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Honda Fit Brake Questions

carfit4mecarfit4me Posts: 14
I have been thrilled with my Honda Fit, however as soon as I got it i noticed a grinding sensation when braking. After the 3rd time at a dealership between my 2 states, a correct diagnosis was made and a new part was rush ordered. The anti-lock brakes were activating when they shouldnt due to a computer part.
My problem has been that it has been nearly 2 weeks in the shop with still no part. I waited to travel to see my new grandbaby and missed the delivery. Stopped waiting and drove the rental. The dealership paid for a rental but the only car available is a gas guzzling Nissan Tundra v8 that gets about 15mpg.
It seems that Honda cant spare the parts to repair the ones that are already sold because of demand to produce new cars. I am really bummed as I wait and wait. I don't know what options I have since this dealership is doing all they can. Any Ideas?


  • carfit4mecarfit4me Posts: 14
    Just got my car back after this long 2 weeks. the dealership said it was the only part like it in the U.S. ( available for repair). Guess that's how it is with a new model manufactured overseas.
    Never thought about THAT when I bought it. Keeping my fingers crossed, now!
  • Hey carfit4me,

    I was wondering if you could elaborate on what you mean by the the brakes "grinding." I just purchased a new 2008 Fit Sport, and I'm noticing that the brakes seem a little spongy, like the ABS is perhaps a little too aggressive when breaking. Is that similar to your problem?
  • O.K., my brakes did get fixed. There was a wheel sensor not working. Actually, that brake pedal was pulsating at times and grinding. It seemed to happen when I would just be pulling into a parking lot. Now that they are fixed, they never come on.
    You might think it feels spongy but it was like something else was in control of my brake peddle...pretty obvious. After doing searches and reading about ABS brakes, I understood what was going on that caused that peddle to feel so strange.
    I would get them checked on,though.
  • I just purchased my brand spankin' new 2008 Fit Sport 2 weeks ago and I'm already seeing orange rust around the disc/rotor of my 2 front wheels. The rust is appearing around the edges of the rotors and also near the hub. Is this normal or should I be concerned? I live in a rainy city and the car is usually outdoors, but it has only been with me for 2 weeks! Also--not sure if this is related or not--I have noticed that the brakes seem pretty tight when coming to a stop, but I figured that was just part of the car being new. Thanks in advance for your input.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Rotors will show rust right away even on damp and foggy mornings. Using the brakes rubs the rust off, and it will come back next time you have a damp day. Pretty much a normal happening.
    And remember that your brakes feeling tights is probably due to you getting used to the new vehicle, but in damp situation brakes can get "grabby".

    Hope you're enjoying your new ride!

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  • sportfitsportfit Posts: 4
    Always break in the brakes on a new car by lightly braking. for the first two to three hundred miles. Go easy anyway and you will save gas and your brakes.
  • hndft512hndft512 Posts: 1
    The exact same thing is happening in my 2008 Honda Fit (not sport) I took it in yesterday, and they were unable to find anything wrong, they said my brakes were fine and then it did it again this morning. Happens only when I am going slow, when entering or exiting a parking lot. Carfit4me, what part did you have to replace? If you remember then I can go back to the dealership and ask that they replace that part, which would save me a lot of hassle.
  • kate1zkate1z Posts: 2
    I hope someone can hlep me with an issue with my car: I bought my Honda Fit Sports 2008 last August. Few weeks ago with the cold weather I noticed that when I brake suddenly the brake would slip. I would feel something like "click click click" as it slips few feet instead of stopping. I tried it on a snowy road, accelerated for a min and then stepped on the brake suddenly and keep getting this noise and slip. It is getting really worrisome because I slipped three times already near street intersections, and luckily there were no cars coming at me. Once I was going 35 and slipped maybe 10 feet, two other times I was only going at 15 mph. I don't think this is the abs, is it? It only happens when it is very cold and there is ice or snow on the ground. I live in MN. Please help!!
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I hope someone can hlep me with an issue with my car: I bought my Honda Fit Sports 2008 last August. Few weeks ago with the cold weather I noticed that when I brake suddenly the brake would slip. I would feel something like "click click click" as it slips few feet instead of stopping.

    Now you know why many of us in Snow country dislike ABS brakes! The noise you are hearing is your ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) working. Plan on it taking longer to stop in snow unless you drive slower. ABS works great in the dry but I'd like to be able to shut it off in the winter. Sadly you can't turn it off.
  • Hello everybody !

    I just bought my car 3 weeks ago. Today was snow in my city about 2" - 3". I drove my honda fit (not sport) from work and only ran 10 - 20 mph. At one intersection the car ran faster because it was down the hill, not really steep, and I tried to stop. I stomped my brake and it made noise "grek grek grek" at the brake. Does anybody know it is normal or not ? I hope somebody can tell me. If I go to the dealer, they'll tell me it's fine, nothing wrong with my car.
  • kate1zkate1z Posts: 2
    Arhhhhg, I hate this ABS thing! Thanks for the info, I kept trying it on ice and snow in cold weather and the same thing happens. Few days ago with warmer weather I trested it again, and no problem. So, your suggestion sounds right on the money.

  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    Sure thing :) ABS is not very good in snow. But it is very helpful in the warm weather and even on wet/dry roads. Stopping on snow takes longer. I've had a lot of cars with ABS and some sound like the car is falling apart or going to blow up. First time you hear it it's like WTF?!
    I don't care about the noise anymore since Honda ABS works very well and isn't too noisy compared to others.
    I'd still like to be able to shut it off when there is snow tho.
  • dadof6dadof6 Posts: 61
    Don't forget that TIRE grip (or lack of) is what causes the ABS to activate. OE tires are, generally speaking, only OK at everrything but not great at anything.
  • heli_guyheli_guy Posts: 1
    I'm sorry that a few of you are experiencing difficulties with your anti-lock brakes.

    I do want to identify that ABS has been one of the most important safety devices added to our vehicles. Any car expert will tell you that the overall braking distance is significantly reduced with ABS and I would never want to disconnect it.

    If you’re driving in poor road conditions and need to brake, allow the ABS to do its job by pulsating on and off. What it's doing is releasing the brake pressure and then reapplying it. Sounds weird to release brake pressure but this pulsing provides maximum stopping force against that slick road your on.

    Grinding is not normal!
  • wc2wc2 Posts: 2
    I test drove two different Fit Sport with Navigation cars, and the brakes felt soft in both.

    Can they be tightened?
  • fit has front disc and rear drums. drum brakes are old school brakes that are cheaper for honda to throw on. one way for honda to cut corners. these brakes are known to bind they have a tendendcy to want to lock up. although abs should prevent this. hmm... this may have something to do w/ the abs engaging very easily in slicker conditions not sure though. they really need to put discs on all four wheels and VSA should be standard. :) but all these smaller cars cut corners somehow and somewhere @ least it has a 5spd auto vs. toyotas 4spd auto. the only rollerskate car that has it all is the vw rabbit & mini but u pay 4 it. my $.02
  • I crashed my 2009 Honda Fit at less than 5 mph because the brakes did not hold or the car surged forward, it's hard to determine. I did **NOT** press on the accelerator by mistake, otherwise it would have been going far faster. I hit an old CRV which had no damage, but I had $2800 worth of cosmetic damage [!] The dealer refused to examine anything but the computer codes which say nothing has happened, It has not held at least 4 times, pulling out in traffic and almost hitting my house from the driveway. It has nothing to do with ice or wet conditions, or whether the car is warmed up or not. We are currently fighting with the dealer to fix it and to report it to Honda America. We have filed a report with NHSTA on the accident. Honda needs to deal with this problem by a recall. There is also a question as to whether the car's computer is urging it forward at the time the brakes are applied, since we noticed it surging while in park after the accident. We cannot get the phone number of the Honda district manager from the dealer or Honda America and are thinking of a lawyer next week. To anyone who has a Fit, be aware that this may happen, as it did not happen until the car had been driven about three months. We never drove it in ice or snow. The problem is in the car, not in exterior conditions.
  • What were road conditions?

    I have an '08 Fit which is my first ABS car. ABS seems normal in that it prevents wheel lockup. Unless I'm braking beyond tire grip for existing road condition, the ABS is invisible.

    Something wrong with your Fit's ABS, I agree. Losing braking is terrifying. Beat on your dealer!
  • Road conditions were all perfect--the road was not wet, and they were well paved and flat roads. This car has never been driven on poor roads, and none of the incidents happened in rain; we did not drive it on ice or snow. I had ABS brakes on my CRV and I have never felt any pulsing, certainly nothing like this. Someone else suggested that it was an idle problem, and someone else that it was an acceleration switch that is behind the pedals. The dealer has refused to look at it again, even though I have the regular warranty and the extended one. Is there any way to make the brakes tighter, as I never felt they were exactly firm, or to turn off the ABS system at all?
  • I reread your original post - maybe its not brakes. The throttle is electric (no mechanical linkage). Could a faulty sensor tell the motor to do something unintended? I'm sure Honda's thought about this, and designed this feature to 'fail-safe'. Who knows?
    I'd try the dealer again, pointing out that you have documented the accident and that should you have another accident, it won't be easy for Honda to evade responsibility for all consequences.
    Good luck!
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