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MINI Cooper Audio & Entertainment System Questions



  • I'm getting conflicting messages from sound system dealers here. Two have told me they can install an underseat amplifier to my 2009 Clubman S with Hi Fi upgrade (the $500 package), and that my speakers can handle this increased load. A third dealer (Best Buy) stated that wasn't possible, because of the 2 ohm amp versus the 1.5 ohm speakers in the Mini (or something like that - I'm not very technical) - at any rate, they said that if an aftermarket amplifier was added, that my speakers would begin to go out in 2-3 months, and I was asking for real trouble there.

    What to do? I want more and better volume.

  • randybeyrandybey Posts: 4
    I am one lucky dad. My daughter had an accident in her Mini Cooper. She had rear ended the car in front of her because two cars in front of her slammed on their brakes as did the car in front of her. Greatfull that it was a low speed impact and the car in front of her was not damaged. The bonnet (hood) of the Mini Cooper was bent and imediately the car burst into flames. The flames and smoke from the engine compartment filled the inside and luckly my daughter could get out of the car. Within minutes the car was totally in flames and the whole car a total lost. This site says that the safety of this car is good. Look at the safety tests on impact and there is none. No lawyer will touch this because there were no deaths or major injuries. How many people must die before Mini and BMW pull these death traps off the street. The transmissions, water pumps and electrical systems also cause fires to this car. Check to see how many recalls to the late model Mini Coopers there are. I just thank God that my daughter or no one else was injured or killed. If she had be stuck in the car for one minute more she would have died from the fames or smoke
  • iwgbtp2iwgbtp2 Posts: 1
    wow that has absolutely nothing to with Mini cooper stereo systems or amplifiers. I mean sad story, but really?!
  • I have a 2009 Mini Cooper S The audio selection no longer recognizes satelite radio, I-pod or auxillary. It was intermittant yesterday and is constant now. When the audio selection button is pressed, the "TUNER" icon is present however, the "SAT" and "USB" icons are not. The CD icon is present if a CD is inserted. Has anyone seen this and, if so, how can it be corrected?
  • I am in the process of purchasing a mini and I noticed that my aux and usb port are not working. I am also having problems linking my phone to the bluetooth. The Phone button is there but when i press it nothing happens. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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