    Hey, my buddy is a service manager for a GM dealer in NH. Got stuck with not 1, but 2 GMC Sierra's that turned out to be trash. Problems got so bad that he strayed to the "Dark side" and bought a Tundra. Really, if your own employees don't stand by your product (GM) then what does that say?

    Like it or not, the Tundra is a success. No amount of internet bullying is going to change that.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,173
    Why does it hurt there in lala-land?

    link title

    link title

    The all-new Tundra
    full-size pickup reported all-time best-ever sales of 17,727, an increase
    of 113.8 percent over the year-ago month.

    Again, dream on.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    According to this link, Tundra sales up 122%, May 2007 vs. May 2006. Regardless, big increases however you measure it.

    "Tundra sales were 17,727, up 122 percent."

  • Here's the deal. Toyota has been quite vocal about selling 200k units this MY. They will in fact do that, maybe even plus a few for bragging rights, by putting as much cash on the hood as it takes. They are already doing it.

    I pity the poor early buyers that are finding out that they paid too much for their beloved Toyota. Not a good way to treat your customers.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,173
    Peoople aren't paying THAT much different now than when the truck appeared. Plus, dealers are always grasping for those extra $$$'s when a new product comes out, whether it be a Tundra or a Camry. If buyers are willing to pay for it because they want to be the first on the block to have one, then they will.

    Try shopping for a Z06, dealers are gouging as much as 10 grand more on those. Yet, there are not similar criticisms.

    They'll get that back when they go to trade it.
  • wolfkillrwolfkillr Posts: 8
    I'll bet that the people that have got nothing else to do than bash Tundras, probably never drove the 07.I drove all of the major brands, and Tundra was my pick. I narrowed it down to the G.M.C 6-ltr SLT and Tundra limited d.c. and the Toyota won.i'm as an "AMEICAN" as anybody, an probably more than most, but but if i'm going to spend my money, i'll buy what i want.You know if there really is a cam problem, it may not be a bad deal for Tundra owners. Just think i might get a new motor at 59,999 miles. I trade after 4-5 years anyway. Just something to think about!!
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It is always the vehicle maker's fault in the public view. Behind the scenes it's always the supplier's fault. Always.

    Until additional information is known ( Yes, it is a very small percentage so far but it will likely get bigger. ) neither you nor anyone else knows what the extent of the problem is. I know that you'd hope it's in all 30,000 engines and since hope springs eternal just keep the faith. Your fondest wishes might come true. :)
  • hotel1hotel1 Posts: 50
    Hmmmm...............With a paultry 64k or so sold so far and the end of the 07 model year 3 months away they will be lucky to break last years 125k 06s sold let alone dream of reaching the 200k mark they hoped for..........
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Well this is a '10-month' year. January was the wind-down for the '06 and Feb was the ramp-up month as vehicles began to arrive. Then gas went to $3/Gal...and Texas is just starting its second shift this month.

    It will be whatever it is. As long as monthly volumes stay in the 15-20K range then this meets their expectation.
    March. 13,200
    April... 14,200
    May.... 17,700
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    .03% now. Chances of being struck by lightning are greater.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I'm assuming you're part of that .03%? I know I wouldn't want to be.....
  • tjjeeptjjeep Posts: 1
    I was a Toyota tech for 10 years or so and I hate to say it but ever since toyota started producing cars in the US. Which was around 1995 they have had problems. The use of delco parts and other various brands on the US production cars and trucks was and still is a major problem.
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    No question that Toyota has its share of growing pains, but that is exactly what they are. It is rapidly expanding to meet the demand for their vehicles so it is a given that there will be issues along the way. The Detroit3 have had their plants for decades and have done anything but expand over the last 10 years as they shudder plants, employees, benefits and wages in order to compete. So despite having all of these things in place, they still have difficulties with their products on a larger scale than Toyota. Not that Toyota is infallible or that the Detroit3 are terrible (they're much better than many of their European rivals), but if you've ever seen the manufacturing plants and the environment and attitude differences between Toyota and the Detroit3, it would become very clear to you why Toyota's quality, in general, is considered by the industry to be the standard (I personally think Honda is better than Toyota). Once expansion at Toyota settles down a bit, quality will again improve. Still even with all of these problems, Toyota still tops most, if not all manufacturers in this regard.
  • When i joined this website, i thought i would get some useful information about my new tundra truck. How wrong i am. It seems like a bunch of kids fighting over who has the best truck, who's # 1, and every other thing that kids fight about. Anyway,I've read enough and i'll be moving on to HOPEFULLY another non-bickering site that i can get some information about my new tundra.
  • Hey grapepicker, you may have already joined up but Tundrasolutions is a good site. Occasional Trolls, but overall very imformative. Definitely not a hate forum. :)
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