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2008 Sienna Hybrid - Do you want 4 cylinders or 6?



  • timothyhtimothyh Posts: 11
    Toyota introduced an updated version of its Japan-only minivan, the Alphard, last week. The Alphard did have a hybrid version from 2004-08. The 2009 drops the hybrid version. Toyota is introducing a V-4 and a V-6 version of the Alphard in Japan. The V-4 is said to get 27mpg. Does anyone know whether that's highway or combined?

    Does any one know if this means no hybrid system for the Sienna?
  • surjn98surjn98 Posts: 34
    When does the next generation Sienna come out? Just curious!!
  • timothyhtimothyh Posts: 11
    The speculation is 2010.
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