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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ndanndan Posts: 14
    Finally pulled the trigger on an 2010 altima hybrid with the premium package
    msrp: 33160
    invoice: 30718
    sale price: 25000
    doc fee: 75
    tax: 2193 (NY)
    registration fee: 147
    I did have a trade in for which I got about four - five hundred more than the kbb dealer trade in. this is without the 2350 federal credit...Do I need to get any paperwork from the dealer for getting the federal tax credit next year? thanks in advance..
  • I just purchased the NaH with the Premium package in slate gray in NJ. Looks sweet. I heard about the $4500 cash back and submitted an internet dealer quote. I didn't get any specific prices from the dealers but got a call and went for a test drive after work. I liked the car and they seemed to be offering a pretty good deal but I hadn't done too much research. My wife wanted to try it so I jokingly asked if they would let me take it home for the night. They said yes!

    The next day I did some more online research and found a site that would give specific quotes from certain approved dealers. The dealer I had visited was offering it for $800 less than I had been quoted the night before. So I went back that night and although it was supposed to be for in stock vehicles they honored it even though they had to get the car from another dealer. I also traded in my old vehicle for a fair price.

    msrp: 33160
    invoice: 30718
    price paid: 24700
    doc fee: 400 (high but they wouldn't budge)
  • I have an opportunity to purchase a 2010 Nissan Altima hybrid...msrp of $28940 for $21000 even (including all rebates)...seems like a great deal. Any comments?
  • Congrats on your purchase. Can you or anyone here tell me where I can find the info on the 4500 rebate or cash back?

    Would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance
  • gractiongraction Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    Right on the nissanusa web site. And there is also an ad over to the right on this very page. Look for the Bottom Line sales event and look up the altima hybrid. In fact until Sept 6 it totals $5000 cash back. It only looks like it is for the northeast + Oregon, but maybe they have similar offers for other areas.
  • Hello there,

    I paid 19749 for Altima Base. Is this a good price?
  • I have been offered 18,900 + tax/documentation/registration in NJ. Is this a good price? This is for the Base model.
  • qsxdqsxd Posts: 3
    With tax credit, that's18900 - 2350 = 16550. I would buy one for that price.

    I live in North California Bay area. The best offer I have gotten so far is around 20300.

    I have told deals that I will buy one at $19000 but no dealer wanted to go that low.

    If anyone in Norcal who have been quoted ~$19000 in October, please let me know.
  • kaurikauri Posts: 11
    I would buy one at around $19000. I live in Souther Cal. LA area. If any one gets a quote around $19000, please let me know as well. Thanks
  • qsxdqsxd Posts: 3
    MSRP 27640 with carpet floor mat.

    Paid $19444 before tax credit in North California Bay Area.

    It was very hard to find this deal because the lowest listing price for 2010 model is around $21000 in my area. Because no dealer is listed one under $20k, no one wanted to seriously negotiate my offer price of 19k.

    I checked every Nissan dealer inventory on each dealer's own website. Nissan official website doesn't have accurate inventory information. Sometimes a Nissan dealer has 2010 in their inventory but not show up on the official website.

    While researching, I found one dealer is selling 2011 model for $21444. Since 2010 rebate is $2k more than 2011, I negotiated based on this price.

    I e-mailed every dealer that has 2010 model and only one dealer accepted my offer.

    Fortunately, this dealer had the color I wanted. I drove there and picked one today.

    Tax is a killer in CA: $2344.78.
    Doc fee: $55
    License fee: $275
    Registration/Transfer/Title fee: $87
    CA Tire fees: $8.75

    OTD price: 22264.53

    $2350 tax credit due next year.

    Thanks everyone who has posted great deals earlier. Without this forum, I wouldn't be able to make this deal.
  • About to pull the plug here in nj for 17595 for a base,before tax rebate,awesome deal.I shopped around and nobody would go lower then 19200.Best time to buy end of month.Will report back tomorrow if everything goes as planned.
  • Hi,
    Can you please let me know which dealer is giving you this 17595 deal, the lowest offered to me so far is 18,900 + tax/document....OTD 21,500

  • DHC nissan in freehold.I got mine yesterday,winter frost for 17595 plus tax and tags.What a deal.The pricing was for 2 days fri,sat,but im sure they will honor the price this week.Hurry on 3 left 2 silver and 1 black.Good Luck.
  • How much was your OTD price... was there any destination charge, how was the documentation fee?
  • OTD price was 19700,no des fee,just tax mv fees.
  • Wow that's a steal .. Last week I paid 20500 OTD final price. The only things the dealer threw in was Pine Stripes, door guard and tire lug nuts...I bought a ocean grey NAH....congrats on your new car....
  • Thanks,you too! dealer would not throw in any extras,wanted pinstripe.
  • What dealer did you buy from,how did they treat you?
  • qsxdqsxd Posts: 3
    Great deals in east coast!

    Too bad not many dealers are selling 2010 Altima Hybrid in California.

    North Bay Nissan is selling 2011 for $20,999. California residents could use this price to negotiate 2010 Altima hybrid for $19000.
  • Did you have any issues with the Freehold dealer or any strange things like slight damage to the vehicle? Thought I had a done deal with them but now there are some issues.
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