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Dodge Sprinter Engine Problems



  • Hello I had a 2007 Dodge Sprinter with same Problem your having, first it wasn't bad, but kept getting worse also fuel economy got really bad like 14MPGS, and i was told it was Particulate Filter 3500 like you was told, here's what I done, I did not want to spend 3500 so i removed that unit and installed a straight pipe, i had one made to fit clams it was easy just buy a pice of pipe about 2inches wide and have the ends stretched out at like a muffler shop, takes 5 mins to install, when i did it my power returned to the Van like new and fuel economy went up to 20+ MPGs so try it hope it works, afcorse the dealer told me this wont work
  • fedexgirl- did you ever find an answer for why your sprinter was using so much oil? mine is doing the same thing.
  • fiteqprprfiteqprpr Posts: 12
    I have found a site that gives the best price on a replacement turbo with electronic actuator For Phone order call 818-506-8005 1-877-42TURBO(TOLL Free) Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us!
    954.34 shipping included 100 dollars core charge.
  • shawn727shawn727 Posts: 1
    What unit were you talking about that I need to change to enhance the fuel mileage? I am talking about the Pipe that you connected from what to what parts? I am thinking of getting a sprinter but when hearing this, kind of scares me. Thanks
  • greg_kgreg_k Posts: 1
    I also had problems with my 2008 Dodge Sprinter losing power on the highway several times at high temps after many hours of driving, and then the problem correcting itself after being turned off and restarted, some users here reported an ECU re-flash to fix this. Another issue was that the air intake hose on my 2008 popped off at high temps and high RPMs, so the turbo cut out immediately. Got the hose back in place and fixed the issue.

    I have almost never heard of the turbo itself being the issue, but there's plenty of possible causes of power loss problems (hoses, sensors, EGR, DPF, turbo actuator), I've written up a post on my Sprinter RV blog discussing how to troubleshoot Sprinter loss of power problems: e-problem/


    Greg Keith
    Boulder, CO
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