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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    cool, congrats!
  • I requested quotes online through Edmunds. Dealer A came in at $31K w/tech package.

    Dealer B came in at $29,000 w/tech package. I went to Dealer A to see if he could match/beat it. Dealer A won't match it and doesn't think Dealer B will deliver on his price.

    I checked Their price is the same as Dealer A.

    So I have an appt with Dealer B for Thursday. Dealer B swears he has normal colors. . . We'll see if there's a bit of bait and switch going on here. . .

    Question: Is extended warranty a negotiable item? How much does it/should it cost?

    Thanks for help. These threads are invaluable.
  • Most definitely it's negotiable. I don't quite remember what the financing manager had said to me but I seem to remember the extended warranty was for 6 year (as opposed to 3 year from manufacturer) for approx. $2500. When I refused he then tried to sell it to me for approx. $1500 and to also work that number into my monthly payment. Let me see if I can still find that brochure....
  • I don't know about the cost of the extended warranty...but one thing I found out when researching my NAH was that some Tech Packages come with the moonroof and some don't...the dealer may or may not include that information. The price difference can be several hundred dollars.
  • ANYTHING in a car purchase is negotiable. The extended warranty is a very high-profit item for dealerships, so you should be able to get a price break on that pretty easily. The moonroof is an expensive item, so I'd check to see if the car is equipped with one. Be really careful at that dealership. Take a print out of everything that you expect to get for the money (you can build a NAH on the Nissan website, with retail prices for everything, print it out, and take it with you).
    I've heard of dealership actually trying to bait/switch car buyers to the standard Nissan Altima 2.5, since it gets roughly the same highway gas mileage (makes sense, really, that it does, the eletric motor on a Hybrid is for the slow, stop-n-go driving).
  • 500e500e Posts: 13
    I used Edmunds to get some quotes in the SF Bay Area and it was clear this car could be bought cheap.

    Another dealer offered me $29.7k. I was extremely happy with McKevitt in Berkeley and gladly agreed to the extra $200 in cap cost. I ended up with a lease at $434 plus tax for 39 months with 15,000 miles per year. No sunroof.

    I also looked into the Prius with package 6 -- very similar in amenities, but a different driving experience (to me, a lesser driving experience). The best I could negotiate on the Prius was $434 plus tax monthly for 36 months and 15,000 miles per year. Easy decision for me after driving them back to back -- NAH!

    McKevitt had quite a few tech package cars in stock and they treated me like gold. If you use email, Steve will be great to deal with. If you walk in, ask for Dave - he's a prince.
  • sure they will coz u don't get that 23xx tax back on the lease
  • Thanks to everyone for help/feedback on the warranty. The quote I got was $1495-- firm. They gave me a few days to decide. I'm fairly certain I'm going to go back and pay for it.

    My cost out the door for the car was $31,944.11 with tax and license (tax rate in CA is about 8.75%). I got the full tech package. Color is white with gray interior (yes, with the two-tone, but I can live with that. )

    I didn't get the moonroof. I had a moonroof on my old car and the only thing I ever got from it was a sunburned scalp.
  • Looking for some quick feedback on pricing. I can get a new '07 Altima Hybrid for $4000 under MSRP ($1500 Nissan Cashback + $2500 discount). The dealer has a bunch on the lot. Do you think there's any more room to negotiate there, or should I just grab that & run?

    Factoring into it is that the $1500 Nissan Cashback ends tomorrow (January 2), and there's no guarantee it will be renewed. Anyone know if there will be new incentives on the '07 that start up on the 3rd?
  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    that sounds like a good deal, i'd probably go for it. if you want to try to negotiate some more, by all means try. but i don't think it will be a significant amount
  • Thats a really good deal. The best price I have seen with tax, license and fees is $24,000. I have seen used ones with less then 10,000 mlies on them for around $22-23K.
  • 4k below MSRP is also below invoice on that car. You probably won't be able to get a better deal, even if you whine, but you MAY be able to negotiate a better price on an extended warranty to go along with it. I wouldn't worry too much about the cashback thing. Nissan keeps renewing it, and considering the stumbling of the economy right now, I would bet they'll keep doing it....
  • What does everyone think?

    Anatomy of the deal:
    2008 NAH in Precision Gray with the Tech Pkg and Aluminum Kick Plates:
    MSRP: $32,375

    Dealership's offer: $29,128+ T & L ($32,019.70 out the door - CA tax is 8.75% plus flat Dealer fee of $343 covering title/reg/lic. etc)

    3.9% APR for 60 months (current Nissan special... this or $1250 cash back... the lower rate will save me more in the long run, as the normal going rate around here seems to be 6+%)

    They are offering $12,000 on my trade in of a 2005 Honda Accord Coupe LX Special Edition 5SPD, on which I still owe $10,880 or so. (Seems a bit low, but, I guess that's what you give up when you don't have time to sell it yourself). They will apply the $1,120 difference after tax.

    Seeing as the out the door price including our ridiculous CA tax rate is less than the MSRP, it looks like a good deal to me. I'd love some input, though...

    I'm in Northern California, SF Bay Area (Santa Clara to be exact).

    Thanks all, this discussion has been invaluable... :blush:

  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    really hard to comment on your deal. if you were buying the NAH straight up, then I would say it's a good deal, but factor in a trade-in and it's difficult to say. but it doesn't look like you're getting scrwed
  • I am in San Francisco and over the President's Holiday weekend I bought a 2008 NAH with tech pakage, aluminum kick plates and mats for $27,672 after rebates without tax and license. I received a total of $1,750 in rebates which included a $500 incentive that was only good for the President's Holiday weekend. I bought my car from Serramonte Nissan. See the internet Sales Manager there; he is very pleasant to deal with. I shopped around a lot corresonding over e-mail with numerous SF Bay Area dealers over several weeks and Serramonte Nissan had the best deal.

    I really enjoy my NAH so far! My only regret is that the city milage in SF is not better than the highway as the advertised milage metric suggests. There are a lot of stop signs and hills to contend with in the city so most of the time I am driving on the gas engine. On the other hand I have been advised of this before hand from friends who have hybrids so I did know what I was getting into. I find that the greatest benefit from the hybrid technology comes from driving in freeway traffic when in stop and go traffic the electric engine kicks in a lot.

    Good luck.
  • Wow! You got an excellent deal! Did the car include the sunroof and leather (I think leather comes with tech, but I can't remember)? I live in Marin County, and can verify your experience in hilly areas. The EV mode only kicks in when you're driving VERY gently, on flat ground or slight downhill, so you probably will never get close to the advertised city mileage (we never have, and we've had our NAH about 9 months, now). In stop and go traffic on the freeway, I actually smile, because I know I'm getting unbelievable gas mileage (bring up the instantaneous MPG display in the orange area above your steering column to see what I mean). Your car will get better and better gas mileage as everything breaks in. We're at about 12K, now and our mileage is very good overall (usually in the high 30's when my gentle wife drives it, and in the low 30's when my lead foot hits the accelerator). It's a fun, comfortable, sporty car to drive, and I don't feel like a geek driving it, as I would in a Pious.
  • Hi hiwayman. I avoided the sunroof to save a little $$ (don't use it much in my other cars) but I did get leather which comes in the tech package.

    BTW, thanks for your input on one of the Altima Hybrid threads regarding the installation of aftermarket HID and fog lights ( Both yours and langjie's input will be very helpful to me on that endeavor.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    glad to be of help
  • Now I am thinking I did not get so great of a deal. I bought one here in NJ for $25000 ( sunroof plus convienence package , floor mats and kick plates) . I could not get one with leather so I am paying $1300 to have the leather installed. This includes the $1250 rebate that Nissan is offering. It seems like I did not have to do any negoitiating. I offered $25,000 and they took it without a problem. Did I get taken for a ride? They also charged me $500 for tags, title and paperwork fees which they said was non negotiable. I thought that was very high.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    is the 25000 with the leather price included?

    regardless, it's not a horrible deal, msrp for your car is 28,225, invoice 26,299

    pretty much, you got the car for invoice price if you take into account the rebate. you probably could have got it down by maybe $1,000 max, but the hassle-freeness of your experience might just be worth it. $500 for documentation and stuff is maybe a bit high here in MA, here is $350ish. not sure about jersey though.

    i don't consider getting "taken for a ride" unless you are paying close to MSRP or above.
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