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Kia Sorento Transmission Problems



  • Glad no one was injured. PLEASE File a complaint with the email I posted above or at then "Vehicle Owners" then "file a complaint". Once a certain number of complaints are filed, the United States Government (National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration) will force KIA to recall ALL SORENTO's. Thanks for replying. You may save someone's life by filing the complaint and you can do it online in 3 minutes!
  • stempelstempel Posts: 1
    :( bought 2011 sorenta feb/2010, loved the vehicle, big step up from the neon that we were driving. now, one year later, feb/2011 went to accel on entrance ramp to major hiway, heard crunching noises there was no acceleration w/ gas pedal pushed down, pulled to the shoulder, in park it ran fine, put it back in gear & crunching noises non stop. police came by & put out road flares for our safety, this occurred at night, we were lucky,had to tow to nearest dealer, next day they tell me that transmission needs replacing.gave me a loaner, supposed to be four days till it is ready. still waiting - hate it :(
    has anyone had any problems w/ the second transmission that was put in???
  • We are still having problems with 2nd transmission. We now have an Attorney (that should pretty much tell the story). Hope you have better luck than we did with KIA, and by the way, it was our 7th KIA, and last. Hope you have time to file a complaint on - vehicle owners-file a complaint. If nothing else - you can view the multiple complaints on the KIA Sorento by other owners. Good luck. :lemon:
  • crissygcrissyg Posts: 4
    After doing a general search on kia's with transmission issues, I came accross this site. To be honest, I AM SICK! I bought a brand new 2011 Kia Sorento on December 2010. On April 14th, I was headed to work and it felt like I hit a brick wall. My car then would not shift gears and it would barely pull out. So I called a tow truck to haul to nearest Kia dealer. (Hometown Kia in Beckley) The tow truck was going to take 3 hours so my husband met me ad decided to drive it the 3 miles to the dealership. Once we got in there, the VERY FIRST thing the service guy said was "you didn't buy it from here did you?" That is when everything went down hill. Needless to say, I left that dealership and parked it at a local shopping center until my dealership in Princeton (Cole), who is awesome by the way, got back with me to tell me what I needed to do. In the mean time, the Sorento started shifting normally after shutting it off and starting it again. I was told that I could drive the Sorento to Cole's but to be careful. Cole's is about 40 miles away. Do not go over 60 miles an hour and the worst thing that could happen is that it would "hit the wa;; again." Oh, and I failed to mention my vehicle has 5,800 miles on it. So I took my car in on Thursday afternoon and got it back on Saturday morning. The "replaced" the transmission. All was good until Friday, April 22nd. My husband was driving it and BAM! It did it again. The second transmission with less than 1,000 miles on it and less than a week old is now doing the same thing. My car has 6,600 miles on it and they are getting ready to put a NEW tranmission in it again....the 3rd one!! What the heck?!?! I am located in WV and I think Lemon Laws here is 3 times with the same problem. Any advise?! Gosh this is horrible!
  • Sorry to hear about your troubles! WV Lemon laws should be on internet, however, you might call the Attorney General's Office. My wife and I lived in WV for 15 years and through politics, we met the Attorney General many times. Point is, the politicians were very easy to access and very helpful. Glad you were not hurt, or your husband. As with all my replys, I hope you might find time to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration on the internet via and then go to "Vehicle Owners" and then "File a complaint" . Once enough complaints are filed, the US Govt will force a recall on the KIA Sorento. Good luck and we are on our 2nd Transmission and still have problems, however, the dealer cant "Duplicate our concern". :lemon:
  • antons911antons911 Posts: 21
    Planning to purchase a Sorento, got some worry after reading these posts.
    Can someone tell me, on which models the transmission problem occured?
    V6, AWD, 4 cylinder, automatic or manual?
  • crissygcrissyg Posts: 4
    Mine is a awd 4 cylinder. Just got it back yesterday with 3rd transmission installed. I have lost complete faith and really I am scared to drive it. What if it does it again on the interstate? I cannot spend my life going 40 mph.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 382
    edited April 2011
    First off when you read a forum such as this it is going to appear that the vast majority of Sorento owners are having problems. People that are having problems are going to be attracted to these threads because it gives them an opportunity to vent. I have a 2011 Sorento EX V6 purchased in June 2010 and have had no problems with my transmission, knock on wood. I'm not sure, but it seems that the main problem for a small percentage of owners seem to be with the 4 cylinder. There is a TSB for a problem with the tranny in the 4 cylinder engines and it requires about 5 to 6 hours for the repair. They pretty much have to tear down the thing. Try this link it has a thread on this:
  • The transmission issues have been on V6 AWD Automatic. We currently own one with 9,900 miles and love it. No problems at this point. The V6 is Consumer Reports #1 family SUV.
  • My transmission was a 4 cylinder auto, not a 6, and my trans went. Its been fixed, and luckily, no more problems. I believe there has not been a full recall issued, but Kia has sent I guess what they call a "service recommendation" that addresses the problem. I hope they issue a recall, because my the car just stopped accelerating when this happened. Luckily, I was just getting off an exit, so it was easy to pull over, but God forbid your in the center lane of an expressway doing 65. That could cause all kinds of trouble!!!
  • pj50pj50 Posts: 1
    We were hours away from purchasing a 2011 Sorento. I gotta tell you I was at first heartbroken when I stumbled accross all the complaints on Then I was relieved & thankful that I did. On the surface a great car, all the bells and whistles, nice riding all at an affordable price, but all that doesn't mean a thing if the drivetrain can't get you from A to B safely. Whew!
  • I don't know a whole lot about cars, but I do know that I have a problem...

    I was driving back home yesterday and when I got in the interstate, I noticed that the car was very sluggish. I also noticed that it wasn't going above 50mph, and that's even with the pedal floored. I then thought that I'd try it in manual and that did the trick. The manual shifting got me to 70mph with no problems. I noticed no noise issues or vibrations.

    When I stopped at a traffic light on the interstate exit, I put it back into auto mode, and when I put the gas on to move forward, I felt a jolt and then I was moving again.

    Can anyone tell me what's going on? I purchased my car used with 106K miles and now it's at 130K. 2005 Kia Sorento 4x4 V6.
  • twest08kiatwest08kia Posts: 1
    i have a kia sorento which i bought in 2009. it was a new vehicle, i purchased it in march of 2009. In May of the same year, I had to take it in for service because it was making a loud whining noise. I thought it was transmission related but I had it checked out by an independent mechanic because I was very worried driving with 2 children and there was not a dealership at that time in the area....he stated the transmission was fine but that it was a problem with the drive train/rear end. I called Kia made a service appt. and took it in the following day..I received a call from them 2 hrs later, it was the rearend and would have to be replaced! Are you kidding brand new car and replace the rearend? ok they fixed cost nothing due to warranty, went to get it and was told by service manager that this was a widespread problem, but just on kia sorento 2008 models. Nothing else. There was a recall on passenger side air bag they corrected that. I still have problem whining sound again. They said it was nothing this time but i dont believe it. i think they dont want to replace again, hoping warranty will run out.....Never again....
  • erinhaferinhaf Posts: 1
    I experienced the same "hitting a brick wall" feeling while driving on I-75 at 75 MPH. It was the scariest thing, especially since I am 8 months pregnant and was unable to get my car started again after I pulled over.
    What did the dealer tell you was the issue. I got the "we can't replicate the problem" speech from them today. I wish I could predict when it would happen again, but unfortunately, my crystal ball is broken.
    How long did it take before they admitted there was an issue and replaced the transmission?
  • So sorry to hear about your ordeal and thankful you, and your unborn child, were not injured. Good news on the Transmission. Go to WWW.SAFECAR.GOV and you can look at the service bulletins as well as the recalls on the KIA Sorento 2011 and you will see that there is now a recall to replace the transmission. Call you dealer or call the :) :) National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and good luck to you. Thanks to all whom complained on this site as well as the NHTSA ( website. We did it!!! :shades:
  • herbfangherbfang Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Sorento with a 116,000 km on it. When travelling on the highway and/or going up hills with high rpms about 4 thousand the transmission fluid comes out the dipstick and drips on the manifold leaving a nice smoke screen behind us. I have checked the transmission fluid is not overfilled. Anyone experiencing the same problem. This has just started.
  • I have a very simular problem and still within the warranty (96k). I plan to take it to dealer soon to see what is up. The transmission never did feel right inspote of the dealer claiming it was fine.
  • we have a 2003 kia and had problems with the crankshaft bolt...ours was a recall which i think they half-assed fixed because about 40,000 miles later it broke again and they would only repair it at our expense. we have had so many problems with our kia that we have decided to get rid of it finally is just too expensive to keep. we spend around 1200.00 a year just to keep it running.. and every repair is around 600 to 1000. every time. "> i think the majority of these kias are LEMONS.... NEVER AGAIN
  • I finally took KIA to Court. While I can't tell anyone what to do, as I'm not an Attorney... I can tell you what I did. In Texas, we have the "Lemon Law" Court with an Administrative Law Judge. It cost $35 only. I find it an excelent way to fight back. Remember, as taxpayers, we also have the right to file with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. It takes some looking on the website, however you have the right to file a complaint AND there is a place on the site whereby I look up recalls as well as "Service Notices" which are voluntary recall measures. Good luck to anyone whom owns a rotten KIA Sorento! :lemon:
  • Hello,
    my 2011 kia sorento was fixed on recall regarding the tranny. After driving for 26 days I had a bad accident. It takes 20 minutes from home to work and I'm positive that the vehicle engine is in normal temperature. I stopped at MCDONALD REST. to buy my breakfast. the vehicle is facing towards the building of the restaurant. I got on and started my veh. step on my brakes to engage in reverse. the car started shaking, reversed and start spinning 360 degrees, hit the railings and the ramp of the restaurant and drive forward inrto the middle of the parking lot, and it stop because the two rear control arm (axles) were broken. I was shaken and it was hard to remember what really happened. what i explained was the same as what the witness saw while lining up on the drive thru to order her breakfast. The witness came over and helped me. The cost of the damaged was so expensive that I have to go thru my insurance. I had the vehicle fixed by reliable shop not Kia in order for me to verify that the accident was the result of the recall repair. The vehicle is drivable and I'm still waiting for some parts from KIA. I almost forgot that on that early morning before the accident the vehicle reversed on unreasonable speed on its own. I have to control by applying the brakes. My husband is driving the vehicle and he told that he is always alert everytime he backs up. I need your advice before i will informed KIA. Thank you very much, Nelda
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