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Getting a new Outlander, CR-V or RAV4



  • sataeisataei Posts: 4
    I am going to call outlander dealer to bring another car for test, as you guys said could be smething wrong with the car I tested.
  • chelentanochelentano Posts: 634
    No engine noise on my Outlander V6 XLS - It has plenty of power. RAV's V6 does have more horse power but that's about it - RAV4 was my distant second choice. The Outlander comes with the best package of features, styling, handling and warranty.
  • bengabenga Posts: 3
    sataei, I drove a LS at a dealership in Quebec a few days ago. The ride was smooth, no strange sound although I forced it a bit. The engine responded quick enough and the transmission reacted remarkably smooth. Try another one.
    I preferred the Outlander for its extended warranty and its equipment. It has a few nice bling-blings, too. How reliable, not sure yet...
    For us as a family it's the best bang for the buck. Compare them thoroughly and choose whichever model suits you and your family.
  • sataeisataei Posts: 4
    Finally, I picked up my XLS last week and so happy with it. it took about 3 weeks dealer find one here in Toronto, it seems there are not enough XLS model left specially for certain colors like grey and black but he found a black one and it is really nice truck.
    The engine is very powerful and it is not like the one I tested before.
    Anyways, I am driving it now and so happy with my pick, oh and did I mentioned the sound system? It is insane!! I have not seen anything like this before it is better than my home theatre at home, the features are great, it has a great space for the passengers in the back and very comfortable, so glad to pick this over RAV4, RAV4 looks like a toy compare to this.
    So I got a better car, better features, better look, better Warranty and much better finance option than RAV4.

    Thanks guys for all the input, it did really helped me for this pick.

  • costello1costello1 Posts: 60
    I have a 07 xls with 17k on it and I love it , my 2nd Mitshi . Enjoy it !!!
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    Glad you like it, I've had my '07 for two years this month, no problems, great car, still love it!
  • sir_timbitsir_timbit Posts: 39
    Hi all,

    My wife and I are looking for something a bit bigger than our current Mazda 3, now that we have an addition to the family. I'm trying to decide between the base 4 cylinder RAV 4 and a base 4 cyl Mitsu Outlander, probably 2WD for both. I'm in Canada, and pricing on the base models is relatively close, but the Mitsubishi has better financing options, warranty, etc. (we also considered a Mazda 5 but it felt a bit sluggish compared to the test drive of the 4 cyl RAV 4, and no stability control was the deal breaker--otherwise great car)

    We'll be testing the Outlander later this week. I already know from the test drive of the RAV that the base 4 cylinder will be just fine for our needs. I'm unsure about the Mitsu though. Most of the reviews out there comparing the RAV and Outlander are all about the V6 models. Here's what I've gleaned so far... I don't care about the 3rd row seating, which isn't an option on the base of either 4 cyl model anyway.

    base RAV 4 (4 cyl)
    + relatively powerful for a 4 cyl engine (179hp)
    + great fuel economy for a compact SUV
    + 2nd row seats fold flat
    + lots of Toyota dealers in our city, and the RAV is built here in Canada (service concerns?)
    + assumed Toyota high resale value
    + seemed relatively quiet during test drive
    - rear gate swings to the curb is a big turnoff
    - no other frills but that's base Toyota for you
    - financing options not nearly as good as Mitsu

    base Outlander (4 cyl)
    + better pricing / financing options
    + very slick rear liftgate--impressive two piece clamshell design
    + heated seats standard, even on base (not offered on base RAV)
    + better warranty
    + road side assistance
    + includes tonneau cover and rear privacy glass (not offered on base RAV)
    - engine not quite as powerful or fuel-efficient as the RAV's 4-cyl
    - far fewer Mitsu dealers in area...wonder about future of Mitsu in general
    - resale value compared to Toyota?
    - concerns about noise and ability of the 4-cyl's CVT?

    Thoughts? I'll have a better idea once I actually test drive the Outlander, of course. There must be others out there that were just looking at the 4 cyl base models of these two.

  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Have you considered a Mazda Tribute or a Ford Escape? They both seem to have the features you are looking for. We have a 2009 Ford Escape and we have been very pleased. Tribute and Escape are basically the same vehicle.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    If you talk base models, you get anti-theft system and tire pressure monitoring in the Outlander, you don't have that in the base RAV-4. The Outlander has a bigger tank, and a smaller turning circle.

    But if all things equals, even just the warranty will seal the deal for the Outlander. If you consider the pros and cons, the Outlander is more car for your money than the RAV-4.

    I have heard of talks that Mitsubishi will close shop and leave the North American market, I have heard of such talks since ages ago. But look at the US now, it was GM and Chrysler filing for bankruptcy, not Mitsubishi. This is their company press release:
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    The Outlander's 2nd row folds flat as well.

    Also, if you will keep the vehicle for several years, you might find the difference in resale to not be that significant. Or it might even work against you. When I bought my '99 Galant, a comparable Camry was running around $3K more. After 10 years, using KBB the Camry is worth $2K more than my Galant (similar equipment, mileage, zip code). So that higher Toyota resale actually would have cost me $1000.

    Regarding noise, I agree the Outlander's interior noise is more than I would prefer. Still, as you're in Canada, the heated seats might be worth it as a tradeoff for higher noise.

    Other considerations: Do both engines use timing chains (good for life of the engine) or belts (need to be replaced every 60K miles or so)? Are there other maintenance considerations that would make one more expensive than the other? Is one drastically more expensive to insure?

    Have fun with your test drive and be sure to let us know how it goes!
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 390
    According to this the 4 Cly 4B12 uses a timing chain.
    The 6 cyl timing belt is good for 105K/84 months(7 yrs), whichever first BTW.

    Needing towing power, I opted for the 6 cylinder and have been very pleased .
    The 6 speed tranny is smooth and I've gotten as much as 28MPG on the highway
    (usually around 20 around town and 25+ on highway with my 4WD LS model.)

    While I haven't driven a CVT, the concept sounds a bit weird to me (keep the engine revving and vary the coupling, Sounds like it would be noisier)
  • bolt22bolt22 Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a Outlander SE fwd.I've received quotes from dealers for
    26K, does this sound right. I thought the prices should be around 21 or 22K.
    What has been the experience of everyone during your buying experience.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    An SE FWD in my zip code and with no options at all has an Edmunds TMV of $22463 after a $1K rebate. Options would drive that up, especially nav & rear-seat entertainment.

    An SE as I would equipment it (F5, G4, FW, F6, GQ, GL, GS, and GD) has a TMV of $24079 after that same $1K rebate.

    Is your price an out-the-door price (includes sales tax & all fees)?
  • Considering both. Any opinions appreciated. I'm worried about the seats in the CRV being comfortable on long trips. I've seen some comments on MSN Autos, Edmunds, KBB where the owners complain about seat comfort. Thanks in advance!
  • the 'internet sales' would give you a fairly lower quote to lure you into their showroom, when u got to their showroom, the sales on the floor would tell you the 'internet sales' work from home and they dont honor the quote they gave. 'there is MISCOMMUNICATION' and then you will have sit there listening to them for hours....
  • ohiobobohiobob Posts: 4
    From experience, Toyota has the best manufacturing processes in the automotive industry and Honda is close behind. Toyota and Honda consistently rank very high in quality/reliability. I've read nearly every article in Road&Track, Car&Driver, Motor Trend etc. and they rank the CRV and RAV4 ahead of the Outlander. I recently bought a RAV4 and my 3 finalist were the CRV, RAV and the Subaru Forester. I downselected the CRV because the engine just didn't seem as responsive although the interior was nice. I didn't like the way the rear seats folded and the gymnastics with locking them in place when the Toyota is a one touch operation. The Subaru was nice but the base version's interior was cheap looking and feeling and my wife just didn't like it. I felt the RAV was a good blend of space, efficiency and my past experience with 2 4Runners with zero problems and the fact that the Subaru dealer just couldn't match the price of the RAV sealed the deal for me. I bought a base model with the extra value package (roof rack, tinted windows, mats and a few other things for under 21K.
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    I'm worried about the seats in the CRV being comfortable on long trips.

    I had the same concerns, and test drove a EX-L and EX a couple times before I decided I could live with hte cloth. After a week of driving, they seem more comfortable every time I get in. On msot car, my left leg gest sore after an hour. Not the case with the CRV. The side bolsters are excellent. Might be narrow for a "wider" person.... but fits really nice if you have a <36" waist.

    I don't like the RAV4 interior. It's too busy. They are trying too hard to make lower quality materials look interesting. Otherwise, the RAV 4 has more power than the CRV and quaity and reliability is very good. I've found the brakes on most Toyotas to be marginal. Not much feel and when loaded with passengers and luggage, they take a LOT of force ot stop the car with a newer Camry I drove.

    The brakes and handling of the CR-V are what put it on top over the others. The Nissan Rogue was a close second, but visibility is poor and the back seat and cargo space is small. It's a little expensive for what you get.

    AS for Mitsubishi? Well, the dealer network is pretty sparse outside of major cities and even then, you may be limited to 1 or 2 dealers. Not good for a car with average to below average quality (they used to and still do share a lot of Chrysler parts). CVT's and 4 cylinders can be a good combo IF, big IF, the engine is very torquey so it doesn't need ot rev like crazy. The Rogue is marginal... and that's a very storong 4 cylinder. I'd expect the Outland 4 cyliner ot be almsot as buzzy as the Compass or Patriot.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "you may be limited to 1 or 2 dealers. Not good for a car with average to below average quality (they used to and still do share a lot of Chrysler parts)."

    Wow, did you do any research before posting your opinion on Mitsubishi, or it is just your expert opinion? We have about 20 Mitsubishi dealerships in Chicago metro area, if I can call it a major city. Ten years/100K powertrain warranty, and 5 years road assistance should help, if ever needed. As far as quality (which is one of the the highest in its class for Outlander by the way), this car is 100% build in Japan with 0% association with Chrysler or any of it's parts. It would be nice, if you could voice your opinion after reading any reviews, test driving the car, or actually talking with any real owners. Otherwise, enjoy your girly over hyped, owerpriced and underpowered She-R-V.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Otherwise, enjoy your girly over hyped, owerpriced and underpowered She-R-V.

    Unless the Mitsubishi comes with a manual, it is no more manly than the She-RV. Either one is a eunic without the clutch.

    I'll just keep my 05 He-RV with a clutch and run circles around V6 powered SheUV's.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "I'll just keep my 05 He-RV with a clutch and run circles around V6 powered SheUV's"

    With 160 Hp and 4.450 lbs of gross weight, you shouldn't have any problems. As long as they are parked. :)
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