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Ford Explorer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • My daughter has a 2000 Ford Explorer. It has an intermittent problem where she will drive it for about 20-30 minutes, turn it off for 5-10 minutes, and when she tries to restart it, it won't crank. It's like its battery is totally dead - except all the electrical components work - headlights, radio, etc. If you let it sit for a while (5 min - 1 hour), it will start up fine and run fine.

    In the last month, it takes longer and longer to sit before it will start. I've had it towed twice to garages becuase it won't start (and you can't jump it). Of course when it gets to the garage, it starts up fine. The battery, starter, altenator, etc. all check out fine.

    Any thoughts? I don't want my daughter to drive this and wind up stranded in a bad spot. Help?!?!?
  • Hello: Sell it! No I am not sure-I too am still working on mine-so far I changed the battery-ignition coil-all plugs and wires-still runs rough-mine is a 2002 4x4 Ford Explorer-6cy XLT---I just relearned the trucks idle speeds computer(reset it-by following the instruction in my handbook) Still runs the same-hesitates and putters at times. I am know going to change all the filters and pcv valve-cost about 50.00-I should of tried this 1st-but I am doing it tomorrow. I will post after to let people know what happened-good or bad.
    Good Luck on yours or your daughters Explorer
  • I jump started the Explorer and it started right away. I have left it in the garage and it has started a number of times now. I checked the indicator cell on the battery and it was red, which supposedly means a low battery. Then I connected a battery charger and charged it overnight. The indicator is still red, but maybe it isn't working right. I cleaned the battery posts and when I reconnected the cables there was a small spark, but nothing was on in the vehicle. Maybe a drain on the battery somewhere? I'm using the car until the snow flies and then I'll need the Explorer. Still think something is wrong.
  • Sure sounds like there is still something wrong-my truck after another 700. dollars still runs like junk. I need to change the no#5 cylinder -so that is what the code indicates. I need to make more money before I can do this. So far nothing but a heart ache :sick:
  • I have a 98 explorer and when approaching a stoplight it will sometimes stall out. It cranks right up after but i have to rev it pretty good before putting it back in drive or it will stall again some times as i am pressing the breaks and it is down shifting it feels like it wants to stall. I changed fuel filter and full tune up ect. but it still stalls no codes either. mechanic cant find problem. Thanks.
  • So far my truck is running pretty good-after cleaning all the filters-I need to change the fuel filter and that will be done Thursday morning. My problem was when the plugs and wires were changed they didnt push down on the no#5 plug wire-caused a miss fire and ran like crap. I wish I would have noticed this before I spent 700. into all the throttle body cleanning and stuff. It was a good thing to do any how since I am a sales woman-I travel a lot and love my truck. A mechanic suggested that I do a flushing of the antifree and then I should be good to go back on the road. As for your truck I wish you luck-it sure does sound like it is plugged somewhere or bad gas. Let me know how it turns out!
  • Well no word yet on it im going to try a different mechanic if any ideas let me know please
  • I jump started it and it has started every time. I took it to my Ford garage and the service manager said a new starter would cost $300. But since it started with a jump he said there could have been a piece of rust on the starter connection and when I gave it the boost it spun the rust off. He said don't do anything as long as it starts OK. I have an honest garage that won't do anything unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • would a bad o2 sensor make the truck stall?
  • Thanks for the reply; but my problem is it starts fine if it's above 0 derees. If it's below 0degs it will turn over but not start. I'm trying to find out why it's not starting up below 0 degrees other than it being cold because if it's above 0 it starts easily.

    Thanks for your reply. CARL
  • I have the exact issue. I also took it to a mechanic and they could not find the problem, or re-create it. My thoughts are that it is the IAC (Idle Air Controller) or the transmission, but the more I think about it, the less it seems to be the transmission. I don't know.
  • I think I fix'd my 95 Explorer I replaced the idle control valve & have not had a problem since. I did it myself very easy to do, but I had to buy the part from the dealer, all parts from the auto store were not the correct one. Good Luck
  • I was reading in other forums that some start up or stalling may be caused by a "crakshaft sensor"? talk to your dealer or repair man. its worth a shot.
  • I could go to a mech. with this but I like you guys here so this is my prob. 1995 Ford explorer 4.0L. Love this truck, love the engine. 176,000 miles and have had very very little problems. I am aware of the fuse under the hood(50) and the little fuse on the drivers side. My blower motor stopped working so when I got the time, I would replace it. I went to wash the truck and engine too but noticed that the blower motor started to run again. It even ran after I turned the engine off and took the key out. I had to pull the fuse under the hood. The next day I put the fuse back in and the blower motor started running again. Now that it is cold, I need heat so I put the fuse in and now I get nothing. Whats the deal?
    Thanks for your help.
  • 92 Explorer engine dies when slowing to make a turn. No hesitation or roughness, just goes off. Engine won't restart until a waiting period of 5-10 minutes, then fires up as if nothing ever happened.
    Plugs and wires ok. Vacuum lines intact. Cleaned MAS, PCV valve and IAC valve. Cleaned out throttle body and replaced fuel filter. No check engine light ever came on either. I'm at a loss now what to do? Bought this one new 17 years ago, hate to give up up on her now.
  • I just bought a 2000 explorer yesterday, it is a 5.0 V8 AWD, Automatic. We went to town and stopped a the bank and my husband went in, he shut it off, and I had the window down and it was cold so I went to put up and turned the key, and it went up, but when my husband came back out he went to start it , and it would not start. We had to have it towed home after spending 3 hours there trying to get it to start. When you turn the key it just clicks. Its not the battery. The lights, windows, and everything works, but when you turn the key over the locks start locking and unlocking. We think its something simple, but don't know where to start.
  • A couple of nights ago, I had to call AAA because my Sport Trac wouldn't start at all. The guy was able to give me a jump and replaced the negative terminal with a new one as it was corroded. Last night when I got in it to go somewhere, it started up, but each time I put it in drive, it stalled on me!! Earlier in the day I felt that it might stall when I would stop at a light, or put my foot on the break.

    I thought I would get some advice here before taking it into the shop as I don't have a heck of a lot of money to spend; I need new tires, and plus I am female and scared that I will be given a load of crap and end up paying more than I need to.

    Anybody have any ideas?
  • biker44biker44 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 ford explorer having the exact same problem. Our car started having this problem May of 08, during the year we have had the car at our local ford dealer two times for the problem, we are told they cannot find anything. The problem happened again 03/12/2009, while my wife was driviing home, We left the car and called roadside and had it delivered to the local ford dealer again.
    We have an extended warranty,luckily,I will contact the number you listed, by the way while my wife was on the phone with road side assistance a supervisor was listening to her complaint and advised her she had the same vehicle with the same problem.
    If you would like to contact me e-mail
  • This just started happening to me about two weeks ago and I have taken my 2004 Explorer in twice now and they can't find anything. It was scary stalling in an intersection with my three year old son in the back seat. I'm not happy but if you know what is causing it please let me know. It stalls while I'm driving and thank goodness I had enogh momentum going to get into a parking lot but it was very hard with no power steering.. :lemon:
  • flyman5flyman5 Posts: 2
    update........I found the stalling problem with my 92 Explorer. The wiring harness between battery and engine sidewall, showed evidence of corrosion. I peeled back the plastic cover and saw several exposed wires. One wire must have been 95% corroded. I suspect as I made turns the exposed wire would short out on metal sidewall and cause the intermittent engine stall. The fix was very easy, just cut out bad wire(s) and spliced in new wire with crimp-on wire connectors and cover with electrician's tape. No further stalls!
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