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Kia Sorento Transmission Problems



  • I also have a 2005 KIA Sorento and I was experiencing the same problem while on the way home to Indiana last year my car kept jumping into 3rd gear; so when I returned home to Florida I took her to the dealer and was told that I had water in my transmission housing unit he said that this happens on Kia's. He drained the transmission fluid and flushed the water from the housing unit and the check engine light went off. Now this is doing it again and not only that but my lights are out in the back when I turn on my headlights. I do have brake and praking lights but after that when I am going down the road (after being pulled over by the police) I was told I have no back lights on. I don't know what would cause this problem because I had the fuses and bulbs checked out and they all function fine. I was advised that the BCM might need reflashed. What is your opinion.
  • aglaxaglax Posts: 1
    I had the same problem! Bought the 2008 Nov. 2010 used with 23,700 miles on it and over the summer was hearing a whining noise that kept getting worse. By that time I had 40K on it and the repair man said it was the differential that needed replacing. I submitted for warranty and KIA refused sayig that I failed to perfrom the 22k mile check on the vehicle which included changing the fluyid in differential.. I had done routine service each month on the vehicle by a local service station and had all records. I told them that I bought it after that service check from the Kia delearship so it should be covered, they said No , used vehicle is bought as is. i told them that the dealer sold me the car with the 60K Warranty from KIA and if that was the case it is false advertising since they knowingly sold me a car that was not kept up to date on maintenance.. they still refused. Tehy didn't even bother to open up the differential to make sure what the part failure was . I called 1-800 LEMON LAW for breach of warranty. (awesome resource) I faxed them all my repair records, I paid nothing. The attorney fees were paid by KIA and my repair was fully paid for. However, they had my vehicle 19 days and would not reimburse me for a car rental. also they replaced the parts in the differential that were bad (bearings) but i still hear and feel a small vibration. The repair was done Oct of 2011 and it is only Dec and I am concerned that it will break before the 60K warranty is up (at 53K now) and the repair is only guaranteed for 12K. KiA warranty is crap, they gurantee a new car for 100K but once it changes hands it is only covered to 60 K. also if you go over the mile checks by 500 miles then it voids the warranty. sounds like a good deal at first but KIA is hgih maintenance!!!! due to the ability of the vehicle to go between 2WD and 4WD, if youget a flat tire and need it rplaced, they suggest you change all four so that there is even tread wear and thus not dmaging the drivetrain. So everytime you change tires it is 4 at a time? small fortune... I get it but i would not buy AWD or such ever again if that is the case.. good luck. I am giving it to my daughter as a first car, can't take the hit on the re-sale. just good for around town but not for serious driving to and from work (hour each way)
  • Did you ever find out what was wrong with your transmission? I just started having the same problem. :(
  • Just received order from Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in Texas: KIA must repurchase my vehicle!!! On the day of the hearing, a KIA representative accompanied myself for a test ride and the transmission was still jerking and slipping. That carried significant weight with the Judge. Thanks all and stay away from 2011 :) KIA Sorento's.
  • jph291jph291 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Sorento with 10K miles and was driving on I-95 last night. I thought someone hit me from behind because there was such a jolt. There was no car close enough to have hit me so I pulled over to see if I had hit something. There was no damage, but when I pulled back onto the highway the car was sluggish. As I continued to accelerate I noticed the car was not shifting. I pulled over again and put the shifter in the manual mode and the transmission was stuck in fourth. It could not be manually shifted into any other gear. I proceeded to drive the rest of the way home, about 15 more miles, and it remained in fourth. Once in my driveway I shifted into neutral and reverse and drive. It went into each range, but in drive it was always in fourth. This morning it was fine and I drove over 50 miles with out incident. I looked on the NHTSA website and see some recalls for the Sorento, but none for the transmission. Do you have the recall number for NHTSA?
  • kel12kel12 Posts: 1
    Hi, i have 2005 2.5 man xe kia sorento,just had gaer box fixed,any body know what the best oil is for them? :sick:
  • bent4bent4 Posts: 3
    I have a 2011 Sorento SX with 24,000 miles on it. I love the car but the other day I shifted from park to reverse with a loud thud and shake. Did it over and over with same results so I took it in to dealer( Classic Kia in Texarkana). Dealer has a good service department and after checking it out told me that it had a tsb for a transmission software update. They did update and all was good for ten days. My wife got in the car ten days later and here we go again. Same thing. Back at dealer again. They were having trouble replicating it this time so they kept it overnight. I know that Kia issued a transmission recall for the 2011 Sorento 4-cylinders but the 6-cylinders were not included. I'm beginning to think they should have been. I know I've got the 100,000 powertrain warranty, but I would really like to just get this fixed and regain my trust with the car.
  • garettmgarettm Posts: 1
    Hey bent4, my wife is having exact same issue, when she puts in reverse it suddenly jolts w a loud noise stopping the car instantly like she suddenly hit something. She gets out and sees nothing as usual. I was starting to believe it was user error like she wasnt releasing the emergency brake or something, but she finally had it happen today with a witness so now I know its not her and now I believe its a problem w the car. 2011 kia sorento like yours exact same problem. Took it in several times for same issue, first time they did that software update, but keeps happening. The other issue of the car suddenly stalling on the freeway hasnt happened since they updated that software, but this issue is not going away and I'm getting ready to contact someone about our rights in this matter! Feel free to email me Thanks! Garett
  • smorgantxsmorgantx Posts: 1
    I have a Kia Sorrento 2011 with about 22k miles on it. I drove it this morning and when I pulled in to park, I could not move the shifter (sorry, don't know what the name is for the thing you use to change gears for an automatic). It was stuck in Drive. I tried to jiggle it free, then turned off the car while in drive, then back on. Jiggled it some more and it finally moved into Park. Drove home and the exact same thing happened, and I followed the same steps. Reading all of the comments above I am concerned. Obviously has something to do with the transmission but not sure what. Any ideas? Seems like it could be something that could get worse.
  • mds47mds47 Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I am having trouble with my Sorento 2011, I was backing out of my drive way and when I put my foot on the brakes and shift to drive, it jumped backward and bumped my neighors car. It is a 4 cylinder. I did not receive a recall notice. I am very upset over this issue. I have 21,000 mile on my car. I like my car but I don't appreciate not being notified when there is a problem with my car to have it checked.
  • j2hj2h Posts: 1
    To bent4 and garettm
    Same problem. And me too it happened to my wife at first. I have a 2011 EX V6 AWD. It happened 3 or 4 times so far in 2 weeks. We had that noise and sudden stop when backing up from driveway. Then, when shifted to Drive, the car woudn't move forward on idle (just like it's on neutral), unless we press the gas pedal.

    We took it to the dealer, and, like you, they updated the software. But it did it again (I knew it would, I had read your articles before).

    But the last time it did that, we had a check engine warning. So we took it back to the same garage. They finally identified the Park Range Switch as faulty. That sensor sent wrong signals to the transmission control module.

    I can't tell for sure this will solve the problem, because the car is still at the garage at this time since the part is B.O. Hopefully tomorrow I will have good news.
  • rexpopprexpopp Posts: 2
    I have the exact same issues described in other posts except it's happening with my 2011 Sportage. Dealership is no help because it malfunctions on occasion and everytime I bring it in it is working fine. They say there is nothing they can do. It's like they don't believe me or something.
  • The exact thing has been happening to me. I have pulled into my garage and I cannot get the car into park to turn the engine off.
    I have to put it in neutral ...turn the car off....restart it and place in drive inch it up a bit and then try to place it in park.
    It happened twice today. Once when I parked at work and again when I came home.
    I called Kia service dept and have an appt for next Tues Aug 7th.
    I am worried. This should not happen.
  • bent4bent4 Posts: 3
    I had an earlier post on this forum regarding my 2011 Kia Sorento SX transmission problem. My transmission had been slipping into neutral from reverse and also shifting hard into reverse. When I did put it into drive, it seemed to be in 3rd gear at take-off. The dealership (Classic Kia in Texarkana, Texas) had updated my software after the first dealership visit but ten days later it happened again. Nothing was done on the second visit because it would not act up for them over the four days they had it. After the episodes became more frequent, we arranged to put it into the shop a third time. Classic Kia had been super great about the whole thing. After consulting with Kia Tech and detailing our problem they have replaced the transmission range switch. It is too early to tell if this fixed the problem, but I will post later if it did indeed solve my transmission issue.
  • Hi bent4, I have 33k miles and the vehicle will not go into reverse or park, only neutral and drive. The key cannot be removed with the car in neutral so I carry a wrench set with me to disconnect the battery and then manually lock the car with a second set of keys. This started today without warning and the ESC & DBC lights are on. The ESC & DBC lights go off when I restart the car but come on when I try to put it in park.
    I go back to the dreaded dealer tomorrow.
  • bent4bent4 Posts: 3
    It appears that replacing the transmission range switch has fixed my transmission problems of slipping into neutral, thudding into reverse, and sluggishly taking off in drive. I have had exactly two problem free weeks and it was happening every few days before they replaced the switch. I credit Classic Kia in Texarkana, Texas for having the patience to figure it out. Hopefully, replacing the same switch will fix everyone else's transmission problem. Kia should probably issue a new tsb about this problem and offer a transmission range switch replacement.
  • Hey bolster, had the exact same problem. Couldn't get out of park from a cold star occasionally, and couldn't get back into park ( couldn't get into reverse first) after driving, and when I tried to get into park the downhill and esc brake lights came on. Took it to the dealer, they knew exactly what it was - brake switch. Warranty covered it, but for those out of warranty the switch was $18.79.

    Hope that helps, the dealer was awesome. My only question is if they knew it was a problem why no recall???
  • Hey bent4,

    I did have the same problem once with my kia sorento 2010. When I put my foot on the breaks, started the car, shifted the gear to drive, it went forward straight away with my foot still on the break. I was lucky nobody's in front of the car. Do you have an advise from Kia in regards to this issue.
  • I have an '06 Sorento with over 100,000 miles. A few months ago a transmission line broke while my daughter was driving and all the fluid pumped out. Luck was that she was in town and not going but about 35 mph. When the car started acting odd she pulled over and cut it off, called me, I checked it out and found the fluid puddle, called the service company and they towed it in. For a while it did good then got to the place that when you put it in Drive it would hesitate about 3 or 4 seconds then go into gear. We took it back and had a full $150 transmission service done and now it hesitates for 5 to 10 seconds before it engages. This is my wife's car and this is dangerous. I've contacted the service company and they are looking for a TSB on this model to see if the tranny has been tagged or recalled.
    Has anyone had this problem and if so how was it correctedd?
  • larryyelmwalarryyelmwa Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    The transmission on my 2012 is a piece of crap. They replaced the tranny one time already and now it is doing the same thing again. The first shift in the morning jerks. This time Hanson motors in Olympia, WA claims it isn't doing anything out of the normal. Bullcrap, I knew what it was doing the first time and I know it is doing it again. They are lying to avoid having to invest any more money in it! In it's normal driving position the tranny is a deathtrap waiting to happen. When you accelerate from a stop too fast the power to the wheels cuts out. It's an AWD so that is the power to all wheels. The engine just seems to go dead! If traffic is coming at you fast the car renders you at the mercy of their brakes! I guess they want me to just drive it till it goes out, or kills me! But I am not going to do that willingly. I am going to the Attorney General in my state. I'll keep you posted.
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