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MDX steering wheel vibration at highway speed



  • I have had this issue with vibration a short time after I bought my 2007 MDX. I took it back several times over 3 yrs for re-balance which helped some but the problem came back after a short period of time and always after a scheduled service with rotation. Dealer said it was the tires and offered to split the cost which I agreed to do, but again it was a temporary fix. Took the car back on Sept 3rd and drove a used 2007 from their lot with a technician. It had the same problem and the technician felt it as well. We tested 4 new 2010 MDX's and a ZDX. All had the same problem. At least I know now that I am not crazy. Baffled by the fact that no other customers have complained about this to my local dealer. Thanks for your post #34. I will take my car to a local shop using a Hunter GSP 9700 and show them your post. Thanks again for your post.
  • I have a '08 MDX. I never had a vibration issue until I just got new Michelin tires at 39,000 miles. Now, in the morning I have a vibration (mild) for 3-4 minutes at 75-80 mph. I agree the issue is improperly balanced tires at high speeds. Why else would I have no problems until the new tires got installed? The problem is mild and only once a day so I will wait until I get 7-8,000 miles on my new tires. Then, I will follow your advice as posted above.
  • See my post #43 and refer to post #34. I just took my 2007 MDX to a local tire dealer that has the Hunter GSP 9700 balancing unit. The technician is very well versed on the operation. He was very meticulous when doing the re-balance. He said my wheels were only out about 1/2 ounce out. Well it did not solve the problem. Vibration starts at around 65mph and gets worse as I increase speed. My vibration is not felt so much in the steering wheel but the whole car seems to vibrate. Next step is to try to find someone locally that can still balance the wheels on the hub. Then the battle begins with Acura.
  • Not the good kind of vibrations, my radar detector bangs against the windshield and I'm worried that my mechanical wrist watch may get damaged from the steering wheel shakes. New set of tires replaced at 30K miles didn't help. Definitely coming from the front, I assume it's the suspension and not the wheels. The very helpfull Acura service rep dismissed the problem by stating - Oh, we can't recreate the problem because we can't drive at that speed for fear of getting a ticket! Probably just my imagination. And that's after dropping 1K for a new set of tires, at $45k a pop I'd expect a near damn perfection. Can't imagine a BMW dealer insulting his customer like this...
  • With my 07 it could be months between incidents, did become much more frequent though as mentioned in post 37. How are your brakes wearing and are you getting any warning indicators when this happens.
  • "my radar detector bangs against the windshield "

    "Oh, we can't recreate the problem because we can't drive at that speed for fear of getting a ticket!"

    Well, the RD may protect them somewhat depending on what kind it is. :P

    Our '07 had the SW vibration and it turned out to be the L front strut. They replaced it under warranty. It seemed odd that the warranty would cover a wear-and-tear item but I didn't argue because it didn't cost me a thing. Perhaps there is a secret TSB out on this. :confuse:
  • srs149srs149 Posts: 35
    I just picked up my brand-new MDX today from a dealer in MD. I live in the philly area, so had plenty of time to evaluate it at highway speed (minus the beltway in DC and the entire Baltimore area)... but i digress.

    there is a definite vibration in the wheel at speed, but no pulling of the wheel. My brother suggested it might be my tire balancing but was baffled that Quality Control at Acura wouldl allow their tires / wheels to get out the door not properly balanced.

    Should I start there? Could it be my alignment already? Any help would be greatly appreciated as my 14 year old Lexus ES and my Honda Odyssey both drive smoothly at highway speed.

  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I would take it to a dealer in the Philly close to where you live and see if they can diagnose. Since you'll probably need to form a service relationship, use this as a test to find one that's willing to work with you to diagnose the problem, using a second or a third dealer if necessary. That's what I would do.
  • srs149srs149 Posts: 35
    Thanks for the tip. I called my local dealer and they think its probably a front wheel balance issue. They've agreed to do the balance free of charge although its typically not a warrantable item and i did not purchase the car at their dealership.
  • I've been having the same problem for 2 months 5500 miles. I don't believe there is a fix. I've had my tires and wheels road force matched and balanced. Still a bad vibration at 70+ MPH. Dealer installed new tires, and did not correct the problem. Tomorrow is the second visit to dealership to meet with ACURA manufacturer rep. My 08 MDX sport had no problems and our 05 Lexus and my old 06 lexus never had this problem.

    I hope they can fix it but, these service visits are becoming a hardship for me. I may go the lemon law route and get another vehicle (Lexus) 2010 may be a bad model year for the MDX.
  • gotribegotribe Posts: 101
    Have had the exact problem for 2 months with my 2010 MDX Tech. Tires/wheels have been Hunter Road Force balanced multiple times, tires swapped around, even 1 tire replaced to dial in balance and tire/wheel dynamics as accurately as possible. Failing all of that, will now start case with Acura Client Services. All dealer and zone people that have driven the vehicle admit they feel the vibration. Getting the feeling that Acura is justifying it as a "characteristic" of the vehicle. Don't think so--not in a $45k vehicle that touts high quality.
  • i just bought it 2 days ago my moms choice and i also noticed when i hit to 70 my steering wheel vibrates but just the steering wheel, so i was wondering what i should do i bought it used and from toyota, and i onli got a 30 day warranty which is for engine only so idk what i should do ? and if possible i was jw does it matter bout the vibrations like in a matter of time will sumthing break or anything ?
  • Can I ask where this small tire guy is in the event they are somewhere close to Wisconsin? I'm so fed up with my '08 MDX that i'm seriously considering getting rid of it. I just got new Michellin's and the vibration has become significantly worse compared to the Bridgestones that originally came with the car.
  • lvsuvslvsuvs Posts: 3
    I had vibration after 65m, it was usually bad for 4 to 5 minutes in the morning as soon as I hit the freeway and was okay after that. I had recently done a road force balance at acura of reno, I felt much better after that. The regular balancing at costco didn't help much. But I should really appreciate Chris at carson costco tire shop for being very friendly and listening to my concerns all the time.

    Just do only the road force balancing if you can. They charged me around 50. I guess the rotation and balancing is around 90.
  • I've inquired about getting my 08 MDX hub balanced but the two places I asked both said it wasn't possible due to the fact that the car is all wheel drive. Do you know how they were able to do it? I've tried the road force balancer but it didn't help but perhaps I need to try another shop.
  • 07mdx107mdx1 Posts: 4
    sorry, I don't know all about the balance process. I just rotated tires and they balanced them again in the same manner.( on hub). No vibrations.

    I 'll call the shop this week and see what specifics they can provide. I will post a follow up reply.

    i have heard of sports car folks buying their tires and then taking their car to the local alignment/ balance specialist to get them "dialed in"...which is what i have to do for future tires.

    also, I recommend you look up an alignment/balance specialist in your area. This type of shop is not a typical tire store.
  • 07mdx107mdx1 Posts: 4
    ok ,

    i called my alignment's what he does on my 07 MDX

    1. true tires...shaves them round..(i have the high end michelins and they still needed rounded...)

    2. dynamic balance tire on rim.

    3. MOST IMPORTANT...Hoffman Finish balancer...which computer/laser balances the tires on the car...he spins in up to 80 MPH on the car and the lasers and computers tell where to put the weight..

    as far as the all wheel drive issue..not a factor..whom ever you asked doesn't know what he is talking about.

    please note: i am not a mechanic and can not guarnatee this will fix your individual car..however, this is what fixed my vibrations in my MDX.

    hope this helps in some way
  • jseppy1jseppy1 Posts: 1
    I see that the posting hasn't changed much. I have a 2003 MDX... same issue. I've pretty much have given up on Ferman Acura because every time I go in they would ding me for $1400 worth of repairs that got me no where. The last was this one which I brought back to them so many times I've lost count. I had the wheels replaced, rotor replaced, wheels replaced again at my cost and I can't remember how many alignments and wheel balances with no success.

    I have taken it in Tire plus for their honest approach but they seem to be having the same issue even after they balanced and took a look at the alignment....
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