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MDX steering wheel vibration at highway speed



  • File a complaint Acura NA and have an account manager with help from dealer resolve the issue.
    In my case, the tech replaced all 4 rims and tires from another new car on the lot.
    This fixed the problem.
  • I bought a new '09 MDX in July to replace a stolen '08 MDX. From day 1 have experience the same problem. I drive alot on the highway. Have been back and forth to dealer - 6 times since - 2 new sets of tires, 4 attempts at road force balance, replace drive shaft and propeller shaft, and I still have the problem. Now being told this is normal drive on all MDX and I was just "lucky" the '08 was smooth. Told no one else is complaining. Has anyone figured this out?
  • I have a 2009 with 8k miles and have the same vibration problems at 70-75 mph. The dealer has replaced tires and drive shaft. It is back at the dealer for the 5th time for the same issue. Interesting though, I have a 2009 MDX loaner and it has the same problem. Very frustrating. This is my third MDX and never had a problem before this one.
  • jamyljamyl Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 MDX Tech/Entertainment edition and experiencing the same vibration issues and the dealer has yet to determine what could be causing the problem. The truck is no longer under warranty and therefore expect to eat the cost of the repairs but don't want to start throwing parts at the problem without results. I am hoping that somebody out there knows the exact fix for this problem..
  • This seems to be the problem. Have gone to another dealer who has rebalanced the tires again and still have the vibration. He agrees that there is a vibration but doesn't know what to do about it. Honda/Acura seems to be ignoring the issue and claim it is just normal because like you the loaners also have the vibration. It seems most customers mostly drive in town and not on the highway. They claim no one else is complaining and they are not giving the garage help to fix it. In 20 years of driving nothing but Honda/Acura, this is first time I have had so many issues. Have warned them directly that I will never buy again but no response. They don't care. Garage says they are pursuing the issue but at this point I don't believe anything will be done. It is like they are saying this is the standard so accept it. Not happy
  • I had silky smooth riding until I took my car in for a tire rotation about 25K. Now, I get the vibration about 78 mph. I took the car back and they rebalanced it and it was better, although not perfect. Then, I had them install my snow tires onto the same rims (several months later) and the vibration is back. It is somewhat intermittent though. I am taking it back to the same dealer later this week to have them do the road force balancing, which costs more, but I am hoping that will fix the problem. Apparently, they only do that if you ask...otherwise, they do the normal, cheaper balancing.

    Just seems odd to me that this was never an issue until after one of the times I had the tires balanced.
  • Well the dealer swapped my rims and tires with a brand new demo they just got on the lot. Better, but still a hint of vibration at 75 mph. Ironically, it smooths out again over 80. Problem is that on a 65 mph road, traffic flows at 75 and anything over 80 will land you a ticket. Plus, gas mileage at 80 starts to go downhill.

    I'm comparing my MDX to my A4 and 330, both of which have high performance tires on them. So it's a bit of an unfair comparison. My shop manager seemed to think this 75 mph vibration is a trait of most MDXs. Great. Wish I knew that before I bought the car.

    Luckily I do most of my driving in the city. Of course then I have to deal with the thumps/thuds coming from the rear suspension.

    I really love this car. These two issues are minor, but VERY annoying.
  • 07mdx107mdx1 Posts: 4
    hey everyone,

    i don't know if this helps but...i have 07 mdx; i just went thru a hard time with putting the first set of new tires on it. I had vibrations and buffeting of the mdx above 70 mph and got worse thru 80. Long story short. two sets of michelins later. i ended up going to the tire and alignment guru in town. Here's what he did.
    1. rounded the tires...the tires where out of round(eventhough they were top of the line.

    2. redid the alignment

    3. most important---Balanced the tires on the hub at 80mph......

    believe me the tire company i started with used a roadforce balancer and they couldn't dial them in at all.

    tires balanced on the hub while on the vehicle fixed my problems

    ok...hope this helps, it was expensive to have this done and only one shop in my town had this equipment.

    i don't know if this will fix your problem, but thought i would let everyone know my experience.
    best bet is to find some one with this type of balancer and ask them.

    good luck
  • kd55kd55 Posts: 6
    My 09 MDX tech/ent has 17,000 miles and it just started shimming/ vibrationing at 70 mph. My vehicle is still under warranty and I'm going to the dealership and see about correcting the problem. Several questions for you guys.

    1. Does the dealerships have the equipment to balance the tires on the hub at 70 mph?

    2. Does my warranty cover the problems or will it be out of pocket cost for me?

    3. I'll request them to round the tires, but how I can I tell if they did the work?
  • recommend you call delearship for these questions. in my case, the tires were new and where out of round from the factory. even after rounding the tires, the mdx required fine tune balancing with the tires on the hub and at speed.

    in your case, it might be you just threw a weight off, which is possible.(i believe they are just stick on weights).

    again, if you are close to dealer, check with them.

    as far as your question..."how do i know if they did the work..."...there should be no vibrations at highway speed or any other speed...(dependant on roadsurface)..

    good luck
  • lb08730lb08730 Posts: 2
    I have 08 MDX base model and having same vibration issues. Car has been to dealer at least 7 times, first time 2 days after purchase. First dealer said it was balancing issue. Still not fixed. Second dealer replaced rotors, bearings, shocks, and brakes. Still vibration. Dealer then replaced Bridgestone's with Michelin's, better but still vibration, now rattles all over the car especially in passenger side door, sunroof, headliner, and dashboard. When stopping or starting can hear screws rolling around in doors and roof, very annoying!!! Dealer can't seem to fix these problems. Anyone had any luck with the lemon law on these cars. Contacted Acura but they did nothing.
  • rar2rar2 Posts: 13
    I realize this is an MDX forum, which is a car I am contemplating purchasing in the near future. I really appreciate all the information here, as everything on Edmunds. I feel it's necessary to cross this one off the list.

    I have had the shake everyone here describes in my '08 Camry from day one and am doing my best to purchase a vehicle that does not have it. Always had Honda/Acura and didn't have the shake until my '05 Pilot - the shake started after 2 years. Honda wanted me to spend thousand to figure out what could be the issue on a 2yr old car. They had a wheel bearing TSB which might have been the issue, but neglected to let me know about it - found out years later.

    Was told what all these postings say, with respect to Toyota, live with it, that's how it was designed. Even went to arbitration - they did nothing. I am debating between an RX350 and Acura MDX.

    I test drove an '09 MDX that had been traded for a Lexus RX350 - had the shake on the highway. this saying buy the Lexus? Are you referring to Lexus Rx330, when you say 330?

    It's a very annoying thing...I am finally able to get rid of my '08 Camry but with all the recalls can't sell on my own and a bit hesitant about a Lexus purchase.
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    This worked for me, first of all just because the dealer has a Hunter road force machine doesn't mean they know how to use it, the machine needs to be calibrated
    and also EACH time the machine is used the proper setting has to be chosen or else that balance will not be done correctly, my 2007 had an issue, I took the vehicle to my
    local trusted small tire guy with the same equipment and he spent the time to roadforce match AND balance the tires and absolutely NO vibration at all speeds, I never rotated the tires at all and the tires lasted 40k, my 2010 which I picked up had the same issue, I took it to the same shop and guess what , no VIBRATION, I did give the dealer a shot but the mechanics do not want to spend the time dealing with the tires and MADE the vibration worse by improper use of the Hunter machine, I was reimbursed by the dealer and I will never rotate tires as I do not want to deal with any vibration issues and tire wear issues have been non existent without rotation, I would say that 95% of these vibrations can be traced to improper operation of the Hunter roadforce balancer and not a tire issue.
  • ebraun49ebraun49 Posts: 1
    I have been experiencing the same vibration problems as well. I just complained to Acura,#800-382-2238. I hope all of the posts do the same and anyone who reads this as well. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling. please call asap.
  • mtmdxmtmdx Posts: 3
    My 07 would vibrate so bad it felt as though the tires were coming off, but it was very intermittent, as in months apart. Went through the entire wheel rotate and balance act a couple times, then at 20k had to replace brake pads and turn rotors. My driving style is not such that this should have occured and of course brakes are not covered under warranty. Still every so often at highway speeds the terrible vibration would begin, so bad you have to pull over. I've owned several pieces of crap over my 40 plus years of driving and even the worst never acted like that. Get back on the road and it was fine. Then I began having problems around town, car did not seem to accelerate properly (felt like clutch slippage or emergency brake on) engine would rev but car would barely move. Pratically every warning indicator began coming on.......AWD-Brakes-Transmission-Traction Control, at the same time, I was on the phone constantly; nearest Acura dealer is nearly 500 miles. Then I noticed if I let off the gas the car would simply stop just as if the brakes had been applied. Sure enough, got out and rotors were smoking hot and I had not applied the brakes. Had our local Honda service department drive it and finally it happened to him. Honda had them replace the brake switch and problem has not happened since. On my last call to the Acura corporate service advisor, I told him I new what was wrong the brakes seem to be applying themselves and I related the most recent incident; he replied "we are not going to take an amateur approach to this". Doesn't take an Acura factory trained mechanic to realize brakes should not be hot when you haven't used them. After badgering Acura reimbursed me for brake switch repair but refused to admit this could have caused the pads and rotors to wear so quickly. As much as I like Honda as a company and their vehicles this was my second and last MDX. No one was willing to give me the benefit of doubt, not Lyle Pearson in Boise, not Acura client services, not road side assistance........the only help I got, was from my Honda dealer. For the record, road side assistance would not cover shipping the car to Boise because it was driveable. Do not listen to this nonsense about out of round tires, wheel balancing, ice buildup and the rest. A $50K vehicle should not behave like this, in their defense however they do not know what is wrong.........I know what was wrong with mine! Good luck folks.
  • Interesting. I have noticed that mine is vibrating mostly when I have just started driving the car and I get right on a highway and am pulling uphill a bit. The car has a definite vibration, but it goes away after about 3 or 4 minutes. I have tried shifting it into different gears to see if maybe the engine is just straining, but that doesn't help.

    It almost feels like the car needs a tune-up. I service it at the regular intervals, but I wonder if they need to be doing something more.
  • lb08730lb08730 Posts: 2
    I continue to have problems with my '08 MDX with vibrations. The other day the car was shaking so bad it felt like the wheels were going to come off, had to pull over. Started up again, still vibration that you can feel in the seats. I can't stand getting in the car anymore and I have a long commute each day. Acura has done nothing for me and the tech says that it is supposed to do that. Are they crazy?

    Has anyone had any issues with the 2010 models? I have only heard about years prior to the new models. I need to get rid of this thing but not sure what to get in its place.

    I know a couple of other people with this SUV and they are not experiencing the problems that I am. I also read that others are having serious vibration problems intermittently. That is how mine is as well, always a vibration but some days worse than others. I really don't know what to do, the dealer does not know what to do for the problem. It is very frustrating to say the least.
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    Please see my post at # 34, I had the same thing done to my 2007 which had a slight vibration and my 2010 also, it is a simple fix if the operator KNOWS how to use the Hunter Roadforce 9700, look on the tire rack website to find an authorized installer in your area, it is worth the 100-125 dollars spent to fix this issue and have a smooth as silk ride and NEVER rotate the tires after the 'fix' is applied, I never rotated mine and got 40k out of my tires.
  • mtmdxmtmdx Posts: 3
    Hi Barb.......does this happen only occasionally, for example is everything fine one minute and all hell breaks loose the next? Please see my post #37 and have them check your brakes, I'll bet they are wearing prematurely. If you are having the same problem I did the symptom is violent and spooky, far worse than any balancing issue could cause. Anxious to hear what you find.
  • It is certainly not consistent as to when it will happen, but when it does happen, it is always after I have just started driving it and I am pulling up a hill at highway speeds. It feels like the engine is straining and is causing the vibration. After a few miles, it's almost as if the car has warmed up enough and the vibration goes away.

    It is going to be very hard to have the dealer experience this because the closest highway where this has happened is about a 30-minute drive away and the car needs to have been off for a few hours to make this happen, and again, it isn't consistent.

    Hoping that when I go in for my next service, they will understand my explanation, but my experience has been that if they can't reproduce it, they won't fix it.
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