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Hyundai Accent Transmission Questions



  • hockey18hockey18 Posts: 1
    Did replacing the speed sensor work?? I also have a 2009 accent and it's doing the same thing. Thanks!
  • I'm having an intermittent problem with my Hyundai Accent. Usually in the mornings... come to a stop sign. Then when I take off, it feels like it's not getting enough gas. Hyundai dealership has had the car 3 times and no issues found. No engine light comes on. So they can't diagnose
    Can anyone help me out?
  • carfreak09carfreak09 Posts: 160
    I would look into the coil packs, which control the spark. There are 4 of them, the small black boxes above each spark plug. These are known to go bad on the Accent and they cause poor acceleration, sputtering, jerkiness, etc. They don't always throw a code when they go bad.
  • its true, but 1st check your grounding connections- all sensors ground to frame or trans body - they must be clean and di electric greased. check battery connections check fuses . throw a meter and check for trouble codes - for 10 bux try seafoam and try and loosen the selenoid. if that works, change filter and fluid
  • Hello, I had the same EXACT problem with my 05 accent, I have been trying to figure it out for almost a year now. I dont know why, but NO hyundai dealer ANYWHERE seems to know the true cause of this problem. However, I for one found the cause of the problem yesterday as i was driving down the interstate. My accent was doing 65 mph when it kicked OUT of overdrive and my rpm's shot up. I pushed the overdrive button on the shifter to off and then back to on as i was driving and the car went back INTO overdrive as it should. That led me to start playing with the overdrive button while i was driving. As i wiggled the button back and forth the car would kick in and out of over drive without actually PUSHING the button. About two hours ago i pulled my car in the garage and took out the screw on the front side of the shifter that hold the overdrive button in and finnagled the overdive button out of the shifter. I found that one of the wires on the overdrive swith was frayed. This is because of the way hyundai runs their wires through the shifter. There is 3 different colored wires. One of them is black. This is a ground wire. The other two are different color. If you touch one of the wires to the black ground wire, the "over drive off" light will illuminate on the dash. If you touch The OTHER colored wire to the black ground wire, the "over drive off" light will NOT illuminate. This means the overdrive is in fact enabled. As i never turn my over drive OFF anyway, I simply cut the wires off of the overdrive button and soldered The ground wire to the colored wire that enables the overdrive. My overdrive is now permanently on and my car does not stick in 3rd gear at stops signs and it now shifts through EVERY gear as it should ALL of the time. I took my time to explain all of this because i know how confusing the situation is and I KNOW FOR A FACT that this is the cause of your problem. I joined this website ONLY to reply to your post. I am giving you my word that if you do what i explained your problem will be solved. I thought it to be highly unlikely but i proved myself wrong. I hope you give it a try. -Joe
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