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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • redwood2redwood2 Posts: 19
    I would advise you not to let the dealer wrap the price up in a loan. They can tack on more that way. What is the cost of the car? Then discuss finance.

    My 2008 NAH was a loaded tech pkg, out the door (8% CA tax, rebate and everything) for $30,037.

    Go in and state what you want to pay. Pay at least $2500 under invoice. Let dealers bid for your business, shop them! Be willing to walk away and contact several dealers. End of month and end of quarter are good times. 7 dealers would not take my price, but one did.

    good luck!
  • doemadoema Posts: 5

    good call on the finance tip, i was kind of guessing that's their method to mask additional markups, etc. thanks for the feedback.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    i agree that the NAH is a perfect balance between fuel efficiency and sportiness. If you don't car much about sportiness, the TCH is a better choice.
    In the end its all about driving habits and personal taste.
    A quick comparison; the best price I have seen for a new NAH Base is $24,000 OTD and if you factor in the $2350 rebate, the price becomes $21,650.
    Comparing that to a regular gas engine altima 2.5S automatic, the lowest price I have seen is $19,300 OTD. There is about a $2350 difference in price.
    With gas @ $4.00/gallon you save about $45.71 per 1,000 miles if you get 25MPG overall with the gas engine and 35MPG overall with the NAH. You will recoup the $2350 after 50,000 miles. After 50,000 the differenc will be made up. Thats if gas is $4.00/gallon.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    I also think that the seats in a Nissan > Toyota. The Camry doesn't offer much back support and my hips start hurting when I drive a Camry
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Does your state offer an incentive to purchase a hybrid? Mine did. sent me a $1,000 check plus the parts on the hybrid don't wear like a regular Altima. You have to factor that the discount that my insurance company gave me because I bought a hybrid. With my driving, I figure I make up the difference in two years and have a lot more fun car to drive.
  • Yes, Oregon will give me a $1500 credit for the Altima or the Camry. Also the California dealer is willing to deliver the car to me in Oregon so that I don't have to pay sales tax. Any thoughts of how I can test drive one without chugging down to CA? I called Avis (who supposedly rents them) and they see them once in a blue moon in Oregon. Anyone on the post anywhere nearby Portland?
  • jstojsto Posts: 1
    I've been trying to prince a Nissan Altima Hybrid (silver or slate) with connection package at various dealers in NY, NJ and MA. I understand its hard to get connection without moonroof, so these prices include moonroof. The prices I'm getting are a bit above invoice, which is pretty close to what Edmunds says others are paying, which is higher than what others on this site have posted. I tried a couple of internet pricing systems, and it seems all you get is dealers sending you auto-generated emails that say "contact us" or "come in for a test drive". Most of them don't bother contacting you. They tell you the price without destination, or get "confused" between the connection and convenience packages and quote you the wrong price that you find out after you drive 45 minutes to get there. Others give you a great price, but say they can't guarantee it until you come in. I'm not driving 2 hours for a bait and switch! The whole thing seems like an advertising scam. Anyhow, I did manage to get prices out of a few of them on the phone, and this is what I'm getting:

    Invoice with moonroof (before rebate) $28,771
    TMV "what others are paying" on edmunds $29,054

    Prices I've gotten from dealers (before $1250 rebate):

    My local dealership offered $29,250.

    Others who posted earlier said they were getting it for 1 or 2K below invoice! Is this a geographical difference? Should I keep looking? Should I bargain harder? Should I wait until late June?

    Any advice is much appreciated. Thx
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    You might try Signature Nissan in Jamestown, New York. Last time I was there they had an 07, blue with connection package and what I thought was a good deal.
  • Boy I got lucky. The NAH doesn't exist in Oregon and I've been dying to test drive. Finally I said, well, I'll go test drive the regular Altima to make sure I like the feel, and whaddya know, the dealer I went to had bought one from a California dealer. Awesome car.

    Problem... it was a "manager demo" with 5000 miles on it and I'm pretty sure I don't want that. Also, though it had the moonroof and the techonology package, they wanted 32,888 for it (gratefully reducing the price by $200 because of the manager demo).

    Obviously, this is not acceptable and I'll just get it from a CA dealer and take delivery in Oregon to avoid the sales tax. What should I expect on price for the fully loaded NAH? It seems like MSRP is around $33k.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    In my job, I have driven the NAH, the regular Altima 2.5 and the 3.5 Altima and the NAH feels nothing like the 2.5. The feel is closer to the 3.5 because of the extra weight and suspension. I believe the NAH uses the same suspension as the 3.5. It feels and drives more secure on the road than the standard 2.5.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    NO NO NO!!!! do not pay MSRP for it!!!!
  • was able to get a loaded Altima NAH (NAV, leather, sunroof) for invoice. (Attleboro MA) last week. Do NOT pay MSRP
  • seven20pseven20p Posts: 10
    i got mine in CT for 700 below

    hybrid fully loaded,

    dark slate / charcoal int
    moonroof / shield/ plates / mats / tech package.

    - incentives.

    I took the 3.9 / wasnt eligable for 2.9 according to NMAC>

    I could have gotten it cheaper in CA but shipping would have offset for NC>

    If you wait you could get better deal with incentives but I was ready and my vehicle is on the frits so it made sense.

    Streer clear of NJ dealers. They will rape you on fees . FYI.

    I didnt find one single dealer in NJ that was upfront.

    My dealer in CT said I will treat it as wholesale and fax you the contract for review.
    Its taking close to 30 days with financing and stuff, tags for out of state and all req before vehicle ready for departure to NC, but its worth it to get an NAH!!
  • Well I'm calling around now... want Blue/Black with tech Package and Sunroof.
    Have gotten:
    From CA - $31,700 for Black w/o a sunroof
    From OR dealer (who has to get it from CA - 1000 miles) - $32,259 for a Black with sunroof.

    It feels like this is more than others are paying, but I don't know how much of that has to do with the dealers having to go out of state to get this car (states are big out West!).
  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    I'd go for the OR dealer if you were comfortable with that price
  • can you post the name of the dealer in CT? Thanks.
  • seven20pseven20p Posts: 10
    you may email me in my profile for additional info. thanks
  • Hi There,

    Not sure how to reply in your profile..


  • nmacmill01nmacmill01 Posts: 16
    MSRP was $31,225.00. With the $1250.00 rebate, I paid $27,000.00. Leather, Moon, Mats, Kick plates, and Connection package. Figured the tech package was a bit pricey compared to portable Navigation units.

    Purchased from Vallejo Nissan, (Northern California).


  • nmacmill01nmacmill01 Posts: 16
    MSRP was $31,225.00. With the $1250.00 rebate, I paid $27,000.00. Leather, Moon, Mats, Kick plates, and Connection package. Figured the tech package was a bit pricey compared to portable Navigation units.

    You should be able to get the same pricing.....

    Purchased from Vallejo Nissan, (Northern California).
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