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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey There,

    I am still looking for a CT dealer for a tech package. Can you please post the dealer that you dealt with (I couldn't email you privately).

  • kaloisakaloisa Posts: 2
    What dealer in CT did you deal with?
  • kaloisakaloisa Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I have been doing a lot of research like all of you. My wife and I have decided to buy the hybrid and here is what we are getting. Tech pkg, floor mats and moon roof black with blond interior.

    Our dealer that we always use in Manchester, CT is $1000 over invoice. I did hear back from Harte Nissan in Hartford and they will go $400 under invoice. Has anyone else dealt with any other dealerships in CT they they can recommend that will go below invoice? Has anyone dealt with Harte and if so, what was their experience?

    Thanks, everyone here is very informative and helpful.
  • seven20pseven20p Posts: 10
    a valid email is in my profile. thanks.

    Im used to many of these forums having private message capabilities.

    Anyways. just email me there. thanks
  • ops1ops1 Posts: 25
    I purchased an 08 NAH with Tech and Sunroof about 7 weeks ago from Bruce Bennet Nissan in Wilton, CT. I shopped the deal pretty hard by phone and email, and ultimately Bruce Bennet was the best out the door price (about $800 better than the next best offer I had). At the time they had more hybrids than any other dealer I dealt with, but they did not have the color/equipment mix I wanted (they got it within 3-4 days).

    We love this car. After 2,500 miles, I have been averaging between 35-37 mpg with at least 60% of that being city driving.
  • jsyarussjsyaruss Posts: 50
    I've been calling around today and I'm having trouble finding anybody willing to do anything less than MSRP! I know a couple of weeks ago people were getting much better details, but at this point, the number of cars available has dropped dramatically in the last couple of weeks (based on the inventories available online). Any recent quotes that look better?
  • ecr72ecr72 Posts: 9
    We picked up a 2008 NAH on Sunday. Options are tech, moonroof, mats. We paid $30515 before the $1250 rebate & extra $500 Memorial Day rebate. This was at Future Nissan in Roseville, CA.

    We also purchased the extended warranty. $1595 for the Gold Preferred, 84mo, 100K, $50 deductible.

    I think we got a fair deal on the vehicle but may have paid too much for the warranty. Has anyone else been purchasing the extended warranty? What have you been paying and for what coverage?

  • cephraimcephraim Posts: 31
    I think I was quoted $1300 for that warranty. The "invoice" cost on it is $915, according to Consumer Reports.
  • smodersmoder Posts: 13
    I am beginning to think I got a great deal. Paid 21795 for a base model with kickplates and mats 26075 sticker here in northern california. A dealer was advertising 21388 and I worked the local guy down. Getting 38 MPG mostly city. Good luck.
  • that was a grate price you did real whell and it was not a left over 2007 good for you. and it is a real nice grate car good luck with it. thanks Marco.
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    Excellent deal, smoder! Han Lee's Hilltop Nissan in Richmond California was advertising $21,388 for a base model that had an MSRP of $26,075, but that was including a $500 rebate during Memorial Day weekend's Nissan National Tent Event. A week later, they were advertising one at $21,888; same MSRP so I think it might have been the same car. Don't know if anything was wrong with it; supposed to be new.
  • Pleas if anyone has any idea when the Nah 2009 is cumming on to dealer Lots Pleas advize Thank you . And sorry guys My title like got cut off.
  • bkenedtbkenedt Posts: 3
    I decided to get the Altima Hybrid after learning of the Nissan incentives, $1250 , plus I was promised the extra $500 for the Memorial Day sale. I put a $300 deposit down and was told the vehicle ,was coming in on May 25th. When I inquired about the car, I was told the owner promised it to another dealership, and they tried to sell me a white one , fully loaded. I chose the blue Hybrid, was quoted a price for 24,500, and have a purchasing agreement. The salesman said there should be another sale coming soon, but I felt I was screwed over. I don't know if I should even bother contacting Nissan.
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    If you put down a deposit and had identified a specific vehicle, price and delivery date, I'd say you were screwed over. Sounds like bait and switch. Talk to a consumer protection lawyer and ask if you have a case. It would really help your case if the dealer gave you a receipt for your deposit that gave all the details, e.g. negotiated price, identified the car (VIN or stock # would be ideal), which would allow you to argue you had a written contract notwithstanding that it wasn't on dealers form purchase agreement. If so, you could get the difference between the price you agreed, and the cost of the substitute.

    Short of a lawsuit, file a complaint with your local BBB (Google BBB), complain to DMV which regulates dealers, and write a review on Edmonds dealer review. Name names as long as you stick to the facts.
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    I Googled. One article said August 2008.
  • bkenedtbkenedt Posts: 3
    Actually, it was a form called "Vehicle Cash Purchase Agreement". The information for the car was for a 2008 Altima Hybrid, blue in color, with a price of $24,986 before the rebates. It was signed by the general manager , who stated I would qualify for the rebate of $1250 that Nissan was promoting till 6-2, and also he would give me the extra $500 for the Memorial tent sale. Are you saying that because it was a Purchase Agreement, I don't have a case? I was thinking of calling Nissan. I would take another hybrid, but would want the rebate price. Thanks for your help.
  • thankyou Linche for the Heds up I will look on google Marco.
  • Hey if You signed sum thing with the dealer ship You should get the same price and they will have to find the same color car. on a nother nah. if they wont onner the agreement that they rote up and had you sign get your Money back and go to a nother Nissan dealer Keep us updated thankyou Marco.
  • nmacmill01nmacmill01 Posts: 16

    While reviewing my sales contract I noticed the odometer on the contract stated 2115. The car showed 52 miles on it when I purchased it new. Didn't think to check it on the day I picked it up :blush: . Should I be concerned, or was this just a clerical error?

  • langjielangjie Posts: 247
    shouldn't be a problem really. actually, it's even better to get a lower mileaged car.
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