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Oldsmobile Aurora Engine Problems



  • Also, the heat will still work fine if you do this. I did it on my kid's aurora because the coolant sensor went out twice and I was sick of fixing it.
  • Try a bottle of gas line antifreeze. It only costs 2 bucks and it might just fix your problem. No kidding!
  • chipf1chipf1 Posts: 2
    sounds like the fuel pump going out. I have a 95 that behaved similarly. pump is accessed in the trunk on the right side under the back window. I think there is a valve stem on the intake that you can press to check fuel pressure. should squirt out pretty strong. if not then you prob. need a fuel pump... good luck...
  • I have a 97 Aurora that is overheating. The temp will go up to about 260 at idle,however when the car is at 1500 rpm in park the temp will go back down to 210. I have replaced the thermostat and water pump and still having problems? Also, the car seems to have more problems when it is moving. I have heard that these motors have head gasket problems,but there is no water in the oil and no smoke from the exhaust? I have added a gasket sealer to the reservoir as directed and upon driving did great and held at 220 for about 10 miles and then began to overheat? Please if anyone has encountered this problem or knows what it might be let me let me know. I have reached the extent of my mechanical abilities.
  • eyweyw Posts: 1
    My '03 aurora has had a rough idle for some time now. The RPM's tend to go up and down consistantly. Engine light comes on and then goes away after several miles of driving. Runs well other than this. Both coil banks have been replaced and the crank sensor. Both times, these fixes solved the problem for a month or so but the issue comes back. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • noxingnoxing Posts: 1
    Hi, my engine in my 99 aurora has started making funny noises. there are none when i idle but when i accelerate there are some clicks and hisses, it sounds like some parts are rubbing against eachother but i cant be sure. i have 217000kms on it. does this happen with most of the aurora motors? help!
  • stacey41stacey41 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Hi everyone
    I just replaced my starter today and got the car back home with no problem. Went back out and the car started fine was able to make it to the store on my way back home it started but shut off and I could not get it to restart. Tried gas. That wasn't it. If it did start it ran bad as if there was bad gas this was before putting in the new gas. The car was not having this problem before the new starter it sounds as if a hose or something wasn't connected if any one can help me please I'm sending it back to the shop. that just seemed odd to me. What do you think.
  • 84,000 miles car ran great, i pulled in to a gas station and the car died, replaced the fuel pump fuel filter wires and coil. car is hard to start then boggs down and dies no service eng. light on, is it the ecm dont know where else to look.
  • sounds like you could have a weak water might want to check it out.
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