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Nissan Frontier Towing



  • mrcharlesbmrcharlesb Posts: 3
    I towed a Uhaul 16ft trailer with my 2000 Nissan Frontier and it struggled. Kept heating up on hills, my cooling system is in good condition but it's not large enough for towing anything other than a boat or small trailer. I would definitely get a full size truck for heavy towing.
  • onoffroadonoffroad Posts: 17
    Full size Trucks;Chevrolet,GMC 1500 LS with 4.8V8-5500 lbs.,with 5.3 V8-6000lbs. Ford F150 STX 4.6 V8,5.4 V8-5700 lbs. towing.These are 4x4 extended cab trucks! My 4x4 Frontier 6100 lbs.Frontier came with oil and trans.cooler.Just plug brake control under dash ! IF you are into it !!! Frontier will out run them too !!! Trucks change from 2005 up ! They are about the same size as 2004 Tundra ! Got my truck for Edmund's price !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had Ford and Toyota trucks ! Like them,but this 09 Frontier has one heck of a motor and tran.!
  • steelydansteelydan Posts: 133
    edited September 2011
    The 2005 and later Frontiers are larger , have bigger engines/ they will tow more loads than your 2000 Frontier..........

    Most of these posts on this thread refer to the current generation ( 2005-2012) Trucks.
  • Hi, new Frontier Crew Cab owner here , 1st pickup truck for me. This particular SV unit came with lots of "add-ons" but no trailer towing package.

    I will be towing a Boy Scout trailer for weekend campouts, also a Ford Model T on a flat bed trailer. Both are 5,000 lbs or less.

    I am reading the owner's manual but I just wanted to know what a typical trailer hitch installation would entail that would be cost effective and allow the Frontier to tow at it's maximum ratings.

    Also, I am going to get the wiring harness from the Nissan dealer. Doesn't it make sense to just get the 6 or 7 pin harness even if I don't use all of the capabilities of that harness right now?

    Down here in Texas, I got the 4 X 2 Frontier, it is rated at 6300 lbs, 200 lbs MORE than the 4 X 4 model. It doesn't snow down here ( or rain :cry: ) , and off roading is not my deal, not to mention the mechanicals down the road....My .02 worth.

    Thanks for the feedback from those more experienced in the art of towing.......
  • We recently bought a '12 LWB SL crew with the 4.0 V6 and are thinking of selling our class C motorhome and buying a trailer in the 3500-4100 dry weight range. Loaded we would come pretty close to the 6000 LB rating. My questions are:

    -What kind of MPG have you experienced? in what region, road and terrain?
    -What are you pulling?
    -What hitch equipment?
    -Any transmission or brake issues?

    In our class C we're happy when we get over 8mpg towing our Matrix, if the Fronty would be in the single digits, we'll probably stick with our current setup. Thanks for your help!
  • Hello,
    I have a 2002 with 57k miles. The previous owner didn't drive it much.

    I pull a pop up at about 1200 lbs and when I get to a steep hill I floor it and it feels like it won't make it. The engine is screaming. This is a v6 3.3 liter crew cab automatic. It seem like it could pull this kind of weight will little problems.

    I'm considering getting a bigger camper that weights 2700 lbs dry.
    I'm really afraid that this is going to be a problem.

    It seems that this truck is rated for much higher towing, but I do live in Colorado so maybe the altitude has something to do with it.

    Should I have it checked out or does this seem normal?

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