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Pontiac Torrent Ignition Problem



  • Hi there…Has anyone found an solution to this problem in all these years? Or has contacting the GM reps who repeatedly offered assistance if you send them info, helped anyone to fix this problem? I have a 2006 Torrent which I LOVE and sadly have many of the same issues…
    -after the heater core was replaced at dealer ( to late for recall but dealer convinced GM to at least pay for half of the $1400 work )
    -3 wheel bearings (one without warning the tire almost fell off the rear…thank GOD we were driving slowly through a town when it happened!!!)
    -passenger wiring harness,
    -abs kicking on EVERYTIME you come to a stop (all tire sensors bad)
    - CT pipe breaking for no reason (an apparent issue as per dealer) at a $600 replacement cost if I don’t want my car to sound like a Harley and pass Etest (I’m in Ontario Canada and an drive clean etest is required every two years to get you plates renewed)
    -Lights on dash for no apparent reason etc, etc

    NOW the biggy… electrical died a few times before and required a boost to get going again…and twice the radio or fan would not shut off when the car was turned off and the key was out of the ignition…again dead. The windows and rear wiper sometimes work and sometimes don’t…plus the front passenger only works when you open the door :/

    Finally I come to a stop sign…flicker and beep goes the dash…and it dies…never to start again…not with a boost, not with a charger, not with a new battery. $300 to have it towed and there it sits in my drive waiting for me to have enough money to have it towed and looked at while all the new parts rot :(

    HELP! I LOVE my Torrent…first “pretty car” I ever owned. I am a single mom and needed a reliable car as I am on limited funds and live in rural Ontario…

    GM… SHAME if you have not helped others with this problem after all these years and your support people posting over and over again…obviously you are aware there is a problem and should be standing by your product and recalling this car!!

    My grandfather would be rolling in his grave as a 65 year retiree of your company…yes I said 65 years! I will be the last of my family to buy a GM…after my issues even my father went Toyota…and your wondering why our gov’t has to keep bailing you out so you don’t go under???? LOOK after your customers and maybe you would keep them loyal!! FYI we (most of Ontario) won’t be voting liberal either so there goes your cash cow!!

  • thop1thop1 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue now with starting my 2006 torrent. I have to press the gas for it to start after the first start up in the morning. Now my problem is smelling the gas and everyone telling me my car is hazardous. I brought my car from the dealership in 2011 and now I have 105,000 miles on my car and the warranty has ran out and now I am left to find the problem with my vehicle. When I first brought this car I had to have the ignition switch replaced because the ignition switch wouldn't turn over, I should of knew that was the first sign of this car being a headache.
  • I have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent which has been having intermittent starting problems where it won't turn over right away. Some days it would take 2 tries and today I must have tried about 7 times and it wouldn't turn over. I resigned myself to thinking there must be something terribly wrong... the battery, the battery cables, the starter... But then I had a thought. I have a remote start installed on the vehicle.. so I used it to see if the car would still turn over - and it did! At that moment I knew it couldn't be the starter or the battery because it wouldn't have turned over if it was. So I did some detective work and called the company who installed my remote start to see if they knew why my key wouldn't make the engine turn over, but the remote start would. They said there is a chip in my car key that the ignition recognizes and it might need to be replaced. They said it's as simple as taking it to your nearest locksmith to get it checked out. He also suggested if I have a spare key to try it and see what happens. WOW... after reading over all of these steps that others have gone through to figure out the issue, I'm pretty certain that this is probably all that is needed. I'm going to the locksmith today and I will reply if it resolves everything (or if it doesn't). :smile:
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