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Honda Fit Brake Questions



  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    If you feel, hear, see, or smell something that isn't quite right, get it checked, by all means. Being alert to what's going on with your vehicle as you drive is always a good idea.
  • Last summer after torrential rain I also rearended a truck with my new Honda Fit due to no brakes. I assumed it was because they were wet. Also my airbags did not deploy. There was a lot of body damage even though I was only going 25 miles per hour. The body shop told me that airbags did not deploy because I was going too slow. I had plenty of time to stop (at least 1 block between me and the truck ahead), but the brakes did not respond. Last week after a snow the brakes also did not respond, but luckily there was no car on the road and I was able to pull over. Until the news about the Prius I kept thinking that it was my fault and that I should not have driven in the torrential downpour which led to local flooding and caused me to drive through it without stopping. But last week and the news and now your blog make me wonder about taking the car to the dealer.
  • I own a '08 Honda fit as well. I made a complaint to my Honda dealer about rattling noises and braking problems only 1 week after owning it. My dealership told me to bring it in. I did so the next day. I explained to them that the ABS system seems to be quite noisy when engaged. They said its normal. I told them no, It makes a loud screeching-clicking noises. Keep in mind, regular clicking is normal. It happens intermittently. The car lags in braking response time to almost failing. When the the intermittent problems happen, the pedal sinks more then 2 inches or bottoms out when pressure is applied. We took a test drive. The car didn't did replicate the problem. There wasn't the screeching part, but the clicking was still a bit loud. The Mechanic told me the clicking is normal. I laughed at him. I told him, buddy, I've been a mechanic for 12 years now, i know whats normal and not. That clicking is a bit louder than what I'm used to. He gave me a dumb founded look! I told him he better take a better look at the car and insisted there is a problem. He agreed to take another look. An hour later, he explains, he couldn't find any problems with my brakes after run test, no codes, the system seems fine. He flushed the whole system. I understand from a mechanics viewpoint that sometimes it hard to get the car to repeat the problem especial if its a intermittent problem. but to give me a answer like it normal, not acceptable. He did however find that the hood latch bolts weren't tight and out of alignment. He also notice the engine mounts were where rattling as well. He torqued all engine mounts. I believe its a factory issue!! Honda needs to tighten up their inspectors. I told him I'm sure I'll be back. Well a couple weeks later this happened again. Unfortunately for myself, the brakes didn't engage while applying pressure to the pedal and my car came to a stop by rear-ending a CRV. no damage at all to the CRV because the fit went right under it. But I was pissed. my hood was bent in half my radiator support, right headlights, right fender, and front bumper all need to be replaced. This is what happen when you rear-end a car at 15 mph. no air bag deployed, and the frame was amazingly still perfectly straight. I called the my dealership the very next morning to report that the brakes failed again, but this time I got into an accident. Keep in mind the car is only several weeks old. Be aware, Honda has denied that there is nothing wrong with the braking system on the fit. Yet I see almost every day a fit being towed with front-end damage. Granted I think how many of these front end damage may have resulted from a braking issues. More and more people are making complaints. Keep the complaint up... There needs to be a recall on this issue. :mad:
  • i have followed this issue because I think I was the first to post the problem when I bought my fit the first year they came out. (2007)?
    Time flies and I was able to get my problem resolved after several trips to dealer. I had planned to have my car returned until they finally resolved it by replacing a part in one of the wheels. I think it was some kind of computerized part. I wish now I could remember and probably should go back and research it again in case others are also having this mystery ailment.
    The mechanic would ride with problem. Then the pulsating vibrating in peddle would start up again. I called dealer and they paid to have it towed in for more research.
    I am happy to say that once this was fixed, it has never recurred and I have never had a brake problem of any sort. Honda corporation kept up with my case, as well.
    This has proved to be a great car and I was so afraid I had a lemon. Mine is a manual shift in the color I wanted so I didnt want to turn it in and replace with a less desirable car. It had been a love at first sight thing weighed with my practicle nature.
  • Updating my last post:
    If you are having problems with the ABS brakes coming on suddenly it may be wheel sensor. I checked back with my original post which was over 2yrs. ago to see what had been the outcome.It had caused lots of grief then but is barely memorable now. Just in case you have not been able to get a diagnosis in your car's "mystery ailment". Don't know if this has been a major recall issue or not but someone out there may need to know!
  • I'm one of the original posters of this message. The problem I had was of the brakes appearing to work correctly, but the car surging forward even though the brake was depressed. This happened when I was pulling into parking spaces, backing out, or from a stop. It happened to my boyfriend when the car surged forward at a stoplight even though he had the brake depressed. It leaves no trace on the computer as a malfunction. We took the car back from the dealer last May after the accident, and he has mostly been driving it. It happened to him once or twice when he was slowing down in traffic since. But he says that it has not happened in the past 6 mos. He says that it probably is a problem with the computer programming of the accelerator and brake at the factory, and it is possible that either driving it causes the computer to adjust to the usage, or that when it was serviced last, they reset the computer and it eliminated the faulty bit of program.

    I should stress that our problem was not of the brakes hitting the floor with no response, or of noisy brakes. Road condition or weather has not been an issue. We have been in a number of situations where we had to slam on the brakes hard and fast--we live in deer country--and it always stops then. It always happens at low speed, as if the car wants to go faster than you do, or doesn't want to stop right here, but surges 5 feet further on. If there is another car or a wall there, then you have the body damage.

    Getting Honda to admit that this is a fault in the computer program is going to be hard, as that will not be an easy fix. It seems to be intrinsic to the fuel saving programming of the car, keeping it running at the lowest possible fuel expenditure without stalling or racing forward. It seems to miscalculate and race forward. I can't keep my check book balanced so apparently my car has the same kind of problem with its calculations.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Is yours an automatic? It seems that the situation you're describing couldn't happen with a manual transmission.
  • ann4fitann4fit Posts: 2
    I have a 2009 Honda Fit Sport with/navi. I have 9000+ miles on it - I've driven it 13 months now. My daughter also drives it. She said that she didn't like the sound (pounding under brakes)one time. I said it was the ABS and said no more. (I still own a 91 Honda accord no airbags or ABS, of course). However, the first snow we had in February, (it had only begun snowing 1/2 before.) She began driving and we had gone 2 blocks to the stop sign. When she hit the break, (she was going 22 mph) as I cautioned her to be careful until we saw how the car handled in the first snow. We only had stock tires on it. - The Fit didn't stop and slid onto oncoming traffic. Luckily for us, both SUV's stopped and we proceeded to the next busy intersection. When the light changed, she hit the break and again we slid and this time it was a very busy intersection with cars approaching us. My daughter did something with the break which her driving instructor taught her to do, and the Fit car turned sideways just in time as the cars past by. We proceeded about 2 miles to the CVS's and then she drove even more carefully. I took out the manual and realized we should have put the car into shift differential and pulled the right paddle shifter to get into M2 (manual 2)...that would have been better for traction in the snow. But after reading the forums where other people were having problems with either the ABS while going at slow speeds or idle surging or sensors not reading the car correctly when you slow down - I'm worried. So far on drive conditions, I haven't had problems, but I'm concerned.
    I took the car into the dealer and the mechanic said I had 9/32 on the rear tires and 7/32 on the front so he suggested that he rotate tires, which I agreed too. I'm planning on getting (4) snow tires in February '10. - probably Blizzak WS60's.
    I love the Honda Fit, - just trying to get safely where I need to go. My daughter drove from Philadelphia to Virginia - took about 2.5 hours in Jan '10 and loved it - she didn't have a problem passing large trucks, when needed....and she lived in California for about 8 years. We both love the 2009 Honda Fit Sport with/ navi.
    Still concerned though- I think I will have her write a letter about her experience and send it to Honda American just to have it documented. STILL CONCERNED - RIGHTLY SO!
  • The Fit does not seem to do very well at all on ice and snow. It has low ground clearance, for one, but the large wheels and the tires it comes with just do not seem to generate any traction at all. The slipping and sliding on snow is probably a different problem than the brakes not holding or the car surging forward from a stop or slow down. You can try putting something heavy in the back--a couple of bags of sand or kitty litter, for instance, or potting soil, etc. We just have not driven ours on the snow at all, since we still own the old CRV which is wonderful on snow and ice. Frankly, if my car did not stop at two successive intersections, I would turn around and carefully drive home!

    We have not had any problems DRIVING the Fit--it is very peppy and does well on the interstate. We have not even had problems getting it to stop suddenly, when someone pulls in front of you and you have to stop now. It's just the gradual slow down when you are pulling up at a stop light or into/out of a parking space. I would be frightened to drive it in the stop-and-go rush hour traffic but fortunately we rarely get that out here in the country.

    It also does better with a somewhat forceful and aggressive driver with strong legs. The angle of the seat and the pedals is not suited at all to a short person, which is odd for a Japanese car, and a car which is small and does not fit a tall person very well.
  • ann4fitann4fit Posts: 2
    I am 5/8", my daughter is 5' 7".It is a 2009 Honda Fit Sport w/navi. My daughter was only driving about 22mph when she went to make a stop at the Stop sign and slid. Luckily, the 2 suv's coming at us stopped in time...but when it happened again 1 block away when she hit the break to stop for the light change, that was really scary. I am hoping it was the new fallen snow and the fact that I did not have 4 snow tires on my car. I only had the stock tires with 9/32sec in front and 7/32sec in rear.
    My concern came when I read the forums re brake problems. The Honda site doesn't have recalls for the 2009 Honda Fit as yet. Perhaps they will...I'll keep watching.
    When I brought it into the dealer they just rotated the tires putting the 9/32 from the rear to the front. I then read the manual which said to drive in M2 (I have an automatic with paddle shifters) which I did driving about 4 blocks until I got to the main roads that had been cleanly plowed and I didn't have a problem again. I'll get 4 snow tires on next winter and put some weight in the rear (cat litter). I wouldn't drive in heavy snow or when conditions are so bad we are asked to stay off the road anyway. I only want to get my car off the 4 blocks I need to go to get to clean plowed roads. I'll keep reading others statements on brakes for my year car and say many a prayers to keep my daughter and I safe.
    Thanks for responding! A friend offered to help me drive with the paddle shifters...I don't have a problem knowing when to shift's shifting down I seem to have a problem with..I have never driven a regular shift car before. Even though this is minus the clutch...I just have to feel brave enough to attempt it. I do have very good eye hand control. I'll take my friend up on his offer.
  • Yes,It is necessary to SHOUT. Lives are a risk "Honda of America Recall Your Faulty Brakes" . Time to call the MEDIA!!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • On Thursday March 25, 2010, I was involved in an accident while driving my 2008 Honda Fit. It was a beautiful day and I was traveling in traffic at 40 to 50 miles per hour.
    When the car ahead of me came to a stop, I applied my brakes but they would not engage. I had plenty of time to stop but the brakes failed and I rear-ended another car. It was so frightening to know that I couldn't stop and that I was going to hit the guy ahead of me. Even on impact and with the extensive damage to my front end, the airbag never deployed.
    An ambulance was called because I was in pain and could not stand without my legs giving out. Eventually, with assistance I was able to move. This has been very unsettling and although I am feeling better, I am still hurting.
    Police were also called to the scene. After their investigation , they did not issue me a citation and waited at the scene until the car was towed.
    Later that evening I received a call from my Hondadealership informing me that the ABS light was illuminated and that it indicated brake failure. I explained that that fact was also documented in the police report.
    I no longer feel safe in this car. . I have found the blogs and forum reporting thousands of similar accidents involving the 2008 Honda Fit.
    Why wasn’t I advised before now that there could be an issue? I am a mother of three. Thankfully I suffered only bruising and lower back pain. I daresay that if I had been travelling at a higher rate of speed, this accident could have been fatal to me or someone else.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    shelley04 said:

    The Fit does not seem to do very well at all on ice and snow. It has low ground clearance, for one, but the large wheels and the tires it comes with just do not seem to generate any traction at all. The slipping and sliding on snow is probably a different problem than the brakes not holding or the car surging forward from a stop or slow down. You can try putting something heavy in the back--a couple of bags of sand or kitty litter, for instance, or potting soil, etc.

    fyi - The last thing in the world you want to do with a front wheel drive car in the winter is to weigh down the back of it as you suggest above. It will magnify any traction problems.

    Two words: snow tires.
  • This is almost word for word what happened to my 08 fit. They didnt total my car but almost 6000 in damage. I believe they (Honda) may be starting to realize there is a problem. My ex husband has a 08 element and they just sent him a recall notice for brake failure. Honda will not own up to the fact that the braking system is a lemon to say the least. The dealer wont (or cant) say they agree and tell you to have the insurance co investigate. After 3 weeks of a rental car I needed (financially) my car back. I too have a small child and it is quite unnerving to say the least but I have no other option to get a new car. The best of luck to you. At least we can all, and there are many of us, state that the braking system is a total :lemon:
  • Have you made any headway with the class action suit? Have you heard anything from Honda?
  • evalentievalenti Posts: 9
    Honda dealership tells me they can find nothing wrong with my car and just give me a blank stare. I haven't had much time to pursue the attorney avenue. Instead, I made a complaint on line at NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration). They gather data on specific vehicle complaints and look for trends and patterns. The form is very easy to navigate and only takes a couple of minutes to fill out. I encourage everyone who has experienced a safety issue with their Honda Fit to report it immediately. They will conduct an investigation and get back with you if they need more information. After doing some research, I believe that NHTSA is the best manner to achieve my goal of getting the Fit recalled for safety issues. Good luck!
  • freeweelfreeweel Posts: 1
    I want to thank you for your original posting and for keeping up with it. I'm at the dealer now waiting for my '08 Fit Sport to come off the lift for it's 75K service. The only issue I've had with this car, to date, is the ABS "drop 'n' grind".

    The pedal drops and the ABS kicks in when it shouldn't. Mine mostly happens in the warmer weather, strangely enough. I've been complaining about this to my dealer for the last 40K+ miles to no avail. I've also presented your thread several times since finding it about 20K ago. Today, the "drop 'n' grind" happend to the tech, FINALLY!!! He originally told me it was working as expected and there was nothing he could do about it. He did have to go to extremes, which could legitimately have caused a wheel to slide (left turn onto a small sand patch while braking). I kept the pressure on and mentioned your posting, AGAIN. This time he and the service consultant told me to share the posting and they would speak to their manager.

    At 60K I shared your post with a service consultant, who is no longer with the dealer, and he finally noted it in the computer. I do have my prior complaints scribbled on the work orders, however.

    Today is a good day. I suggest any of you Fit owners who recognize this issue to stay on your dealer. Thank you again for your post. Regardless of what happens, your post has been central to my arguments to this point.
  • evalentievalenti Posts: 9
    I'm so glad that someone at Honda is finally listening to you about your brake problems. Unfortunately, I was so afraid that I might be hurt in my Honda Fit I had to sell it for a huge loss. Furthermore, my insurance increased by $120 per month as a result of a "chargeable accident." Please notify NHTSA as soon as you can (as noted in my previous post). If they see a pattern, perhaps a life saving recall will be announced. Thanks for your feedback. Be safe!
  • oc2oc2 Posts: 2
    I have such problems with losing control of my Honda Fit skidding on snow or wet roads, that I have finally decided I need to get a different car to be safe. I've driven in Northern Wisconsin all my life and to be sure I have lost traction a time or two in 40 years of driving, but never like this, never so often in such moderate conditions. Normally if I slid on snow or ice I slid in a straight trajectory. In the Fit, it feels as if the car jerks left or right causing you to lose traction. I have lost traction several times and floated across lanes before I recover – thank goodness I did not hit another car before recovering. I changed to snow tires, but that did not solve the problem, it did help with better recovery from a slid. It can just as easily occur in light snow or rain that should not cause a problems. In fact, I have felt a similar jerking left or right just crossing over a tar patch on the road, but in dry conditions it doesn’t lose traction. Honda dealer has never heard of a similar problem and therefore only recommends trying new tires. Well - I have changed tires twice in only 28,000 miles.
  • anreesanrees Posts: 3
    Hi. Thank you for your post. At this point I have 80,000 miles on my fit and use Dunlop tires which as I recall the car came with. I have experienced the same thing you have in the past, and did have an instance of running into the back of another vehicle. Luckily, no one was hurt when I suddenly had no brakes at all. I attributed this to driving through a sudden flood and not waiting for the car to dry off first. I am now extremely careful in cold and wet weather. I slow down long before intersections that look wet or slippery. I do live in the Catskills where the winters can often be challenging, but have never used snow tires. Do find the ABS system challenging and weird in a way I cannot figure out. Never had this problem with my Honda civic onto which I put 300,000 miles. Sorry, that I can offer no help. Have sort of resigned myself to taking extra care, but have found no solution.
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