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Ford Explorer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • Hi there! Sorry to hear about your problem. It sounds like something is clogging up either your air supply or your fuel filter or even your fuel could have water in it. I hope this helps you a little--
  • dtownmildtownmil Posts: 23
    My 98 Explorer has stalled a few times when I go from reverse to drive. It started right back up and didn't really exhibit any other problems. In the winter, it sometimes has to be cranked several times before it will fire up. The problems aren't bad enough for me to do anything. I'll wait until something quits completely or becomes unreliable. Until then, I'm very happy with my Explorer. As old as it is, I have no reason to replace it.

    I even tow a 19' boat short distances all summer to the ramp and back. It's a little bigger than I should be towing with it, but it's done fine for 3 years now. :shades:
  • dperl53dperl53 Posts: 1
    I was having a problem keeping it running. It happened a few times . It felt as though it was running out of fuel. It would go away and run fine. I went to start it the other day and it will not turn over. I have no spark or fuel. I was told it could be the crank sensor. any ideas?
  • bbelascobbelasco Posts: 12
    New battery, alternator ok, but sometimes car will not even click when turning the key. Problem comes and goes, does anyone have any idea where I can look or what system to test to remedy this problem. Thanks
  • david169david169 Posts: 2
    have a 04 explore 4.0, it would not start, put in fuel filter and it start now but will not accelerate can someone help
  • My 91 exploder at times-- sometimes when weather is dry and sometime when wet no set time or condition,- acts like the batery is completely dead no juice . It has cut out acouple of times when under power and at other times after driving abit and shutting down. Or the other day after setting for acouple of hours , I have check battery with a multimeter and while hooked up no readings . when i disconnect the neg, cable and chek bat. still nothin. then upon reconnecting there is a spark jump at neg terminal, and I have full power. starts and runs good then. can any one give me agood reason for this. or possible fix??
    Also is there any way i can turn off the dome courtesy lights when the hatch/rear- is opened. I have looked for aswitch or button all around the door seal .
  • could be the cat. converter is plugged . sometimes you get power on flat but no power on hills. not sure this is you trouble but sounds like might be tho i am not expert on any thing. hope this helps /a thought was filter installed in right direction?
  • I have a 1995 Ford Explorer. It ran great in Winter when it was really really cold. Now that its getting warmer outside, It will start fine, the RPM is below one and it sputters a little. The minute you put it in reverse, it dies. The only way to keep it running is to rev it up A lot, and it wont die. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Any ideas? I do not have any check engine lights on or anything like that.
  • pearltpearlt Posts: 1
    93 4.0L have fuel issue, car wont start, fuel pressure 39psi key on eng off..... when key is turned on fuel pump will not stop pumping, could hear hissing under engine, using a stethoscope i could hear fuel going right through regulator out the return, i did get it running yesterday for a little, took it around the block and falls on its butt, its starving of fuel, swapped relays, getting 12v at pump connector, when veh was running pulled vacuum line off reg and pressure did go up like its supposed to, i applied some vaccum to diaphram with hand pump and hold vacuum no problem, not is it the pump or the regualator diaphram stuck open causing fuel to move around in a circle back to tank???
  • tas123tas123 Posts: 1
    I too am having the same problem, about once a week, ill jump in and nothing, wait an hour and it starts right up, i do have a command start as well dont know if its the problem, anny one have any suggestions please let me know? thanks.
  • i am picking one up for cheap if i can get an idea of how much tlc this thing is gonna need?runs when its warm and he says he replaced all the censors under the hood and he has had enough!Am i getting in too deep?
  • jpalmervbjpalmervb Posts: 2
    I posted earlier here with this issue #3 of 6. I finally just took it to the mechanic and told him to keep it until he could recreate the problem. It took about a week and finally he was able to recreate it. In the description on my invoice it says "At one time when acted up tapped on relays and it started???? Not a sure fix in a situation like this MAY or MAY not have more issues" So, he replaced the EEC relay ($15.00 part) and suggested while it was there to just go ahead and replace the Fuel Pump Relay (this part was replaced because of an unrelated problem previously but had 42,000 miles on it). That being said not sure which part was causing the problem but I have NOT had any more issues with it not starting after being driven. Hopefully this information will be of some help in trying to resolve the problem. Good Luck!
  • Every so often, car will not start. No crank but lights dim. Wait awhile and it starts and runs fine. Took car to local garage and of course it does not fail there. They checked battery, starter and alternator and indicated they are all fine. When it fails agin, have it towed in and they will troubleshoot.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • kc8pnykc8pny Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Ford Explorer that will not turn over, Under the hood you can hear a clicking sound. I have taken the battery to Autozone and it checks good, I took the starter off and it checks good. Someone said the Solenoid Switch mounted on the side of the fender could be bad but thats what is clicking when we try to turn it over, any other suggestions??
  • I just replaced the multi position switch on my '97 explorer and now the motor will not start. It cranks over just fine. The switch seems to be working ok, signal, flasher, wipers, washer all work. Could this switch be causing the problem. This was a new switch from ebay ( Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  • I just bought my 91 explorer about a month ago and didnt have any problems with it until about 2 weeks ago . First the fuel pump went out so i replaced that and the filter then 2 to 3 days later it started acting up again i had a buddy look at it he said it was the cylinoid so far ive replaced that 3 times because since the first time it went out it still seems to be the same problem when i turn it over all the lights in the car come on but the engine does not turn over it just makes like a clicking buzzing sound. I have heard that u can get bad cylinoids but i dont think u can do it three times in a row. so im stuck and now im lookin at the starter as possibly the problem or an electicall short in the wires connecting to the cylinoid. If anyone can help me pleaase let me know this is my only mode of transportation and i need to get to work .
  • My 2001 Sport trac just quit running today-while I was driving! Upon attempting to re-start I get a very slight engine turn then nothing. No clicking Nothing. Checked teh battery out and it is ok. What next?
  • My 94 Explorer just would not start the next morning after it drove home fine, hine sight I noticed a little sputtering but didn't think much of it. It would crank but would not start and it seem as though it was not getting any fuel. Reading symptoms from this forum I change the fuel pump relay first, wouldn't start. Replaced the EEC relay and it started right up. Thank you guys for sharing your experiences because I didn't want to pull the fuel tank.
  • Drove the truck 40-mile round trip, but only got to mile 38--two miles from home. It died in the middle of the road. It starts, runs for a split second, immediately dies. Over and over, start/die, start/die. It splutterd the whole trip. I first thought the transmission was going out or it was "running out of gas," but that's not it. Pushed the gas pedal, it spluttered, jerked, bawked, lost power--no vac hoses off, though. It ran 'til it got to that point, died, and it will not start. Local "shade tree" says can't hear fuel pump, therefore, it's out. Just doesn't act like that. (That happened to me on an XTreme Blazer--not the same thing--this one starts for just a split second.) "For kicks," I pushed the fuel pump reset button on the passenger side; nothing. Any ideas?
  • eec relay is not in my owners manual and i can't seem to find any schematics online to locate my eec relay. my 96' explorer will not start and before i dig into the fuel i'd like to try replacing the fuel pump relay (already did this) and the EEC relay but can't seem to locate it. the new relay has a mounting bracket built-in so i'm assuming it mounts somwheres any help or clues would be greatly apprciated. thanks for your time
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